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An online aspect ratio calculator allows you to determine the pixel dimensions and aspect ratios of videos and images. You can also convert the dimensions with the same mode and pixels of the screen with this aspect ratio converter. Here, you can learn and understand how to calculate aspect ratios and typical sizes of screens. Let’s start with the basic definition of aspect ratio!

What is Aspect Ratio?

The ratio of width to height of the screen is called the aspect ratio. Usually, it can be represented as two numbers that are separated by the colon, as a 16:9 aspect ratio. For the aspect ratio x:y, the screen is x units wide and the y units high. While aspect ratios are the measurement of width and height, they are reduced to the smallest ratio to fit perfectly on every screen. To achieve the perfect aspect ratio, you have to use an online aspect ratio calculator that reduces any margin of error. Here are some widely used aspect ratios as 3:2 in still cameras, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios in TV, 1.85:1 and 2.39:1 in film photography.

How to Calculate Aspect Ratio?

To calculate the aspect ratio, you have to divide the height by its original width and multiply the obtained number by the new height to get the new width. You need to follow these steps to get the width precisely: Step 1: take the original width and height Height = 1080 Width = 1920 Step 2: now, divide the height by its width 1080 / 1920 = 0.5625 Step 3: then, multiply the quotient by new height 0.5625 x 400 = 225 So, the outcome is your new width of the screen. However, an online PPI Calculator allows you to find the dots per inch (DPI), pixels per inch (PPI), and display size for any selected device.

How to Calculate the Screen Size?

If you want to know whats my aspect ratio, then here are some formulas that can be used for aspect ratio calculation to determine the height, width, and area of the screen: Ratio (r) = x / y Height of screen (h) = \( \dfrac{d} {\sqrt {r^2 + 1}} = \dfrac {y * d} {\sqrt{x^2 + y^2}} \) Width (w) = \( \dfrac{r * d} {\sqrt{r^2 + 1}} = \dfrac{x * d} {\sqrt{r^2 + 1}} \) Area of Screen (A) = \( \dfrac{r * d^2} {r^2 + 1} = \dfrac {x * y * d^2} {x^2 + y^2} \)

Typical Sizes of Screens and Aspect Ratios:

Here’s a list of typical screen resolutions and aspect ratios.
Name Aspect ratio Width (pixel) Height (pixel)
480p 3:2 720 480
576p 5:4 720 576
720p 16:9 1280 720
1080p 16:9 1920 1080
2160p (4K UHD) 16:9 3840 2160
4320p (8K UHD) 16:9 7680 4320
8640p 16:9 15360 8640
SVGA 4:3 800 600
WSVGA ~17:10 1024 600
XGA 4:3 1024 768
XGA+ 4:3 1152 864
WXGA 16:9 1280 720
WXGA 5:3 1280 768
WXGA 16:10 1280 800
SXGA (UVGA) 4:3 1280 960
SXGA 5:4 1280 1024
HD ~16:9 1360 768
HD ~16:9 1366 768
SXGA+ 4:3 1400 1050
WXGA+ 16:10 1440 900
HD+ 16:9 1600 900
UXGA 4:3 1600 1200
WSXGA+ 16:10 1680 1050
FHD 16:9 1920 1080
However, an online Ratio Calculator helps you to determine the identical ratios by giving three out of four parts of two ratios.

How does Aspect Ratio Calculator Works?

An online screen size calculator helps you to find out the aspect ratio and the size of that image by following these steps:


  • Firstly, you have to select any common ratio from the drop-down list. Also, you can substitute the custom width and height of the screen for determining the aspect ratio.
  • Now, put new width or height values.
  • Hit the “Calculate Aspect Ratio” button.


The screen aspect ratio calculator displays:
  • New Height / Width
  • New Dimensions
  • Pixels
  • Mode
  • Visual Aspect Ratio


What is the aspect ratio for Facebook Profile?

The aspect ratio for a Facebook profile picture is: Aspect ratio: 1:1 Size: 128 x 128 pixels (recommended) Cover Photo: Aspect Ratio: 19:6 Size: 820 x 461Recomended

What is the anamorphic?

A wide-screen picture on a 35 mm film with a non-widescreen aspect ratio is called anamorphic. The 2.4:1 aspect ratio is always displayed by the anamorphic that is very close to the 16:9 aspect ratio. It gives the shots wider for the more cinematic field, but the top and bottom are cropped.

What is the best aspect ratio for prints?

For printing the documents 2:3 is the most common aspect ratio. Poster, decal printing, and canvas with 24 x 36 and 40 x 60 inches are the best example of 2:3 aspect ratio.


Use this online aspect ratio calculator that will help you to check the dimensions when resizing the videos and pictures. The screen size and aspect ratio are very essential when you need to resize the size of the screen for images and videos.


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