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eDPI Calculator

eDPI Calculator

Select the game type and enter the required parameters. The calculator will instantly find out the actual cursor speed you need to play the game.



Sensitivity (as a decimal):

Raw Input:

Windows Sensitivity:


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An online eDPI calculator is the best way to calculate your targeted cursor speed for various games that you play with your friends. So, are you anxious to know about new gaming features? You are at the right page. This content is full of such interesting facts that you should know to better get a grip on your performance in the games.

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What Is Valorant eDPI?

In the world of gaming zone,

“A particular value that compares your mouse DPI with that of your game response is called eDPI”

eDPI stands for edpi stands for “effective dots per inch”.

Edpi Formula:

By knowing sensitivity and dpi value of your mouse, you can easily calculate edpi by using the following equation below:

$$ eDPI = DPI * Sensitivity $$

Our free online eDPI calculator also uses the same formula to predict your real mouse sensitivity.

Sensitivity Settings:

Mouse DPI:

DPI stands for “dots per inch”.

“Dpi tells you how many inches or pixels your cursor has moved on the screen when you replace your mouse for about one single inch (2.54 cm) on the table”.

Usually, DPI is comparable with CPI that is “counts per inch”.

Steps To Measure DPI:

Whats my DPI? Scroll down to understand some things that you could try to know:

  • Have a look at your mouse thoroughly. You may either find a separate button on your mouse for managing your speed.
  • If it’s not there, note down your mouse model number or memorize it.
  • After you do that, open your internet browser and search for dpi analyzer.
  • Input the distance your mouse has covered and you will fnd dpi shown on your screen.

Best DPI Value:

A normal dpi value that is used as a standard speed is about 400. But is this everything? Of course not! Most gamers prefer to set the mouse DPI value to either 400 or 800. A very high DPI value will create a lot of problems like smoothing the mouse that is difficult to handle. That is why it is preferred to set it at a moderate speed.


It is an in game setting. Basically, it makes players capable of controlling their mouse DPI for the specific game they are playing. Practically, it is considered a reliable choice if you increase your mouse DPI to a very high value.

Usually sensitivity settings may differ for different games you play. This is why it is advised to set the sensitivity of your mouse to a general speed so that you can change it whenever you need.

Windows Sensitivity:

This particular term refers to the speed of the operating system when you move the cursor of your computer by one inch

eDPI Ranges:

Here we will define eDPI ranges for different games below:

Games Best eDPI Value
CS:GO 300 – 1000
Valorent 400 – 1600
Call Of Duty 400 – 450
Fortnite  36 – 68
Overwatch 4000 – 6200
Apex Legends 400 or 800

How To Calculate Valorant eDPI?

You can use various online softwares to know your mouse DPI. But they may charge you for that. Here our free online dpi finder helps you to estimate your in game sensitivity upto a remarkable value. But what about when it comes to calculate it manually? Don’t panic! Let us solve a simple example for you to better understand the concept.

Example # 01:

You are going to play a game. Let us suppose it is a call of duty. How to find eDPI with DPI of 112 and sensitivity as 3.26?


As we know that:

$$ eDPI = DPI * Sensitivity $$

Putting the values of DPI and sensitivity in the above formula:

$$ eDPI = 112 * 3.26 $$

$$ eDPI = 365.12 $$

How eDPI Calculator Works?

Pro players use instant methods like edpi converter to estimate eDPI value in fighting games. Want to know how to use it?

Move a little down!


  • First of all, select the game from the drop down menu

In case it’s CS:GO:

  • Write down DPI, sensitivity, windows sensitivity and raw input(if applicable)

In case of other games mentioned in the menu list:

  • Write down the value of sensitivity and DPI
  • Now hit the calculate button


Our free eDPI calculator finds:

  • Best edpi valorant
  • Display edpi values in both cm/360deg and in/360deg


Why do people prefer eDPI?

eDPI compares the sensitivity speed by using one whole value rather than two separate values. That is why people prefer it nowadays.

What happens if you choose different x and y sensitivity values in the fortnite?

While gaming, it is always preferred to use only a single eDPI value. But in case you are using x and y sensitivities, always use x sensitivity to determine eDPI.

Is eDPI the same always?

No, two players playing the same game may not have the same eDPI values always as everyone chooses the best option for himself/herself.

Why do pro players always use low eDPI?

High eDPI value allows only the wrist to move. That is why players use a low value so that the full arm could be moved for more accurate shots in the game.


Everyone loves playing games to get rid of the bored routine. Professional players who play for earning money online set their eDPI values up to date. This can easily be done using an online eDPI calculator that estimates best valorant sensitivity for your game absolutely for free.


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