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Marks Percentage Calculator

Marks Percentage Calculator

To calculate percentage of marks through this tool, enter your score and total numbers in designated fields and hit the calculate button.


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Are you up to know how to calculate percentage of marks of 6 subjects or more? You are at the right page! Use this marks percentage calculator to determine the overall percent of marks that you scored in an examination.

In this article below, we have packed a brief guide that will help you understand how to convert marks to percentage either manually or by utilising our free mark to percentage converter.

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What Exactly Is The Percentage?

“A number represented as a fraction out of 100 is known as the percentage

How To Find Percentage of Marks?

In order to convert mark to percentage, you need to divide the obtained marks by total in the examination and then multiplying the results with 100. The tabular form of percentage formula of marks is given as under:

Percentage of Marks = (Total Scored Marks ⁄ Total Marks) × 100

The same expression is also taken into consideration by our marks percentage calculator while calculating results.

Using Percentage To Compare Marks:

Percentage is the simplest alternative of fraction representation. Let’s suppose an illustration here:

Two pupils belonging to different classes got the following scores in different subjects:

  • Student A got 96 out of 140 in Mathematics
  • Student B got 120 out of 150 in English

The question here is how to take out percentage of marks for both of them. So now we will take help of this 12th mark percentage calculator to calculate the percentage to marks of both the students that is the answer to the question!

Student A = 96/140*100

Student A = 68.57%

Student B = 120/150*100

Student B = 80%

Percentage Increase & Decrease In Marks:

It would be no mistake to say that most of the time, a student will not stay at the same score. The fluctuations may be positive or negative spending upon the performance. If he/she struggles hard, then chances are there that three would be a percentage increase in examination results. Contrary to this, chances are there too that he/she may get lower scores leading to a percentage decrease in marks.

Important Conversions:

You may cross various maths numerals’ representations that need to be converted to percentages. To make you capable of carrying out these calculations without any hurdle, we have encoded all possible and basic conversion in the following table:

Convert into Percentage Procedure

(Multiply with 100)

Convert from Percentage Procedure

(divide by 100)

Fraction to Percentage Step 1: Multiply the fraction with 100 Percentage into fraction Step 1: Divide the percentage by 100 and reduce.
Decimal to Percentage Step 1: Express the number as a fraction

Step 2: Multiply the fraction with 100

Percentage into Decimal Step 1: Divide percentage by 100 & reduce.

Step 2: Convert the fraction into a decimal

Ratio to Percentage Step 1: Express the number as a fraction

Step 2: Multiply the fraction with 100

Percentage into Ratio Step 1: Divide percentage by 100 & reduce.

Step 2: Convert fraction into a ratio

Natural number to percentage Step 1: Express the number as a fraction

Step 2: Multiply the fraction with 100

Percentage into a natural number Step 1: Divide the percentage by 100 and reduce.

Step 2: If the denominator is one then the result is a natural number.

All of these conversions somehow or what belong to the marks to percentage transformations. And you can better understand these frequencies by using the marks percentage calculator cbse.

Marks To Percentage Chart:

Below is the table that is packed with the most widely used percentages for test grades while considering the 200% as the maximum value. Let’s have a look at these!

Marks on test Marks percentage
20 10%
40 20%
60 30%
80 40%
100 50%
120 60%
140 70%
160 80%
180 90%
200 100%

Whatever you score in your examinations, all will lie within the range defined in the table above and can be determined by using this exam percentage calculator marks.

How Marks To Percentage Calculator Works?

While using this mark percentage converter, you need to cope with the following usage guide in order to get accurate results!


If You Select Simple Mode:

  • Input the scored and total marks in their respective fields
  • After you are done, hot the calculate button

If You Select Advanced Mode:

In this mode, you can calculate percentage of marks for more than one subject. Let’s check how it could be done!

  • Simply write the subject name, scored and total marks in their designated fields
  • Click on add subject if you want to get results for more than one single subject
  • Once you complete entering the scores, hit the calculate button


The free marks to percentage calculator cbse does the following computations:

  • Calculate result percentage
  • Display step by step calculations by using the percentage formula of marks

Also, we have another percentage difference calculator that will let you compare two percent values in a matter of seconds.


What Is The Difference Between Percentage And Fraction?

Although both fraction and percentage may look quite similar, we can not consider them 100% the same. This is because a fraction represents 2 quantities being divided by each other where one represents the part of the whole. On the other hand, percentage is obtained when we multiply the fraction with that of the 100. Moreover, you can also subject to another fraction calculator to deal with arithmetic operations related to the fractions.

How to Calculate The Average Percentage Score For An Entire Class?

The above strategy can be extended to quite a few imprints, including estimations for the rate scored by an entire class of understudies on a given test material. Even across class subjects which can be valuable to teachers as a proportion of progress.

For instance, with 20 understudies in a class, enter the 20 imprints got in the “Scored” number cruncher field (separate by spaces or commas) and afterward the most extreme conceivable score (for example 20×40 = 800 on the off chance that every understudy can get a limit of 40 places) in the “Out of” field.

How to Calculate SSC Percentage?

The basic method to calculate SSC percentage is the same as used by this marks percentage calculator cbse to make calculations. Also, you can convert your scores directly to GPA by utilising our online GPA calculator.


Percentages are assigned to represent the overall performance of a candidate . not only this but calculating percentages will let you compare your stats with those of other pupils in the classrooms. And keeping in view the importance of the performance stats computations, we have developed this advanced marks percentage calculator.


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