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SGPA To Percentage Calculator

SGPA To Percentage Calculator

Please enter the SGPA and the calculator will let you know its corresponding percentage form.

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Here is the useful SGPA to percentage calculator which is specifically designed to convert SGPA into percentage in a couple of seconds. Just enter the SGPA parameters, click to calculate, and get the corresponding percentage with this SGPA to percentage converter.

Let’s move on to learn how you could do such a conversion manually as well.

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What Is SGPA?

There are multiple methods to calculate your performance in schools, colleges, and universities and one of these is SPGA (Semester Grade Point Average). Commonly, SGPA to percentage calculation is essential to calculate at the end of the session such as during a college year or university semester.

In order to have an impressive score at the end of your course period, it is important for you to maintain SPGA throughout. This does not only help in securing a great result but also aids to understand your progress and prompts you to work on areas that need attention.

SGPA is calculated as the weighted average of all the obtained marks earned by a student in a semester across all the subjects and found percentage with our best SGPA percentage calculator.

How to Calculate SPGA?

Now you have to understand the concept of SGPA and how it affects your final score. Let us move on! First of all, add grade points that you achieved in your subjects in a certain academic term and then calculate their average to get your SGPA.

On the other hand, you can also refer to the following methodology to figure out what your SGPA is:

  • First, it is necessary to know your credit points for each subject.
  • Then, multiply the credit points for each subject by the grade that you achieved in the respective subjects.
  • Add all the products you get
  • Divide the sum you got when adding the products of each subject by the sum of all credits.
  • The number you see will be your SGPA.

SGPA to Percentage Conversion:

When you apply for a foreign university, you need SGPA to percentage calculator to calculate your score. It can be used for either graduation or post-graduation to fulfill the admission criteria in the particular university.
SGPA is the grading system that is used by all educational institutions around the world

SGPA to Percentage Formula:

SGPA full form to percentage is Semester Grade Point Average. It is used as a grading system in the education institutions. After the SGPA calculated, you can SGPA convert to percentage in a matter of seconds.

SGPA convert into Percentage, seems something horrible? But do not worry we will be making it easy for you. All we simply need to do is to follow the formula given below:

Percentage = (SGPA × 10) – 7.5

How to Calculate SGPA to Percentage?

Let’s see an example to clarify the concept and verify your answer with our best SGPA to percentage calculator.

Example # 01:

How to calculate the SGPA and percentage conversion of a student for the following four semesters.

First semester = 6.0

Second semester =5.2

Third semester = 6.4

Fourth semester = 7.5


With respect to the data given, the student’s SGPA is calculated as follows:

SGPA = 6.0+5.2+6.4+7.5/4

= 25.1

= 25.¼

= 6.27

= (6.27*10)- 7.5

= 55.2%

What Is CGPA?

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Points Average and is used by schools and colleges to estimate the performance of the student in an academic year.

CGPA is the mean grade points that can be obtained in the semesters when the course completion is done up to a given academic session. Although SGPA is calculated for each semester whereas CGPA is calculated for one overall academic session. Our SGPA to percentage calculator also works if you want to calculate the CGPA of an academic year.


Generally, SGPA is calculated for each semester individually. On the other hand, CGPA is calculated at the end of the academic year. Normally, there are two semesters in a year, and at the end of every year, you can have a CGPA for that particular year. Therefore, you can calculate it by our freely SGPA to percentage converter.

How to Convert SGPA to CGPA?

Here are the following steps to convert the SGPA to CGPA with this online SGPA into percentage calculator:

  • First, it is compulsory to calculate the SGPA for all the semesters.
  • When you get SGPA of all the semesters, add them.
  • Divide the summation of the SGPAs by the number of semesters you have given.
  • The number you see will be your CGPA.

For example:

How to find the SGPA and CGPA of a student for the following three semesters,

First semester = 6.0

Second semester = 7.5

Third semester = 6.8


With respect to the data given, the student’s SGPA and CGPA is calculated as follows:

SGPA = 6.0+7.5+6.8 = 20.3

= 20.3/3


Your CGPA is 6.7

SGPA to CGPA to Percentage:

Now you still have to convert CGPA to percentage, when the institutes release your CGPA score, in case you want to further studies abroad, as you need the CGPA scores in percentage.

Because of this reason, we have presented the way of converting your CGPA to the percentage:

Let’s consider an example problem to clarify your concept in more depth.

For example:

How to calculate the CGPA to percentage of a student for the following four semesters,

First semester = 7.0

Second semester = 7.2

Third semester = 6.8

Fourth semester = 7.8


With respect to the data given, the student’s CGPA to percentage is calculated as follows:

SGPA = 7.0+7.2+6.8+7.8

= 28.8

CGPA = 28.8/4

= 7.2

And then to convert the CGPA to the percentage, simply multiply the calculated CGPA with 9.5

CGPA to percentage = 7.2*9.5 = 68.4%

CGPA, SGPA to Percentage Conversion Chart:

Here we described a chart conversion of SGPA, CGPA, and their percentage that belongs all over the world.


CGPA Percentage
6.8, 7.0 6.8+7.0 = 13.8/2 = 6.9

6.9*9.5 = 65.55%

7.2, 7.4, 7.8

7.2+7.4+7.8 = 22.4/3 = 7.46 7.46*9.5 = 70.87%
5.5, 7.2 5.5+7.2 = 12.7/2 = 6.35

6.35*9.5 = 60.325%

8.5, 8.8, 9.2, 9.0

8.5+8.8+9.2+9.0 = 35.5/4 = 8.875

8.875*9.5 = 84.3125%


How Does SGPA to Percentage Converter Works?

Let this free SGPA to percentage calculator determine the percentage of school, college or universities semester. What about having a look at its working? Let’s move on!


  • First, click on the drop down menu, and select the parameter to calculate SGPA to percentage or SGPA to CGPA.

For SGPA to percentage:

  • Make a tap on “simple” or “advanced”. Both work in different criteria.
  • If you choose ‘simple’ then add a semester. On the other hand, for ‘advanced’ enter your SGPA.
  • After that, click on the “calculate” button.


  • Enter the number of semesters
  • Sum of SGPAs of All Semesters
  • After that, click on the “calculate” button


The free SGPA convert into percentage calculator given the following result:

  • Determines the SGPA
  • Determines the percentage
  • Determines the CGPA


What is the percentage of 7.83 Sgpa?

The corresponding percentage of 7.83 is 74.39%. You can also verify your answer with our freely SGPA to percentage calculator.

Is Sgpa and CGPA same?

Not at all! The reason is that the sum of all the credit points awarded for the subjects divided by total credits assigned to that semester. Whereas, Cumulative Grade Point Average or CGPA is used to measure the overall student’s academic performance of the students in school and colleges.

How to convert percentage into CGPA?

To convert Percentage to CGPA, you just need to divide the percentage by 9.5 and the outcome will be your CGPA percentage.

What is a good CGPA?

9.5 and above CGPA is best among the top five students in the class. The student who scored 8.0 and above CGPA would mean that he/she is an above-average student.


Although SGPA, CGPA, and percentage are all tags of the performance of a candidate in the education sector worldwide. Generally, students are often confused about a variety of issues such as how to convert SGPA to percentage and conversion of sgpa to percentage etc. Feel free to make use of this online SGPA to percentage calculator for various solutions in a simple way within fractions of seconds.


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