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Weighted Average Calculator

Write down data set values and the calculator will calculate their weighted average, with step-by-step calculations shown.


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Use this online weighted average calculator that will help you to calculate the weighted arithmetic average of a data set. You can also find the sum of the weight with a specific solution with the help of this online weighted score calculator in a couple of seconds. To understand how a weighted mean calculator works, it’s important to know what a weighted average is. Sometimes people confuse the concepts of average and weighted average.

What is the weighted average?

The weighted average is a calculation that describes the varying degrees of importance of the numbers in a data set. Weighted Average Equation: The formula to calculate the weighted average is given as: (x1 × w1) + (x2 × w2) + … + (xn × wn)/w1 + w2 + … + wn Where,
  • x_1 + x_2 + x_3 + …… + xn represents numbers
  • w_1 + w_2 + … + w_n represents weight - the importance of the numbers in average
Besides, an online weighted grade calculator is the simple and best way to calculate the grade of various courses based on the weighted average. Typically, the average can be computed when all values are added and divided by the total number of values. However, Users can calculate the average value of a given set by using an online average calculator.

How to Calculate Weighted Average?

A weighted average specifically differs from calculating the normal average of a data set because some items of the data hold more “weight,” or more significance, as compared to others or occur more frequently. You can calculate the weighted average by the mentioned-below steps: Step #1: First, determine the weight of each number. Step #2: Find the sum of all weights Step #3: Calculate the sum of each number multiplied by its weight and then divide it with the sum of all weights However, our online weighted average method calculator gives the step-by-step solution for weighted average calculation as well.

Solved Example:

How to find weighted average, let’s look at the simple example and is given as: Example: Find weighted average of class assessment with equal weight 60, 60, 70, 70, 70, 80: Since the weight of all assessments is equal. Solution: Using formula to find the weighted average of these values: (x1 × w1) + (x2 × w2) + … + (xn × wn)/w1 + w2 + … + wn Sum of weighted average = (2×60+3×70+1×80) / (2+3+1) = 120+210+80 / 6 = 410 / 6 = 68.333

How Does the Weighted Average Calculator work?

Use this weighted mean calculator to calculating weighted average of given expressions by following these steps: Input:
  • Simply add weight and value to the designated box
  • You can also add more rows according to your need
  • Click on the “calculate” button
Output: This online weighted scores calculator determines the following results.
  • Weighted average
  • Sum of weight


When should you use a weighted average calculator?

Whether you want to find more importance to some numbers in a given data set, you need an online weighted average calculator to perform calculations regarding weight average parameters. You can also use the weight average method to calculate the quantities of items since quantities are mixed or too numerous to count.

How is weighted average GPA calculated?

One of the methods to determine the weighted GPA is to find the average unweighted GPA and then multiply it by the number of classes that you’ve taken. However, you can use the GPA calculator to ease calculations.

Is weighted average better than simple average?

The sum of all individual observations simply divided by the number of observations is termed as Average. In contrast, the given observations multiply by the weight and added to find a solution is called weighted average. A simple average is a less valid method to perform average calculations, especially in more complex data sets. While weighted average evaluates the relative importance of all values and is a more accurate method to find the average of a set.

What are the benefits of using weighted averages?

The benefits of weighted average costing (also called average cost) features are given as:
  • Less Legwork for Inventory Management
  • Faster Calculations – More Data Sooner
  • Real-time Inventory Visibility
  • Consistent Inventory Valuation
If you want to know how to calculate weighted averages, you can use our weighted averages calculator for free.


A weighted average is most useful to calculate the accounts for the relative contribution, or weight of the items being averaged, while it does not compute a simple average. Therefore, it gives a more accurate value to those items in the standard form that occur relatively more. Moreover, you can also use the weighted average calculator to find the frequency of the values in a data set which is the most best way considered so far.


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