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Quickly calculate the average of percentages from your browser by accessing this simple average percentage calculator.

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Add as many percentages as you like and get the average of percentages calculated precisely with respect to sample size through this free average percentage calculator.  Speed up your calculations with the help of this online handy tool.  

What is the Average Percentage?

It refers to finding the average of two or more percentages as we find the average of the “n” number of sets. But here, you have to take into account the sample size while calculating the average. 

How To Calculate Average Percentage?

If the sample sizes are the same, then add all the percentage values and divide it by the total number of percentages available in the set. But if the sample sizes are different, then you will have to calculate the average in a different way, you will have to multiply the sample size with the percentages. Read further to understand this point!

Average Percentage Formula:

Let's take a look at the following formula to calculate average of percentages:

For Different Sample Size:

Average Percentage = (a1. w1 + a2 .w2 + a3 . w3 + ….an.wn ) / w1+ w2+ w3+....wn

For the Same Sample Size:

Average = (a1. w + a2 .w + a3 . w + ….an.wn ) / (w+ w+ w+....wn) Average of Percentages =  w (a1 + a2 + a3 +a4..... an) / nw Average of Percentages = (a1 + a2 + a3 +a4..... an) / n Where
  • A represents the percentages
  • N shows the number of sets
  • W is the sample size
If you don't have the time to perform the calculation manually, then get the help of an online percentage average calculator. Because it will let you perform the calculations in a fraction of a second. 


Let's suppose, there are two boxes of erasers, The first box of 120 erasers has 40 % green erasers and the second box of 100 erasers contains 60 % Yellow erasers. Now how to find the average percentage?


Given that: Green erasers in the first box = 40 % Sample Size of the first box = 120 Yellow erasers in the second box = 60 % Sample size of the second box = 100 Now put values in the formula to get the average of two percentages: Average Percentage Formula = (a1. w1 + a2 .w2 + a3 . w3 + ….an.wn ) / w1+ w2+ w3+....wn Average of Percentages = {(40 x 120)+(60x100)} / (100 +120)  Average of Percentages = {4800 + 6000 } / 220 = 10,800 / 220 Average of Percentages = 49.091 % This example is enough to know how to find average percentage. But if it still seems difficult, then get the assistance of a percent of total calculator. It will let you perform the accurate calculation within seconds. 

Working Of Average Percentage Calculator:

Determine the average of percentages within seconds by just providing a couple of inputs to this handy percent average calculator. Let's see how it works:  Inputs:
  • Make a selection, whether all the sample sizes are the same or not
  • Add the value of the “percentages” and the “sample sizes” in the specified fields
  • Tap on the “calculate” button and that’s it
  • Average of Percentages
  • Step-by-step calculation
Rather than dragging your self in the long calculation, simply get the assistance of a percentage of total calculator and calculate the average of percentage instantly, without getting stuck at any point.  


How Do You Find The Average Of 4 Percentages?

For this, sum all the percentages as we do for the numbers and divide this sum by the total number of percentages available in the given set. After that multiply it with 100 and that’s it.

How Do You Calculate The Average Percentage Of 3 Years?

Let's see the following steps:
  • First of all, sum all the responses for each year and divide by the number of respondents
  • Now, add the percent of each year and divide by 3 and that’s all 
For this, you can also get the assistance of a good average percentage calculator. As it will let you perform the averaging percentages calculation in a matter of seconds without much manual intervention. 

How Do I Calculate Average Percentage In Excel?

Have a look at the following steps to calculate the average of percentage in MS Excel:
  • Choose a cell and type “AVERAGE” in it
  • Add the starting parenthesis “(”
  • Now enter the “range” where your values are stored
  • After that add the closing parenthesis “)”
  • Press the “enter” button and you will see the results right in front of you 

What Is The Average Total Mean?

Mean is the average of the numbers and is calculated in the same way as we calculate the average.


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