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Carboplatin Calculator

The calculator will readily estimate carboplatin dosage in milligrams by considering your cretanine and targetted AUC value.




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The free online Carboplatin calculator estimates your Carboplatin dosage(mg) by using the Calvert formula. All of these calculations are based on a person's estimated creatinine clearance level and the targeted AUC value.

The most critical thing for us to understand is the Calvert formula:

Calvert formula:

Carboplatin is a type of chemotherapy medication used to treat cancer. The dose is administered by the injection via a vein, and after around 24 hours, 70 % of the drug is excreted into the urine. The dose depends upon the function of the kidneys. For measuring the exact dosage of the Carboplatin, we use the Calvert formula to measure the kidney functionality:

Total Dose (mg) = (target AUC) x (GFR + 25)


Calvert formula


AUC=Target area under concentration curve against the time curve in mg/mL.

GFR Stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate(GFR), it speaks about the power or the cleaning ability of the kidneys of patients.

Glomerular Filtration Rate(GFR):

“The GFR estimates how much blood passes through the Glomeruli per minute”. The Glomeruli  are the tiniest of filters in our kidneys specially designed to filter our blood from waste.  The carboplatin dose calculator uses the Calvert formula to find the exact dosage according to your age, sex, and weight.


Glomerular Filtration Rate


The important consideration about the Calvert formula:

There are certain conditions when using the Calvert formula::

  • The utilization of the Calvert formula in patients with GFR or CRCL <15 to 20 ml/min is not recommended.
  • There can be fluctuating results of CrCl values in patients and the Calvert formula should not be used here.
  • Patients outside the normal weight range should not be treated by the Calvert formula.
  • Use multiple formulas for estimating the correct estimation of dosage in the patient's 

Carboplatin Clearance for Men and Women:

There are separate formulas used in the carbo AUC calculator for men and for women. The main reason for that is to various levels of immunity in male and female bodies

Carboplatin Clearance for Male=(0,134xweight)+(218xweightx(1-0.00457xage)/serum creat.)

Carboplatin clearance for Female = (0,134xweight)+0.686x(218xweightx(1-0.00457xage)/serum cr?t.)

How to find the GFR by using the Cockcroft-Gault equation?

We normally utilize the Cockcroft-Gault equation for finding the carboplatin dosage. For that, you can also use the carboplatin calculator.

For Men:GFR=[(140-A)xW/(72xCr)

For Women:0.85x GFR formula for men 


GFR=Glomerular Filtration Rate 

A=Age (years)


Cr=Serum Creatinine(mg/dL)


Glomerular Filtration Rate

Example of GFR:  

Consider we want to find the GFR of a 50-year-old man whose weight is 78 KG and has a Serum Creatinine of 1.2(mg/dL). 



GFR=[90x78/(72x1.2)] GFR=[7020/(86.4)]

GFR=81.25 ml/min

You check this GFR by the carboplatin calculator to make sure that you are taking the correct dosage of carboplatin.

How to find the carboplatin dosage?

Once you have found the GFR, we can implement the Calvert formula for optimal carboplatin  dosage for patients. The carbo calculator can be used to find Carboplatin dose (mg) for patients.

Now we know the GFR value of the patients using the target AUC which is around 7 mg/ml/min, we can find the dosage of the Carboplatin of the patient.

Carboplatin dose (mg) = AUCx (GFR + 25)

Carboplatin dose (mg) = 7 x (81.25 + 25)

Carboplatin dose (mg) = 7 x 106.25

Carboplatin dose (mg) = 743.8

The carboplatin calculator can be used to find the exact dosage for patients of various age groups.

How to find Ideal body weight (IBW)?

The Cockcroft-Gault equation normally uses the total body weight, but this equation also uses the Ideal body weight in the advanced version of the calculations. The IBW can be calculated by the carboplatin dose calculator using creatinine clearance or adjusted body weight(ABW). The main reason for incorporating the adjusted body weight(ABW) is that their actual weight significantly deviates from the ideal body weight(IBW) in reality.

Ideal body weight (IBW) Formula:

IBW (males) = 50 kg + 2.3 x (height [inches] - 60)

IBW (females) = 45.5 kg + 2.3 x (height [inches] - 60)

The Ideal body weight (IBW) can be measured  efficiently for a patient according to his age by the carboplatin calculator.  

Adjusted body weight (ABW) Formula:

The formula used for the Adjusted body weight (ABW) by the carbo dose calculator is as follows:

ABW (kg) = ideal body weight + [0.4 x (actual body weight - ideal body weight)]

Alternative formula Adjusted body weight (ABW): 

We can also use the Alternative formula Adjusted body weight (ABW) to get more accurate results.

ABW (kg) = ideal body weight + [0.3 x(actual body weight - ideal body weight)]

The AUC calculation formula needs the Adjusted body weight for the obese persons.We can use the carbo AUC calculator to find the AUC calculations. 

Jelliffe equation formula:

The Jelliffe equation is usually used to find the changes in the serum or creatinine level over a period of time. We can find the health of the renal activity and function of the kidneys by the Jelliffe equation. The carboplatin dose calculator uses creatinine clearance taking into account the body surface area of the patients. 

Male: (98 - (0.8 x (age - 20)) / (SCR in mg/dl)) x Patient’s BSA/1.73 M2

Female: Multiply the above result by 0.9 The Carbo dose calculator finds the accurate dosage for a person.

Body Surface Area:

The Body Surface Area of a person can be calculated according to the health and weight of a person and it is used for carboplatin. 

  • The Average BSA for adult men: 1.9 m2.
  • The  Average BSA for adult women: 1.6 m2. 
  • The Average BSA  for children (9 years): 1.07 m2

BSA (m²) = √{ [ height (cm) x weight (kg)] / 3600 }

Calculating the Carboplatin Dose:

Consider a male patient having an age of 22 years, weight 67 Kg,serum creatinine level equal to 5 mg/dL. Our target AUC is 5mg/ml/minute and our height is 67 inches or 5 feet and 7 inches.


BSA (m²) = √{ [ height (cm) x weight (kg)] / 3600 }

BSA=1.78 m2

IBW (males) = 50 kg + 2.3 x (height [inches] - 60)

Ideal Body Weight (IBW)=66.1 (kg)

ABW (kg) = ideal body weight + [0.4 x (actual body weight - ideal body weight)]

Adjusted Body Weight (ABW)=66.46 (kg)  

Clearance Method Calculated Clearance (ml/min) Calculated Carboplatin Dose
Jelliffe 19.3 221
Jelliffe (adjusted for BSA) 19.8 224
Cockcroft & Gault (using ibw) 21.7 233
Cockcroft & Gault (using Adjusted body wt) 21.8 234
Cockcroft & Gault (using Adjusted body wt alternative eq) 21.8 234
Cockcroft & Gault (using Actual body weight) 22 235

You can check all the captions by the carbo calculator.

Working of the carboplatin calculator:

Utilize the carboplatin dose calculator by the following method:


  • Select the gender 
  • Enter the age and weight of the patient
  • Enter the serum creatinine level
  • Enter the targeted AUC
  • Hit the calculate button to find the dosage


The Calvert formula calculator displays the following result:

  • Glomerular Filtration Rate(GFR) displayed
  • The maximum dosage is calculated


What 25 stands in the Calvert formula?

Calvert formula: Dose=AUC x (GFR + 25)

The value of 25 mL/min is a constant  carboplatin non-renal clearance. 

What is the normal GFR value?

The normal value of GFR > 90 ml/min and 1.73 m2 is considered the normal range of the GFR and we consider the kidney working properly. The normal GFR values are calculated by the carboplatin AUC calculator.

What is the normal value of GFR for 70 years?

The GFR values usually decrease with the passage of age. For 70-year-old people, the normal range of GFR is around  60 mL/min/1.73 m2. We can find the normal value of the GFR by the global rph carbo calculator.

How is the chemo dose measured?

We need to find the BSA of the patient by the following formula:

BSA (m²) = SQRT{ [ height (cm) x weight (kg)] / 3600 } 

The AUC calculation formula can’t be commuted for the patients without finding the BSA.

Does Chemo consider your weight?

We do consider the actual body weight and compare it to the ideal body weight to find the chemo dosage. The carboplatin AUC dose calculation does involve your actual body weight and its comparison with the ideal body weight.

Does chemo affect your face?

The skin color may also change during the chemotherapy. You may feel redness on your face due to chemotherapy. Some patients' skin color may turn pale due to the reduction of red blood cells in the body. 

Can Chemo affect your vitality?

Chemo may lower your testosterone levels and libido during the treatment.


When we are doing Chemotherapy on a patient, it is necessary to know what Carboplatin dosage is required. Carboplatin chemotherapy is used to treat the cancer of the (lungs, brain, and ovarian cancer. The carboplatin calculator helps to find the dosage of the carboplatin according to the age, sex, and body weight of a patient.


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