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This advanced pediatric dose calculator estimates the pediatric dosage for your child. The tool considers various factors like BSA, weight, and dose frequency to suggest the precise medicine volume.

Working of Pediatric Dose Calculator:

Our Pediatric Dosing Calculator is quite easy to operate. It operates by giving the following inputs: Input:
  • Choose the appropriate Pediatric Mode
  • Enter the Dosage and infant weight
  • Fill in the drug concentration section
  • Select the frequency of the dose
  • Tap Calculate
  • Infant/Child dosage
  • Administration Frequency of the dosage

Pediatric Dosage Calculations Formula:

Our Prednisone pediatric dose calculator uses different formulas to estimate the quantity of the solution with which the given pediatric dosage quantity must be mixed. The most basic methods to calculate the dosage include:

Child Dose Based on Weight:

Pediatric dose calculation is a sensitive thing for infants as an overdose can be the cause of toxicity. The Infant’s pediatric dosage calculations were made by comparing the safe dosage for the adults. Here’s the formula for calculating child dose by weight. Child Dose By Weight = (mg/day) = Adult Dose In mg/kg or mg/kg/day x Child Weight In kg OR Child Dose By Weight = (mg/dose) = Adult Dose In mg/kg/dose x Child Weight In kg The pediatric dosage formula based on the weight of the infants may lead to overdose as some of the infants do grow faster than others.

Child Dose Based on BSA:

The body surface area (BSA) provides us with more precise values. When the height and weight of the child are known, then the Infants BSA can be calculated by the following formula: Child Dose By BSA (mg/day) = Adult Dose In mg/day x BSA In m^2 / 1.73 If the concentration is known in mg/m^2 Child Dose By BSA (mg/day) = Adult Dose In mg/m^2 x BSA In m^2

Child Dosage Calculations by Young’s Rule:

Young’s rules for the pediatric dosage are normally based on age and approximate body weight of the child during the first year of adolescence. Here’s how you can calculate the child dosage. Child Dose By Young’s Rule (mg/day) = Adult Dose (mg/day) x [Age / (Age+12)]

Pediatric Dosage by Clark’s Rules:

Clark’s rules for the Pediatric Dosage Calculations use the proportional body weight rather than the standard mean weight of 150 Lb. Therefore, for this methodology, the weight of the child is considered in Lbs, not in Kg. If you seek how to calculate pediatric doses by Clark’s Rules, then follow the formula given as under: Child Dose By Clark’s Rule (mg/day) = Adult Dose (mg/day) x (Child Weight In Lbs /150) We normally use Young and Clark’s rules in prescribing the radioactive dosage of medicines.

Pediatric Dose Abbreviations:

The following table is packed with all the possible dosage abbreviations that you must know:
Abbreviations Dosage
dQ Once in a day
BID Twice per day
TID Three times per day
QID Four times per day
q4 hr Once every four hours (6 times per day)
q3 hr Once every three hours (8 times per day)
q2 hr Once every two hours (12 times per day)
q1 hr Once every hour (24 times per day)
Our prednisolone pediatric dose calculator can suggest the dosage volume for all the above-mentioned pediatric dosage types. How to do pediatric dosing according to the prescribed, prescription, one needs to use the safe dose range calculator. This would help to avoid the overdose of pediatric salt and chemicals.


How To Turn The Dose In mg To mL?

You can easily turn the dose in mg to mL using a single formula as under: Dose (Volume) = Dose (Weight) / Concentration Where, The volume of the drug will be in millimeters and the weight of the drug will be in milligrams

What Are The Possible Pediatric Drug Concentrations?

Paracetamol 120 mg/5 mL or 250 mg/5 mL
Ibuprofen 100 mg/5 mL or 50 mg/1.25 mL
Amoxicillin 125 mg/5 mL or 250 mg/5 mL

Are 12 Years Old Considered Pediatric?

A Patient who is 12 years of age, but with a weight not exceeding 36 Kg is still considered to be a pediatrician. When you are using the peds dosing calculator, you can estimate the pediatric dosage of any age.


We make no claim about any results! The calculations provided by our azithromycin pediatric dose calculator are no more than just estimations. We better suggest you visit a healthcare professional instead of relying on only the results of our tool.


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