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Dosage Calculator

Dosage Calculator

The free dosage calculator assists you to estimate the dosage required for curation corresponding to your body weight and daily base frequency.

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The online dosage calculator estimates the required dose per administration frequency as well as daily medicine dose that based on patient’s weight (kg/lb). Also, an online dose calculator helps to estimate liquid medicine dosage according to its medical concentration.

However, makes appropriate medical dosage calculations is important for both pediatric patients and others. In fact, the dosage has to do with administration frequency, so you can try a medication dosing calculator that breaks the amount of medicine according to the selected administration frequency.

Well, give a read to this context to understand how to calculate medication dosage by weight formula, liquid dosage calculations formula, and much more!

Read on!

What is the Dosage Calculation Formulas?

The following formula works best for the medication dosage calculation of the dosage of medicines.

If you want to estimate medication dosage by patient’s weight, then you have to use the following med dose equation:

Medical dose = patient’s weight * dosage

The terms of this dosage calculation formula is:

  • Dose is referred to as a specified amount of medication that taken at one time
  • Dosage is said to be the prescribed administration of a specific number, amount, and frequency of doses over a specific period of time
  • Weight is referred to as the patient’s weight that can be expressed in either kg or lb. An online dosage calculator provided you the appropriate dose amount if you added an exact patient’s weight

So what if you need to find liquid medication dose according to administration frequency, look at the given liquid dosage formula:

Liquid dose = dose / medicine concentration


  • Medicine (drug) concentration is referred to as the amount of drug in a given volume that can be expressed in mg/ml or mg per mile

Also, for convenience, try a liquid dose calculator that computes the total liquid med dose in mg/ml. You can also perform liquid medicine dosage calculations with this calculator when giving fluid drugs to children.

Medical experts revealed that lymphocytopenia may be occurring due to a side effect of medications or some other medical treatments. So, for convenience, try an online ALC calculator that estimates absolute lymphocyte count according to the white blood cell and lymphocytes count.

How to Calculate Medication Dosage By Weight (Example):

Here we are going to elaborate medical dosage calculation by weight, let’s take a look at an example:


A 70kg weigh man having the active substance of medicine is 3mg/kg of body weight, determine the dosage of medicine?


The formula of med dose calculations:

Dose = Weight of patient * Dosage

Let’s add the values:

Step 1: Dose = 70 * 3

Step 2: Dose = 210mg

For instant and quick dose calculations by weight, you can try a dosage calculator that considers the patient’s weight for best results.

How to Calculate Liquid Drug Dosage?

If your medication is liquid and its concentration is 4mg/ml, then what’s the dosage? Quit worrying, you just need to use the given equation for liquid medical dosages calculations:

Liquid Dose = dose / medicine concentration

Let’s put given values into the given formula:

Step 1: Liquid Dose = 210/4

Step 2: Liquid Dose = 52.5ml

An online medical dosing calculator helps you to estimates liquid dosage according to given drug concentration.

What is An Appropriate Amount of Medicine Dose?

It is of immense importance to know about the exact dose of the drug that we are going to choose. There’s no doubt that dosing based on the patient’s health conditions and/or on the specific drug.

One Dosage:

The drugs with one fixed dosage e:g (vaccines) provide assistance in usage. For one dosage, there’s no need to remember any medical dosage calculations formulas.

Fixed Dosages:

Usually, the dosage of different, fixed drugs set by MEDICAL PRO corresponding to the patient’s condition or age. Hypotensive drugs are an example of fixed dosage. And, you don’t need to do any medical dosage calculation for such drug amount.

Variable Dosages:

It is a sample dosage amount that typically recommended by a health care provides. Example (insulin)

Blood Concentration-Dependent Dosages:

It is referred to as a relatively small group of drugs that are different and based on the concentration of the drug’s active compound in the serum. The example includes Vitamin K antagonists, lithium.

The Dosage Depend on The Patient’s Weight:

It indicates if two patients have different body weights, they receive the different amount of the same drug. Our med dosage calculator also calculates the required dose per administration frequency according to the patient’s weight.

Why Appropriate Calculation for Dosage Is Important?

Medication or dosage calculation is an important factor in the medication of the patient’s recovery. So, all the individuals should be practice med dose calculations in the right way. Following certain reasons why the dosage calculation is useful:

  • The dose will affect the actions of the child
  • The dose of medicine will affect the functions of the liver & kidneys. So, check the function of the liver and kidney before calculating a dose of the particular medicine
  • The age & sex of the patient also considers in the dose of the medicine. Dosage is varying according to the age & sex of the patient.

If dosages are inappropriate, the results are very destructive. The dosage that was given to the patient after the calculation according to weight & medicine had a good response & high survival rate and low chances of toxicity. So, you should use a dosage calculator to find the dosage according to your administration frequency.

How Online Dosage Calculator Estimates Dosage By Weight & Liquid Dose:

Just stick to the given steps to get the appropriate estimations of your medications.


  • First of all, enter the patient’s body weight, it can either be in kg or lb
  • Then, add the appropriate dosage into the designated box
  • Then, you ought to choose administration frequency from the drop-down
  • Now, press the calculate button


The med dosing calculator estimates:

  • Total daily dose in mg, µg, g
  • Total liquid dose in ml & L


If the medicine is in liquid form, there is a field of ‘medicine concentration’ in which you can enter the concentration of liquid medicine. The dosage finder will estimate the appropriate dose of the liquid medicine.

Wrapping it Up:

As the dosage of specific medicine varies between patients according to his/her weight and type of drug. To avoid the tragic consequences, use our dosage calculator that helps you a lot in telling the proper amount of dose of any medicine.


The results of this calculator are just estimations & even the information contained here-in is just used for educational & informational purposes. So, before taking any medicine, you ought to consult with your medical expert.


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