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An online dosage calculator helps you to determine the daily dose of your medicine which is suitable according to your weight and frequency. Also, this dose calculator calculates the dosage of liquid medicine according to its concentration. With the help of our content, you will learn how to calculate manually, the dosage calculations formula and much more!

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Medical experts revealed that lymphocytopenia may be occurring due to a side effect of medications or some other medical treatments. So, for convenience, try an online ALC calculator that estimates absolute lymphocyte count according to the white blood cell and lymphocytes count.

What is the Dosage Calculations Formula?

The following formula works best for the medication dosage calculation of the dosage of medicines.

Dose = Weight of patient * Dosage

The condition gets more complicated, when your medicines are in liquid. Quit worrying, our dosage calculator can even help you in this situation by using the formula:

Liquid Dose = dose/concentration of medicine

This function of this online calculator is useful when giving the liquid medicines to children (Syrup).

How to Calculate Medication Dosage (Step-by-Step):

The calculations become easy with this medical dosage calculator. We have a manual calculation example for you!

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Determine the dosage of medicine of 70kg weigh man having the active substance of medicine is 3mg/kg of body weight?


The formula used is:

Dose = Weight of patient * Dosage

Dose = 70 * 3

Dose = 210mg

In case, if you have the medicine is in liquid, the concentration of liquid medicine is 4mb/ml. Use the following formula:

Liquid Dose = dose/concentration of medicine

Liquid Dose = 210/4

Liquid Dose = 52.5ml

Also, you can use the online dosage calculator to verify all these examples.

What is an Appropriate Dose?

When we have to take the medicine, we wonder that how much dose we should take? According to the patient’s weight & the specific drugs, there are certain different kinds of doses.

One Dosage:

In this, you don’t need to use any calculation formula. You just take it once & forget about it (vaccines).

Fixed Dosage:

Also, in this you don’t need to use any calculation method or formulas. Simply, take the medicines according to the doctor’s advice. The doctor sets the medicines according to the age & weight of patient.

Variable Dosage:

The patient sets medicines according to his/her need & requirements after the doctor’s sample medicine.

Blood-Concentration-Dependent Dosage:

These types of doses are different according to the concentration of the drug’s active compound in the Serum.

The Dosage Depend on the Patient’s Weight:

Two patients with different weights receive the different amount of medicine for their daily use.

Our free dosage calculator helps to find out the proper dose of your medicine of these type of dosages.

Why Dosage Calculation is Essential?

Medication or dosage calculation is an important factor in the medication of the patient in his/her recovery. SO, all the individuals should be practice these type of calculations. Following certain reasons why the calculation is useful:

  • The dose will affect the actions of the child.
  • The dose of medicine will affect the functions of liver & kidney. So, check the function of liver and kidney before calculating dose of the particular medicine.
  • The age & sex of the patient also considers in the dose of the medicine. Dosage is varying according to the age & sex of the patient.

If dosages are wrong, the results are very destructive. The dosage that was given to the patient after the calculation according to weight & medicine had a good response & high survival rate and low chances of toxicity. So, you can see, it is very useful to use the dosage calculator.

How to Use the Online Dosage Calculator:

Just stick to the following points for the easier & faster calculations of your medicine.


  • First of all, enter your weight of body.
  • Then, enter the appropriate dosage in the field.
  • Choose the frequency of taking medicine from dropdown.
  • Hit the calculate button.


Once you fill up the fields, the tool shows:

  • Total daily dose in mg, µg, g.
  • Total liquid dose in ml & L.


If the medicine is in the liquid form, there is a field of ‘medicine concentration’ in which you can enter the concentration of liquid medicine. Then the calculator will show you the dose of the liquid medicine.


As the dosage of specific medicine vary from patient to patient according to his/her weight and type of drug. To avoid from the tragic consequences & giving the right amount of dose to patient, use our dosage calculator that helps you a lot in telling the proper amount of dose of any medicine.


The results of this calculator is just an estimations & even the information that contained     here-in is just used for educational & informational purposes. So, before taking any medicine, you ought to consult with your medical expert.


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