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Botox Cost Calculator

The calculator will calculate Botox unit cost, total cost, and the number of units needed for the treatment.


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This botox cost calculator instantly calculates the botox cost per unit. Just enter the number of units and the total price to get the per-unit rate of Botox. Moreover, you may also get the number of units and the total cost of the consignment through this tool.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a special type of drug that is used to remove wrinkles or dark circles around the eyes. They are synthesized artificially by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum in the laboratory.

Basically, Botox blocks the tiny nerves in the area where the injection is injected.

What Is a Unit of Botox?

Here the unit does not mean a single piece of injection. Rather it refers to the measurement of the Botox amount that is injected in a single time.

Cost Per Unit of Botox Formula:

Our Botox cost calculator uses the following equation to estimate the measurement for Botox:



  • CPUB = Cost per unit Botox
  • TC = Total cost
  • BU = number of Botox units


How much Botox is per unit if the total cost is $350 for 25 injections?




CPUB= $14

How Many Units of Botox Do I Need?

The maximum quantity of Botox a person can take in is 100. If you want to check the price for these units, you may enter the quantity in our Botox cost calculator to get the total and per-unit cost.

On average, individuals getting moderate medications are likely to get one and a half vials of Botox at a time.

This is exactly equal to 50 units at a single time. Contrary to this, if you are willing to treat certain areas of the face only, then unit measurements are changed with respect to usage. And our Botox calculator will keep you updated about the price package for each measurement of the drug.

Botox Quantity Chart:

Face Area Recommended Units
Forehead Lines 15-20
Frown Lines 16-24
Crows Feet 8-12 each
Lip Lines 2–4
Bunny Lines 2-4
Dimpled Chin 2-6
Sad Smile 4-10
Platysmal Bands 6-30

Working of Botox Calculator:

Our botox calculator is quite simple to use. Let’s guide you on how to use it!


  • Select the parameter you wish to calculate
  • Enter the required ones in their respective fields
  • Tap Calculate


  • Botox Unit Cost
  • Total cost of Botox units
  • Number of Units Received


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