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Blood Type Calculator

Blood Type Calculator

Select mother’s and father’s blood group from the lists and the calculator will predict the baby’s blood group.

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An online blood type calculator is specifically designed to estimate blood type punnett square for a baby depending upon the blood groups of both the parents. There exist many confusions about the exact blood group of the new born baby. That is why we have arranged this organic read so that you may not counter any problem while guessing about your child’s blood kind.

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What Is Blood?

In the light of medical science:

“A specialized fluid that transports the waste materials away from the body cells and provides oxygen and other essential nutrients to them is the blood”

Major Components of The Blood:

Below are the main substances which the blood is composed of.


A light liquidy component that is totally independent of the blood cells but keeps all of the nutrients present in the blood in a proper suspension. As a whole, plasma constitutes about 55% of the total blood volume.

Red Blood Cells:

These cells are indeed considered as the most abundant material in the blood. Red blood cells are also termed hematite cells, erythrocytes, erythroid cells, and blood corpuscles. It contains a special protein which is called haemoglobin, transporting oxygen from lungs to all parts of the body. They constitute almost 40-45% of the total blood volume.

White Blood Cells:

White cells, also known as granulocytes(basophils, eosinophils, and neutrophils), monocytes and lymphocytes, are part of the immune system of the body. These cells help the body fight against infections or any other illness. In a healthy adult, the white blood cells comprise only 1% volume of the total blood fluid.


Thrombocytes allow the wounds or any injuries to heal fast. They are formed inside the bone marrow and are only 20% of the blood volume.

Here the baby blood type calculator goes for determining the most exact type of the blood your baby will be having, making it easier for you to avoid any dangerous condition.

Blood Type:

Generally, there are only four main groups of the blood. These are named as A, B, AB, and O. Each of these groups contains particular antigens that differ from type to type. Specially for the mothers that are carrying a baby, it is very cautious to have a know about the baby’s blood group. The free child blood type calculator allows you to predict the blood type so as to avoid any serious illness and difficulty while giving birth to a baby.

Also, aPregnancy calculator also helps you to track your pregnancy period properly for a healthy baby growth.

Alleles In Blood:

An allele is basically a specific kind of genetic information that is present in our DNA(Deoxyribonucleic Acid) on a particular chromosome. The alleles of the human blood are mainly determined using the co-dominant alleles knowledge. These genes decide the blood type of human beings

Practically, the blood group is determined genetically using the parental blood groups. As there is only one allele that controls the blood group, each human being has two alleles that are used to describe their blood types. These include:

Blood Type A:
Either AO or AA

Blood Type B:
Either BO or BB

Blood Type AB:
Contains allele AB

Blood Type O:
Contains allele OO

The alleles O are recessive while those of AB are dominant. There is a further classification of the blood into two groups that are either RH+ or RH-. The recessive alleles have an RH- group , while that of dominant alleles have RH+ group. It means that RH- blood types parents will result in the same blood type in their babies.

Blood Type Genetic Chart:

There are eight different blood types that arise from the basic ones. The following blood type chart parents displays all the rules that one must consider while going through blood transfusion table:

Recipient ↓ / Donor →

O+ O- A+ A- B+ B- AB+


























This table also assists you when you are using a baby blood type calculator to estimate the blood group of your baby.

How To Determine The Blood Type?

Every Time, the baby receives only one single allele from either of the parents. Now the question arises: Which parent determines the blood type of the child? If you do not know, do not panic! In this section, we will be resolving an example so that you may get a proper idea about the blood type of the child.


Just suppose if your blood type is B and that of your partner’s is AB. How to determine blood type from parents for the baby?


Well, considering here the use of a free parent blood type calculator will immediately display the chances of your upcoming baby’s blood gene. But it is also very important to determine the blood type probability manually as follows:

  • First of all, write your blood group along with its related alleles. As your blood group is B, its accompanying alleles are either BB or BO.
  • The chances of B allele in your baby are about 75% and chance of the allele O are only 25%
  • Now, write the blood type of your partner. In our case, it is AB. It means your partner has the genotype of AB.
  • This shows that your baby will either inherit A allele (50% chance) or B allele (50% chance)
  • Now estimate the chances for each blood type by multiplying the probabilities as below:

Genotype BB Chance:

$$ 75% * 50% $$
$$ = \frac{75}{100} * \frac{50}{100} $$
$$ = 0.75 * 0.50 $$
$$ = 0.375 * 100 $$
$$ = 37.5% $$

Genotype AB Chance:

$$ 75% * 50% $$
$$ = \frac{75}{100} * \frac{50}{100} $$
$$ = 0.75 * 0.50 $$
$$ = 0.375 * 100 $$
$$ = 37.5% $$

Genotype AO Chance:

$$ 25% * 50% $$
$$ = \frac{25}{100} * \frac{50}{100} $$
$$ = 0.25 * 0.50 $$
$$ = 0.125 * 100 $$
$$ = 12.5% $$

Genotype BO Chance:

$$ 25% * 50% $$
$$ = \frac{25}{100} * \frac{50}{100} $$
$$ = 0.25 * 0.50 $$
$$ = 0.125 * 100 $$
$$ = 12.5% $$

Now add the results of BB and BO:

$$ 37.5% + 12.5% $$

$$ 50% $$

Which is the blood group chance for group B.

  • If the group of both the parents are RH+, then the chances of the RH+ in the baby are about 93.75% and the chances of the RH- is about 6.75%
  • If the group of both the parents are RH-, then the chances for RH- group in the baby are 100%
  • If the blood type of one of the parents is RH+ and RH – for the other one, then there are about 75% chances that the baby will be having RH+ blood type. For RH- blood type, this chance is reduced to 25%.

Apart from the manual calculations, it is however a better choice to make use of the free blood type predictor.

How Blood Type Calculator Works?

This free calculator takes a couple of seconds to display the blood group matches for your baby depending upon your own blood type and of your partner’s as well. Let’s find how!


  • Select your blood group along with the RH factor
  • Repeat the same process for your partner blood type
  • Tap the calculate button


  • The free blood type punnett square calculator determines:
  • Chances in terms of percentage regarding your baby’s blood type
  • Transfusion table of phenotype and genotype
  • Punnett square table for the possible blood types


Which blood type is considered the best?

In any life threatening emergencies, the type O negative red blood cells are considered as the safest to donate to anyone. The reason for this is that the O negative blood group does not have any antibodies to the antigens like A, B, or RH.

Why is O positive so special?

In most of the cases, type O positive blood is given to the patients due to its no reaction to most of the blood types. But you must keep one thing in mind that a person having O positive blood group can only receive blood from either O+ or O- blood group bearing persons.

Can O positive and B positive get marry?

A male with a blood type B+ can get married with a female with a blood group O+.

What blood type is the rarest?

According to a study, AB- is the rarest blood group with a donor volume of only 1% in all over the world.

What is the golden blood type?

The golden blood group or RH null blood group is the group that contains no RH antigens on the surface of the red blood cells. If your baby is going to have a golden blood type in future, then you can also determine it by using a free online blood type calculator. This is also considered as the rarest blood type as only 50 people have such blood group around the globe.

Can your blood type change?

In general, your blood group remains the same through the rest of your life. However, in some cases when a person suffers from cancer or goes through a bone marrow transplant, the blood group changes often. In such cases, if you are expecting a baby after getting healthy enough, then it is very important to estimate your baby blood type by subjecting yourself to a free online blood type calculator.

Which one is the healthiest type of blood?

Studies have shown that the people with the blood group O have the lowest risks of getting heart diseases. While on the other hand, people with B blood type are more subjected to heart issues.

What blood group is the commonest in the world?

Blood group O is the most common type with a global percentage of about 37.12%. The second most common blood type is B with a percentage of about 32.26%.

How do I identify my blood type?

ABO typing is the test that is carried out to determine the blood group manually in the medical laboratory. In this test, your blood is mixed with the antibodies that are against the blood groups A and B. after doing so, it is noticed whether the blood cells stick together or not. If they stick, it means that the blood reacted to one of the antibodies.

What blood types have memory problems?

As a consequence, people having blood types A, B, and AB are more likely to have memory loss problems.


Blood type calculator is very important to use in case when a mother and her child have different blood groups that can cause serious health problems to both of them. In this case, knowing your fetal blood type will help you a lot in blood transfusion to save his/her life.


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