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Pack Year Calculator

Pack Year Calculator

Enter the cigarettes consumption per day, pack size, and years you have been smoking for. The calculator will give you total pack years, cigs smoked so far, and packs as well.


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The smoking pack year calculator calculates the pack year value that represents the tobacco exposure of a person during his/her lifetime.

Considering the standard pack comprising 20 cigarettes, the tool gives you the detailed smoking history of anyone. Also, you can set the cigarette pack size as per your needs.

What Is Pack Year?

A pack year comprises smoking at least 20 cigarettes a day for one complete year.

How To Calculate Pack Years?

Calculating pack year is very straightforward! If you want to know how many cigs in a pack are, you need to understand the following formula:

PY = Packs × Years

In case your pack size does not consist of 20 cigarettes, then use the following expression:

PY = (Cigarettes per day/Pack size) × Years

With that, if you are willing to calculate the consumption of cigs or packs in your whole life till date, you may do that with the help of the following equations:

PL = Cigarettes per day × 365.24 × Years
CL = (Cigarettes per day/Pack – Size) × 365.24 × Years

How Many Cigarettes In a Pack?

The number of cigarettes in a pack is not the same. Also, it is very important to know the pack size so that you do not face a lack of cigs if you are a smoker. Our pack year calculator considers the standard pack size of 20 cigarettes which is according to the governmental agencies in the United States.

Coming to continental Europe, there are more than 20 cigarettes per pack. While in Australia, a single pack contains about 6 pieces. We have designed this pack per year calculator in such a way that you may input a pack size in it and get to know what quantity of cigarettes you have consumed till now.

Working of Pack Year Calculator:

Our pack year calculator requires a few inputs to let you know your total smoking consumption to date. These include:


  • Enter the number of cigarettes and pack year in their designated fields
  • Likewise, enter the number of years you have smoked for
  • Tap Calculate


  • Smoking Pack Years
  • Cigarettes Smoked So Far
  • Packs Smoked so Far


What Is 20 Pack-Year Smoker?

If you are a 20 pack year smoker, then it means that you have smoked about one pack in a day for the last 20 years or 2 packs for the last 10 years. To confirm if you are a 20 pack year smoker, just put in the values in the pack year calculator calculator and get instant calculations for confirmation.

How Many Cigarettes Is 50 Grams of Tobacco?

You must know that 25 grams of tobacco are equal to 1 oz of it. Further we have:

  • 25 grams tobacco = 50 cigs per week / 7 = 7 cigarettes per day (approx.)
  • 50 grams tobacco = 100 cigs per week / 7 = 14 cigarettes per day (approx.)
  • 75 grams tobacco = 150 cigs per week / 7 = 21 cigarettes per day (approx.)

How Much Is 1 Cigarette In Grams?

A cigarette weighing 1 gram contains nearly 65 – 100% tobacco content.

How Many Puffs In a Cigarette?

There are 8 – 14 puffs in a singkle cigarette that weights about 1 gram.

What Is The Significance of Pack Years?

Nowadays, doctors widely use the method of pack years to calculate the risk to lung cancer and related diseases.


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