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Ast Alt Ratio Calculator

Ast Alt Ratio Calculator

Enter the AST and ALT values in the tool to get your AST ALT Ratio.


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With the help of the Ast Alt ratio calculator, you can instantly diagnose different liver diseases. Estimate the functioning of your liver right now with our tool which is intended to give you accurate results and saves you a lot of time.

Working of Ast Alt Calculator:

Using our AST ALT calculator is quite straightforward! It requires you to enter a couple of values to get your results:


  • Enter the AST & ALT values in their respective fields
  • Select corresponding units as well
  • Tap Calculate


  • AST/ALT Ratio
  • Chances of any liver disease
  • Prediction about AST and ALT values provided

What Are AST and ALT?

Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) are special enzymes present mostly in your liver.

The relative concentration of these enzymes decides whether your liver is healthy or bearing any health issues. Usually, patients with high levels of both AST and ALT are at greater risk of liver failure.

This is why you must keep using this ast/alt ratio calculator so that you remain informed about your liver health and functioning. The tool will give you an estimation on the basis of which you can further decide about any treatment in case you have any problems.

AST/ALT Ratio Chart:

After calculating results with the Ast Alt ratio calculator, you can compare them with the following ast alt ratio chart. It will let you know whether your liver is healthy or at risk of any disease.

Aminotransferase enzymes Normal range
AST (SGOT) 5 to 40 units per liter of serum (the liquid part of the blood)
ALT (SGPT) 7 to 56 units per liter of serum

How To Calculate Alt Ast Ratio?

To manually calculate this ratio, the following expression can be used:

AST / ALT = Ratio

Our alt ast ratio calculator also utilizes the same formula to let you know if your liver is at high risk of any disease or not.


The AST and ALT values noted in a liver test of a patient are 25 and 13, respectively. How to calculate ast/alt ratio?


AST / ALT = Ratio

25 / 13 = Ratio

1.923076 = Ratio

Although the values of AST and ALT are within the normal range, their ratio calculated is not lying in the safe region. This is why the patient must consult a physician as he/she is at high risk of Cirrhosis.

AST ALT Ratio Predictions:

High AST ALT Values & AST ALT Ratio
AST ALT Ratio > 1 Cirrhosis (Scar tissue formation – May cause liver function failure)
AST ALT Ratio > 2 Alccoholic Hepatitis (Inflammation of the liver due to regular alcoholic consumption)
High AST ALT Values & Low AST ALT Ratio
This Condition is caused by Homolysis (Breakdown of Red Blood Cells), thyroid glad disease
Very Low AST ALT Values
Destruction of the liver Caused by drug intake – Paracetamol
Hepatitis B & C Viral infections in the liver that may be fatal
Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Liver inflammation – Not caused by Alcoholic consumption
Autoimmune hepatitis Situation under which your body attacks its own cells


When To Take AST ALT Ratio Test?

  • Stop eating at least 10 – 12 hours before you give a blood sample
  • Try giving a sample between 7 – 10 AM

Besides, you are not bound to any activity by using this Ast Alt ratio calculator. You may use it anytime and without any limit.

What Is SGOT/SGPT Ratio?

SGOT/SGPT is another term used for AST/ALT. This is why to calculate SGOT/SGPT ratio, you may rely on our Ast/Alt ratio calculator and check for any possibility of liver disease.

Why Do We Need The AST/ALT Ratio?

AST/ALT Ratio helps us in:

  • Differentiating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver diseases
  • Detecting any liver inflammation or failure issues


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