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APFT Calculator

The calculator estimates scores for Army Physical Fitness Test on the basis of different test sessions including pushups, running, and situps.

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Calculate your Army Physical Fitness Test score with the APFT calculator. You can also perform calculations for multiple cadets at a time. The calculator considers the U.S. Army APFT standards such as sit-ups, pushups, and 2-mile run time to estimate fitness level.

It examines the muscular strength and stamina of soldiers. With that, get to know the minimum APFT passing scoring range concerning your age, gender, weight, and height in compliance with the Army regulations.

What Is the US Army Fitness Test?

APFT is a test that provides a complete assessment of the physical fitness of a soldier according to the Army Holistic Health and Fitness System.

This is a basic test to measure physical strengths, abilities, and cardio-respiratory fitness.

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Sessions of Army Physical Fitness Test:

APFT passing score is calculated based on three sessions. For each event, the scorecard range is from 0 to 100 points. The minimum Army PFT score to pass each event of the test is 60 points.

The total scoring is the sum of the points of these three events. If a soldier passes all events, the overall range of APFT scores will be from 180 to 300.

Push-Ups (2 Minutes):

  • A push-up means bending your elbows and then lowering the entire body as a single unit Your upper arms should be parallel to the ground
  • Going up and return to the starting position by raising the entire body until your arms are fully extended
  • During pushups, your entire body should remain in a straight line and move as a unit

Sit-ups (2 Minutes):

  • Sit-up starts with the bent knees at a 45-degree angle
  • Then raising the upper body forward to, or outside, the vertical position (where the neck is above the base of the spine)
  • Once you reach the vertical position, the chest should be dropped until the bottom of the shoulder blades touch the ground

Running (2 Mile):

  • This event is related to the normal running but it should be finished in the shortest possible time
  • While running, it is not allowed to take any kind of help or touch other members

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Army PFT Chart:

For Males:

17-21 71 78 13 min
22-26 75 80 13 min
27-31 77 82 13 min 18 sec
32-36 75 76 13 min 18 sec

For Females:

17-21 42 78 15 min 36 sec
22-26 46 80 15 min 36 sec
27-31 50 82 15 min 48 sec
32-36 45 76 15 min 54 sec

Note: The Army Regulation Authority proclaims that you are at your highest physical condition between the ages of 27-31, which is why that age group has the highest standards.

Queries Cadets Ask:

What Is The Minimum APFT Passing Score?

  • If any participant becomes successful in achieving a total APFT score of 270, a badge will be given to the candidate.
  • However, with a minimum scorecard of 90, the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) can be passed.
  • In the case of basic training, the minimum required score is 50 points

At What Age Is The APFT Optional?

At the age of 60 or more than 60, it is not compulsory to perform on APFT. But all such soldiers must maintain their physical fitness according to army weight/height standards. A complete checkup by a physician is also recommended for all such soldiers.

How Many APFTs Can You Fail?

If you fail 2 consecutive record APFT then it will be considered as a failure of the test. Such candidates will be eliminated by the Company Commander under the provisions of AR 635-200.