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APFT Calculator

The APFT calculator will calculate scores for army physical fitness test on the basis of different exercises including pushups, running, and situps.


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2 / min

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This APFT Calculator allows you to calculate your current and also minimum Army Physical Fitness Test or APFT score required to pass a test for given parameters. This APFT score calculator use the parameters such as sit-ups, pushup and 2 mile run that is referred to as the U.S army APFT standards.

Here we are going to tells you about U.S APFT chart, standards 2020, and much more that you need to know about U.S Apft.

What is the US army fitness test?

The APFT or Army Physical Fitness test is referred to as a three-event physical performance test that taken into account to assess endurance. APFT is a basic test to measure physical strengths, abilities, and cardio-respiratory fitness.

Also, you can try this free IPPT calculator to calculate your Individual Physical Proficiency Test award for your push-ups, sit-ups, and even 2.4 km running time.

Soldiers are tested and scores assign to them based on three events consisting of the push-up, sit-up, and a two-mile run. For each event, the score range is from 0 to 100 points. The minimum Army PT score to pass each event of the test is 60 points. The total score is the sum of the points of these three events. If a soldier passes all events, the overall range of scores will be from 180 to 300. Army APFT chart represents the passing scores of army APFT standards according to the age of participants.

Army APFT standards 2020 consist on following elements:

2 minutes of push-ups:

A push-up means bending your elbows and then lowering the entire body as a single unit. Remember that your upper arms should be parallel to the ground. Going up and return to the starting position by raising the entire body until your arms are fully extended. During pushups, your entire body should remain in a straight line and move as a unit.

2 minutes of sit-ups:

A sit-up starts with the bent knees at a 45-degree angle. Then raising the upper body forward to, or outside, the vertical position (where the neck is above the base of the spine). Once you reached the vertical position, the chest should be dropped until the bottom of the shoulder blades touch the ground.

A 2-mile run:

This event is related to the normal running but it should be finished in the shortest possible time. While running it is not allowed to take any kind of help or touch other members. With the help of an army APFT calculator, you can calculate your army physical fitness test based on these standards before appearing in the actual test.

About APFT calculator:

The purpose of the army PF calculator is to help people for the Army Physical Fitness Test in the U.S. It examines the muscular strength and stamina of soldiers. This tool uses the common database to investigate the performance in the three events (pushups, sit-ups, and 2-mile run) of the test. Each event has a range from 0 to 100 points therefore the total score will be between 0 and 300. You are asked to input your gender, age, and the scores you obtained in the three events at the test. The army pt test calculator will give you final points according to of army APFT score chart.

This apft score calculator will indicate whether you have passed or failed the army PT standard and also tell you the minimum score required to pass the test.

How APFT calculator works?

Select only few parameters and hit the “Calculate” button and the PT test calculator will display your APFT scores. Also, know about your minimum required score to pass us army fitness test.

To check minimum to pass:

Select the “check minimum to pass” from the drop-down menu to calculate the required minimum APFT standards of male or female scores.


  • In the first step enter your age in years.
  • Now, simply select your gender from the drop-down menu.
  • Hit the calculate button.


  • You will get scores for push up, sit-ups and time for 2 mile runs to get the APFT badge.
  • You will get total scores for push up, sit-ups and time to complete 2 miles run for basic training.
  • You will get total scores for push up, sit-ups, and time to complete 2 miles run for maintaining.
  • To make another calculation just hit the recalculate button at the bottom.

To check your score:

Select the “check your score” option from the drop-down menu to calculate your obtained score and to compare it with the minimum required score to pass the test.


  • Enter your age in years.
  • Very next, simple choose your gender from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the number of completed pushups in 2 minutes.
  • Enter the number of completed sit-ups in 2 minutes.
  • Enter the minutes and seconds to complete a 2-mile run.
  • Hit the calculate button.

Output 1 – Your Result:

  • You will get your earned points for pushups along with passed or failed as a result.
  • You will get your earned points for sit-ups along with passed or failed as a result.
  • You will get earned points for 2 miles run along with passed or failed as a result.
  • In the end, you will get your total score along with passed or failed as a result.

Output 2 – Your Result and Minimum to Pass:

  • You will get your score and the minimum score to pass the pushups.
  • You will get your score and the minimum score to pass the sit-ups.
  • You will get your time and minimum time to complete the 2-mile run.
  • To make another calculation just hit the recalculate button at the bottom.

How to See APFT score by army APFT chart:

APFT score chart displays all the army PT standards with the required ranges to pass the test for males and females. Other than the chart APFT score calculator can be used for easy calculations to determine your level of fitness.

Guidelines to see your score:

  • Find a chart according to your gender
  • Now, you ought to determine your age group at the top of the chart
  • Find the number of repetitions for each event along with the required time duration.
  • Compare your outcomes with the chart to determine your current position.

Standard for Maximum APFT Score (100 points) In Each Event (For Males)

17-21 71 78 13 min
22-26 75 80 13 min
27-31 77 82 13 min 18 sec
32-36 75 76 13 min 18 sec

Standard for Maximum APFT Score (100 points) In Each Event (For Females)

17-21 42 78 15 min 36 sec
22-26 46 80 15 min 36 sec
27-31 50 82 15 min 48 sec
32-36 45 76 15 min 54 sec

Note: The Army proclaims that you are at your highest physical condition between the ages of 27-31, which is why that age group has the highest standards

Preparing for US army physical fitness test:

The US Army Fitness test, also identified as the APFT. It is a three-part physical test. Passing the APFT is a condition for passing the Basic Combat Training. To know where you presently stand, use an army PT calculator to calculate your current APFT score. Compare your obtained scores with the army APFT score chart. It will help you out to get prepared for the test. Some of the essential steps for preparation are described below:

Avoid injury:

Before entering into Basic Combat Training session, it is essential to get ready mentally and physically. Exercise plays the most significant role in preparing the session. Once you start your exercise program, it is essential not to exhaust quickly. You will be recommended to slowly increase your physical activity. in this way you can avoid the risk of any sort of injury.


Any physical training program always contains the following elements:

  • any warm-up activity.
  • the physical training part.
  • cool-down.

The time duration for warm-up is 10 to 15 minutes. It should start before the physical pieces of training. Normally it includes stretches that involve the back of the body, knees, legs, shoulders, hips, and neck. Simple exercises such as jumping or running can be used as a warm-up. It prepares you for more energetic training activities.


It is good for gradually slowing down the heart rate. It helps in preventing pooling of the blood in the legs and feet portion. Anyone should begin the cool-down by walking until the heart rate returns to less than 100 beats in one minute and sweating stops. The time duration for it is 10 to 15 minutes and it must start instantly after the activities of the physical training period.

Running, Cycling, Swimming:

Running, cycling, and swimming are those activities that empower the human body to transport blood and oxygen to the working muscles more efficiently. These activities improve cardiac ability and promote more production of energy. Running and cycling are considered good for any physical training because they are easy ways to improve health and physical fitness in less time. Though the Army PT test standards involve only running cycling and swimming can be practiced to achieve the goal.

Example calculation and interpretation:

Take the example of a male who is 34 years old. He has done 65 pushups, 50 sit-ups. He completed 2 miles run in 14minutes and 20 seconds. His APFT will be calculated as follows:

  • Pushups score = 87 out of 100
  • Sit-ups score = 66 out of 100
  • 2 Mile run score = 90 out of 100
  • Total APFT score = 242 out of 300


As minimum 60 points required in each event to pass the test according to army APFT standards so the candidate will be considered passed. To minimize the risk of error army apft calculator can be used for the final calculation of the result.

FAQ’s (APFT or Army Phyical Fitness Test):

What is a good APFT score?

It is the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) score that is different for males and females. While performing this test a maximum score that can be achieved by any participant is 300. To pass the test it is not essential to get 300 points, you just need a passing score according to your age and gender. The APFT standards require at least 60 points in each element to pass.

What is the minimum APFT score?

If any participant becomes successful in achieving a total score of 270, a badge will be given to the candidate. However, with a minimum score of 90, Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) can be passed. In the case of basic training, the minimum required score is 50 points.

What happens if you fail the APFT?

If you fail APFT, you will be flagged from advantageous personnel actions. In the case of the repetitive failure, you will be subject to separation.

At what age is the APFT optional?

At the age of 60 or more than 60 it is not compulsory to perform on APFT. But all such soldiers must maintain their physical fitness according to army weight and height standards. A complete checkup by a physician is also recommended for all such soldiers.

How do you pass the APFT?

  • Do workout at a 400-meter (m) track for at least two times a week.
  • Practice all the Warmup exercises such as jogging for two laps (800m)
  • Run 1 lap (400m) daily.
  • Continue for 8 laps (two miles)

How many APFT can you fail?

A diagnostic APFT will be conducted every 30 days until your record test to measure your progress. If you fail 2 consecutive record APFT then it will be considered as a failure of the test. Such candidates will be eliminated by the Company Commander under the provisions of AR 635-200.

Is failing PT test honorable discharge?

If you failed, the APFT then it should not ruin your life. Entry Level Discharge or General would be the “norm” for an Entry-level Soldier. But, if you fail after you pass your entry-level status, honorable would occur.

How long is a record APFT valid?

APFT scores will be valid for 12 months. Every Soldier who passed the test must have to maintain a valid APFT otherwise they will be automatically dropped. IAW AR 350-1 Soldiers should take the APFT two times every year.

How often is an APFT required?

APFT required at least two times in one year and remember that the test should be repeated after 6 months.

What regulation covers APFT failure?

All those who fail a record APFT for the first time and those who fail APFT within the required period (AR 350-15, paragraph 11) must be flagged IAW AR 600-8-2 (Reference B).

Are 2 miles in 15 minutes good?

If you are a male, then this speed will be considered good if you are above 60 years. It will be considered poor if you are in your 20s. in the case of females, this speed will be considered good if your age is in the 30s. in the case of 20s this speed will be considered fair.

Is a 7-minute mile fast?

If you will be able to complete it in 13 or faster, you are going to get the maximum score. Therefore, 7 minutes for one mile represents your moderate level of fitness.

How fast should I run a mile for my age?

Most candidates reach their swiftest speed between 18 and 30 years. The standard running speed per mile in a 5Km (5-kilometer or 3.1-mile race) is given below.

Age Men (minutes per mile) Women (minutes per mile)
20–24 9:30 11:44
25–29 10:03 11:42
30–34 10:09 12:29
35–39 10:53 12:03

How do you get a 270 PT score?

The badge is given to soldiers who get a least total score of 270, with a least 90 points in each event, of the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). His weight control requirements should be according to AR 600-9.


This Army Physical Fitness Test Calculator permits you to evaluate your level of capability according to the U.S. Army APFT Standards. It analyses your (APFT) Army Physical Fitness Test score and also tells you about your minimum required score to pass US APFT according to given parameters.


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