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One Rep Max Calculator

Enter the weight your lifted and repetitions in designated fields. This free online rep max calculator will estimate your stamina to perform one rep max repetitions in gymnasium.

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An online rep max calculator helps you to estimate about how many repetitions you can afford to practice corresponding to your body strength. Also, you can determine the percentage ratio for each number of repetitions you perform by using 1 rep max calculator. If you want to know your inertia in weight lifting, keep scrolling down!

What Is One Rep Max?

According to the sports fitness club: One max rep corresponds to the maximum amount of weight that you can lift at a particular time with proper strength.

Epley’s Formula:

You can calculate 1 rep max by following the equation below: $$ 1RM = w(1 + \frac{r}{30}) $$ where; w = weight to be lifted r = number of repetitions performed.

Workout Criteria For One Rep Max:

A free online 1rm calculator is highly recommended if you want to calculate 1 rep max of you, accurately. But before that, you need to have a proper understanding of what percent of weight you can actually lift up. For instance, we suggest you to know the following criteria:

Volatile Power:

Have you ever thought of a volcanic eruption or any explosion or a hurricane causing a sudden release of high energy? The reason why we are saying this is you must be familiar with the fact that in sports explosions, the volatile power corresponds to the maximum strength you show to lift up a heavy weight in a minimal time. It should be kept in mind that this power is only 50% of one max rep, which can easily be estimated by subjecting a free online one rep max calculator also.


The capability of your muscles to contract continuously for an extended period is known as endurance. It is 70% of one rep max. Using our free online max rep calculator will ensure your absolute stamina needed to do a proper workout. Having a greater endurance will lead you to maintain continuity in lifting heavy loads over greater times.


This specific term corresponds to enlargement or building body mass on a continuous basis. Usually, hypertrophy is a better practice for most of the body builders as it is 80% of one max rep.


The ability to adopt faster moves when lifting heavy weights is considered the power. It is 905 of one rep max. You should not get confused about power and explosion as both seem to be the same but they are not. This maximum durability can be instantly determined by using a free online max rep calculator.


This is indeed the fastest way to boost your energy as it is 95% of one max rep. It must be noted that you always need a so-called supporter while doing such heavy workouts to maintain your stamina to bear the load in a proper way.

1 Rep Max Chart:

For the sake of your ease, we have arranged a table that contains repetitions of one RM that could also be estimated using a 1 rm calculator for free. The table is as follows:
Repetitions Lift Weight % of 1RM
1 16.7 kg 100%
2 16.2 kg 97%
3 15.7 kg 94%
4 15.3 kg 92%
5 14.8 kg 89%
6 14.3 kg 86%
7 13.8 kg 83%
8 13.5 kg 81%
9 13 kg 78%
10 12.5 kg 75%
11 12.2 kg 73%
12 11.8 kg 71%
13 11.7 kg 70%
14 11.3 kg 68%
15 11.2 kg 67%
16 10.8 kg 65%
17 10.7 kg 64%
18 10.5 kg 63%
19 10.2 kg 61%
20 10 kg 60%
21 9.8 kg 59%
22 9.7 kg 58%
23 9.5 kg 57%
24 9.3 kg 56%
25 9.2 kg 55%
26 9 kg 54%
27 8.8 kg 53%
28 8.7 kg 52%  
29 8.5 kg 51%
30 8.3 kg 50%

How To Calculate One Rep Max?

Having a proper guide can let you estimate your stamina for body building. Let us solve an example to clarify the idea in more depth. Example: A person with a weight of 30kg performed 12 repetitions in a proper manner. Calculate one rep max. Solution: Using Epley’s equation: $$ 1RM = w(1 + \frac{r}{30}) $$ Substituting the values: $$ 1RM = 30(1 + \frac{12}{30}) $$ $$ 1RM = 30(\frac{30 + 12}{30}) $$ $$ 1RM = 30(\frac{42}{30}) $$ $$ 1RM = 42 $$ Here, our free online rep max calculator estimates the one max rep upto 30 consecutive repetitions in the form of a well-defined chart.

How One Rep Max Calculator Works?

a free online pr calculator is the most accurate method to calculate one rep max. What you need to do is! Input: First of all, perform 5 to 6 repetitions with a proper strength. After doing so:
  • Write down the weight that you lifted in the weight drop down list.
  • Write down the number of repetitions you performed with that weight in the repetition drop down list.
  • Hit the ‘calculate’ button.
Output: The free weight max calculator calculates:
  • Weight to be lifted after each single repetition.
  • Percentage of 1RM against each repetition.
The whole information is estimated and displayed in the form of a proper data sheet so that you can understand it better.


How many reps should you practice based on max?

In particular, you should do 8 to 12 reps that actually use 70 to 80 percent of your maximum strength.

What percentage should I lift for 1RM?

If you are looking for better muscular gain, then you must lift 6 to 8 reps at 60-80% of RM.

Is 225 a good bench for women?

In practice, a 225 bench for a woman that is under 200 pounds is comparatively difficult. If, being a woman, you lift 225 rep, it means that you must tackle part in powerlifting competitions.

What happens when you squat 2 to 3 times per week?

When you squat 2 to 3 times a week, it means you wish to become a professional body lifter. Also you can calculate 1 rep max by using our free online one rep max calculator.


Knowing one max rep enables you to depict your energy required to lift up a weight every single time. There is a vast use of free online one rep max calculator in gymnastics and body building for estimating stamina to practice various exercises. Without knowing your one rep max will cause a development in your body muscles in a discontinuous manner.


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