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Bench Press Calculator

Bench Press Calculator

Use the bench press calculator to estimate your one rep max (1RM) for any weight lifting in seconds.

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Calculate your one-rep max for the lifting exercise by inputting a weight and the number of repetitions into this bench press calculator. 

This max bench calculator also provides a table of ranges to determine where you are currently according to your max lifts.

The bench press is a type of exercise in which the trainee lays down on the bench and pushes the weight in an upward direction. 

This exercise is good for your pectoralis major and minor (chest), shoulders, and triceps. 

What Is A One-Rep Max?

This is the heaviest weight that you can lift in a single repetition of a given exercise. With it, you can monitor and determine your strength progression. 

If your strength is increasing, then it means your training program is on the right track. 

One-Rep Max Formula:

All of the following formulas are a little bit different from each other and estimate the one rep max slightly differently. 

The most common formula that is used for 1RM of bench press exercise is the Epley formula. Let’s have a look:

Epley Formula:

1RM Equation: 1RM = w x (1 + (r / 30)) 

  • w represents the weight lifted
  • r shows the reps performed

Alternate One-Rep Max Formulas:

Lombardi Formula:

1RM = weight lifted × reps^0.10

O’Conner Formula:

1RM = weight lifted × (1 + (0.025 × reps))

These formulas are used for different exercises or may be preferred by certain athletes and coaches for training purposes.  

The most convenient way to find the one rep max is through the bench max calculator. It will save you time and will reduce the risk of human errors. 

How To Calculate One-Rep Max?

Go through the following steps to calculate your one rep max manually:

  • First of all, get a weight that is not easy for you to lift and note it down on a piece of paper
  • Lift the weight as many times as you can and write down the total reps
  • Now put the values of weight and reps in the Epley equation as we have done in the following example


Let’s suppose you can lift 150 pounds for 8 repetitions during your bench press workout. How to estimate your 1RM using the Epley formula:


Given that:

Weight Lifted = 150 lbs

Repetitions = 8

1RM Equation: 1RM = w x (1 + (r / 30)) 

1RM = 150 x (1 + 8 / 30)

1RM = 150 x (1 + 0.267)

1RM = 190

If you still find it difficult, then it’s best to get the assistance of an online bench one rep max calculator. As it will just require the input values and will perform the whole calculation swiftly. 

How Much Can The Average Man And Woman Bench Press?

In the following table, we have provided the strength level of men and women.

Strength Level Men Women
Beginner 54 kg 25 kg
Novice 80 kg 37 kg
Intermediate 100 kg 47 kg
Advanced 120 kg 58 kg
Elite 168 kg 90 kg

Why Your 1RM Is Relevant?

Determining the 1RM is necessary for the athletes who participate in a competition or sport.

As we know, in Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting, the main goal is to lift a heavy weight for one rep.

1RM helps the athletes to know which weights they can lift with their full strength in a competition. The easiest way to find the 1RM is with the help of a 1RM bench calculator max. 

How Does Our Max Bench Press Calculator Work?

To use this bench 1 rep max calculator, you must know the weight that you can lift up for a specific number of reps. Let’s see how it works!

What Do You Need to Enter?

  • Weight Lifted: enter the maximum weight that you just lifted
  • Enter the number of repetitions
  • Choose table option such as “Percentage of 1RM” or “Repetitions”

This is What You Will Get!

  • One-Rep Max
  • Table of 1RM percentage according to the weight 
  • Repetitions

Remember that the value this bench press max calculator provides you is an estimation and your actual 1RM can also vary from it depending on your form, fatigue, and level of training. 

How Can I Improve My One-Rep Max?

Today, several ways are available to do that, but here we have provided the most effective and efficient ways to improve the 1RM. Let’s take a look:

Use Proper Form:

It’s necessary to be in the correct form before starting the bench press exercises. For this, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Sit on a bench and after that lie on it in a way that your feet remain flat on the floor
  • Now pull your shoulder blades together and down, slightly arch your back without lifting your butt
  • Hold the bar with your hands, take a breath, and unrack the barbell when you are ready
  • Now bring the barbell down to your chest while keeping your elbows tucked in a way that they make a 45-degree angle.
  • Push the barbell in the backward direction. 

Focus on Progressive Overload:

You will have to enhance the weight or reps every time you bench press. This is known as progressive overload. It improves the strength of the body in two ways:

  • It enables you to lift heavier weight with the passage of time
  • Increases your muscle mass, which resultantly enhances the strength level

Prioritize The Bench Press:

If you want to enhance the bench press numbers then start with your chest, or upper body workout. 

Bench More Often:

To get stronger, perform the necessary exercises regularly. However, if you are doing bench press once a week and want to improve it, then start doing it twice a week. 

Train With Heavy Weights:

Start adding a small weight in the weight that you lift regularly. This way, you will increase your one-rep max strength.


What’s The Difference Between 1RM And PR?

1RM is the current heaviest weight that you can lift up for one repetition and on the other hand, PR stands for personal records and it’s the heaviest weight that you ever lift up. You can quickly track your 1RM with the help of a max bench calculator.

How To Know When To Recalculate Your 1RM?

It’s good to wait until the completion of at least one training block to recalculate your 1RM. Utilize a bench press calculator to find your 1RM instantly. 

How Much Do You Need To Bench To Look Good?

If you go to the gym regularly and look fit, then having 1x your body weight should be a good standard for you. 

Why Do I Need To Know My 1-Rep Maxes?

Having an estimation of your 1RM allows you to plan better for your training. With it, you can create a better strategic program for becoming strong. If you are concerned about your fitness and strength then it’s a very useful parameter for you. 

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