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Wilks Calculator

Wilks Calculator

Select your gender and enter your body weight and weight lifted. The tool will calculate your weight lifting stamina against your competitors of any gender.




You need to add your best total of bench press, squat and deadlift (conventional or sumo)

You need to add your best bench press, squat and deadlift (conventional or sumo)

Bench Press



Back Squat






Weight Lifted



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The wilks calculator helps to estimate your strength in weightlifting against other weightlifters with different bodyweights across both genders. Once you come to know about your wilks score, you could easily compare the relative strength level of squat, benchpress, and deadlift. This accurate tool determines the results by two methods:

  • Accumulated weight lifted
  • Separately weight lifted on each game

Keep reading to know about how to calculate wilks score with this calculator and the definition of wilks.

Read on!

What Is The Wilks Formula?

There is one formula to calculate the wilks score for males & females.

Wilks score = W * 500 / (a+bx+cx2+dx3+ex4+fx5)

Where W is the weight lifted in kg

x is the weight of the lifter and letters from a to f are the coefficients. The coefficients for male & female are different.

Coefficients For Men:

a = -216.04

b = 16.26

c = -0.00

d = -0.0011

e = 7.01 * 10^-6

f = -1.29 * 10^-8

Coefficients For Women:

a = 594.31

b = -27.23

c = 0.8211

d = -0.009

e = 4.73 * 10^-5

f = -9.05 * 10^-8

Our wilks coefficients calculator considers these coefficients for male & female to calculate their wilks score.

How To Calculate Wilks Score (Step-by-Step):

To determine the score of your wilks, simply enter the values in the wilks formula to get the accurate results. Here we have an example:


The John weighs about 80kg and he lifted 100kg, find his wilks score?


The formula is:

Wilks score = W * 500 / (a+bx+cx2+dx3+ex4+fx5)

Wilks Score = 100 * 500 / (-216.0475144 + 16.2606339 * 80 + (-0.002388645) * 802 + (-0.00113732) *            803 + 0.00000701863 * 804 + (-1.291e-8) * 805)

Wilks Score = 100 * 0.683

Wilks Score = 68.27

It’s very complex & daunting task to do such type of calculations, you can utilize this online wilks calculator for the calculations. Simply enter in the fields and calculator generates results for you.

How to Use Free Wilks Calculator:

Just stick to the following points to get the accurate results:

Read on!


  • First of all, choose the gender
  • Very next, Weight of your body
  • Then, select the method to calculate the wilks score
  • Enter in the fields according to the selected inputs
  • Lastly, hit the calculate button


The calculator shows:

  • Your Wilks score
  • Wilks score according to different activity level
  • Step-by-Step calculation


To compare your weightlifting abilities with other weightlifters, you should have to know your wilks score. So, simply give an account to this online wilks calculator that helps you to do the complex calculations of your wilks score in no time.


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