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apft Calculator

IPPT Calculator

Select your gender and enter your age, push-up, sit-up, and running time to calculate the physical proficiency test scores and final award status through this calculator.










2.4km Run: (MM:SS)

2.4km Run: (MM:SS)

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An online ippt calculator allows you to calculate ippt scores and tells about your current Individual test award status (fail, pass, incentive-pass, silver, or gold). This ippt scorer tells how many ippt scoring points you required to achieve your next award for the given number of push-ups, sit-ups, and 2.4 km running time. Also, this ippt score calculator calculates the scores for both Nsmen and NSF corresponding to the IPPT standards.

Now, give a read to know each & everything about IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) scores.

What is an Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT)?

The individual physical proficiency test is standard for physical fitness and to check the motor skills of any individual. Basically, it is used by the Singapore Armed Forces to test the abilities of their soldiers and for new recruitment.

Also, you can try this online APFT calculator to find out your current and minimum APFT score required to pass a test.

Station of IPPT:

To motivate personal fitness, the 3-station format is implemented. In this station pushups, situps and a 2.4km run measure the strength and the cardiovascular fitness of the person. This simpler IPPT test format will further motivate individuals to improve their fitness.

The allotted points to each station of individual physical proficiency test are given in the ippt scoring table:

Basic fitness component Station Points allotted
Upper body strength Situps 25
Abdominal strength Pushups 25
Lower body strenght 2.4km run 100

The maximum marks individual can get is 50 for the 2.4km run,25 in pushups, and 25 in situps. So the maximum ippt marks an individual can get is 100.

IPPT Scoring System:

Now, the new scoring system of IPPT makes able to the person for getting 50 points in 2.4km run and 25 in each situp and pushups. Also, give an award based on their secured marks in the IPPT test. The category of awards given is in the IPPT chart.

Award Type Points CashAward
Gold >=85 $500
Silver >=75 $300
Incentive Pass >=61 $200
Pass >=51 $0


IPPT Badge:

Award is given to the personnel in the Armed forces who achieved gold and silver standard in the IPPT test. Gold standard badge has a star while the silver standard badge hasn’t. It is like a pin which is to be attached to the left sleeve of the person’s uniform.

IPPT Cash Awards For The NSFs and NSmen:

There are also cash awards for both NSFs and NSmeto motivates the participants to do well.Let’s have a look,

Category Pass Incentive Pass Silver Gold
NSFs 0 $200 $300 $500
NSmen 0 $200 $300 $500


The cash award is given to only those participants who complete the 3-stations of IPPT with 2.4km run in a single attempt.

IPPT Passing Score:

The passing criteria and schedule for passing the individual physical proficiency test is as follows,

IPPT scores required Type of award
>=90 Gold

(NSmen & NSFs that have commondos/guards/divers)

>=85 Gold (NSmen & NSFs)
>=75 Silver (NSmen & NSFs)
>=61 Pass with incentive(NSmen)

Pass (NSFs)

>=51 Pass (NSmen)


You can use the online IPPT score calculator to determine the test score and type of award.

National Servicemen Fulltime (NSFs):

The person who serves for 2 years in Singapore Armed Forces as a full-time national serviceman (NSFs).

National Servicemen (NSmen): –

The person who is practically ready to provide services to a nation called the NSmen.

Eligibility Criteria:

IPPT is a mandatory annual requirement for all the NSmen & NSFs.

But, you don’t need to fulfill the requirements if you are,

  • 45 years old and above for officers.
  • 40 years old and above for WOSEs.
  • Permanently degraded.
  • If you are in MR phase.

Phasing Into Mindef Reserve (MR):

When an individual fulfilled at least 7 high key in camp training and 10 years in Operationally Ready National Service(ORNS).

IPPT passing Criteria: –

The IPPT passing score is 51 and it comprises of three stations (pushups,situps and run). To pass,you have to score minimum 1 score in each and get the total score of 51 out of 100.

IPPT Failure: –

If you fail your test, then you can retake multiple times in your IPPT duration.

IPPT Defaulter: –

If you do not take your test in a window of IPPT , you will be declared as IPPT Defaulter.

IPPT Exemption: –

You can be exempted from test in the current window if you,

  • Regular medical exemption from IPPT for 6 months.
  • Commutated exemption from IPPT for 9 months.
  • Interference in Operationally Ready National Service(ORNS) duties.
  • Permanently degraded.


For the safety of your own, please note these precautions before participating.

At least 7 hours of sleep for good IPPTscores. Late night sleep.
Drink water as much as you can

·        2 hours before you sleep night before the IPPTtest.

·        Before half an hour of IPPTtiming.

Drink alcohol.
If you feeling ill,cancel the IPPTtest. Wear tight clothes.
Don’t eat food before test. Have a meal before your booking time.


Guidelines For The IPPT Test: –

  • Arrive 15 minutes earlier.
  • Go to your respective location wearing a t-shirt, shorts above the knee, and running shoes.
  • You can bring your cell phones to the green zone but it must be turned off during your session.
  • If you are 35 years or older then you have to bring your fitness certificate.

Health Screening Programmes(HSP): –

Note the following condition before participating,

Persons with low cardiac Risk are allowed to participate in IPPTtests.If you have unfit, you also cannot be able to participate in the IPPT Preparotry test(IPT). So, if you are 35 or older then you have to enter in the HSP.

Male and Female (IPPT Points): –

The criteria for IPPT points for both male and female are given in the chart in the following links,


Pushups score table:

IPPT Push up for female


IPPT sit up for female

2.4KM run:

IPPT 2.4 km run for female


Push-Up score table:

IPPT Push up for male

Sit-Up score table:

IPPT Sit up for male

2.4km run:

IPPT 2.4 km run for male

How to Calculate The IPPT Results With IPPT score calculator:

This online ippt calculator performs calculations according to the criteria of the Singaporian Armed Forces, this tool is 100% free and provides you the precise measurements. All you have to follow the given steps to obtain your IPPT points:

Swipe on!


  • First of all, you have to choose the gender from the dropdown of this IPPT score calculator.
  • Then, select the type of person either NSmen or NSFs.
  • Now, enter the age in years.
  • Then plugin how many repetitions of pushups you have done in 1 minute
  • Very next, enter the maximum situps in 1 minute you have done. Finally, choose the time for the 2.4km run from the dropdown.
  • Lastly hit the calculate button.


You can enter a maximum of 60 pushups and 60 situps in the designated field of this IPPT calculator.


The online IPPT calculator shows,

  • Total points you got.
  • Current award type you achieve.
  • Points you required for getting the next award(gold, silver, etc) according to IPPT standards.
  • The cash award you get.
  • Individual score for each station(pushups, situps, run).

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ’s): –

How many points you need to pass IPPT?

To pass the individual physical proficiency test at least 51points are required. If you failed to get at least 1 point in pushups or situps then, you failed your IPPT.

How do I pass IPPT pushups?

Tips for doing pushups according to IPPT standards,

  • Training.
  • Do it fast and don’t stop during the test.
  • Making sure that your form is good.
  • Use your chest, not the head.
  • Set a target of pushups.
  • Rightly bend your elbows.

What happens if I fail IPPT?

If you fail your test, then don’t worry. You can retake it many times in the IPPT window.

How do I pass IPPT?

The IPPT test requires at least 51 points to pass the test. To pass, you need to achieve at least 1 point in each of the three stations of test.

How many rounds is 2.4km?

6 laps around the 400M track are 2.4km.

Can I listen to music during IPPT?

You are not allowed to listen to music during test. If the officials see it, they will tell you to leave the equipment at the starting point.

What is a good time for 2.4km run?

Ratings for the 2.4km run for both males and females given in the table,

Rating Males Females
Very poor >16:01 >19:01
Poor 16:00-14:01 19:00-18:31
Fair 14:00-12:01 18:30-15:55
Good 12:00-10:46 15:54-13:31
Excellent 10:45-09:45 13:30-12:30
superior <09:44 <12:29


How do I book IPPT?

You can book your test through IPPT/IPT/RT portal.

What should I eat before 2.4km run?

Before a race of 2.4km, you should eat,

  • Bread, peanut butter, fruit, fruit juice, or sports drink.
  • Rice, pasta, lean meat at least three days before the run.

End-Note: –

This free IPPT calculator computes the calculations according to IPPT standards. Moreover, it also tells you how much effort you need to achieve the IPPT scoring goals. If your physical fitness does not match with IPPT standards then, you should ahead to your medical expert.


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