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Protein Calculator










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The protein calculator measures the amount of dietary protein a person requires per day. You can measure the specific daily protein intake with the calculator.

Protein Requirement Per Day:

The protein requirement per day depends upon various factors like weight, age, goal, and activity level of a person. The daily protein intake recommended by the National Institute of Health is 0.36 grams per pound of body weight for a sedimentary person.

However, if you are doing intense workouts, or have a physically demanding job. Then your daily protein requirement may be double or triple as compared to the sedimentary person. Athletes, Children, and Pregnant and Nursing women usually need extra protein comparatively.

How Much Protein Needed Per Day?

The protein requirement per day for a person is dependent on many factors, including the physical activity of the person, and the growth stage of the individual. You may be wondering how much protein should I eat per day. The protein intake per day is often based on body weight and your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Factors for Daily Protein Intake:

The Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body Mass Rate(BMR) can be two critical factors for a person’s daily protein requirement. The protein requirements by age depend upon (10-35%). Now consider weight as another factor, then your daily protein requirement is around 0.8g/kg of body weight, It is the Recommended Dietary Allowance(RDA).

This protein intake per day is the minimum recommended value to maintain basic life functions. The protein intake calculator can be a good online source to find your daily protein intake. Your gender can also be a factor for protein requirement per day, normally daily protein requirement for male is greater than for female companions.

Daily Protein Intake Charts:

The daily protein requirement for various age groups is given for various age groups in the following chart.
The Recommended Dietary Allowance(RDA) of Portion, based on Age:

Age Daily Protein Intake
Age 1-3 13 (Grams/Day)
Age 4-8 19 (Grams/Day)
Age 9-13 34 (Grams/Day)
Age 14-18 (Girls) 46 (Grams/Day)
Age 14-18 (Boys) 52 (Grams/Day)
Age 19-70+ (Women) 52 (Grams/Day)
Age 19-70+ (Men) 56 (Grams/Day)

Daily Protein Intake for Pregnant Women:

How much protein do I need in pregnancy and Lactation? This is the most common question women ask during pregnancy and during the lactation period. Women can use the protein calculator for food to determine their protein intake per day for pregnant women.

Daily protein requirement per day for pregnant and lactating women:

Pregnant and Lactating women Protein (grams/day) Energy (KJ/day) Protein: Energy (Ratio)
Pregnancy Trimester 1 1 375 0.04
Pregnancy Trimester 2 10 375 0.04
Pregnancy Trimester 1 1 1,200 0.11
Pregnancy Trimester 3 31 1,950 0.23
Lactation First 6 Months 19 2,800 0.11
Lactation After 6 Months 13 1,925 0.11

The protein requirement per day is indifferent in women during the pregnancy and lactating period. You can measure accurately how much protein is needed per day during pregnancy and lactating periods with the protein calculator.

Protein in Various Foods:

The amount of protein in various food is described in the following table:

Foods Protein Amount
Milk (1 cup/8 oz) 8 g
Egg (1 large/50 g) 10
Pregnancy Trimester 1 6 g
Meat (1 slice / 2 oz) 14 g
Seafood (2 oz) 16 g
Bread (1 slice/64 g) 8 g
Corn (1 cup/166 g) 16 g
Rice (1 cup/195 g) 5 g
Dry Bean (1 cup/92 g) 16 g
Nuts (1 cup/92 g) 20 g
Fruits and Vegetables (1 cup) 0-1 g
Pizza (1 slice/107 g) 12 g

How to Use the Protein Calculator?

For specific estimation of daily protein intake, according to your age, weight, and gender, you need to follow the given instructions:  


  • Enter your Age 
  • Select the Gender 
  • Enter your Weight and Height
  • Specific Goal for Protein Intake
  • Current Activity Level
  • Hit the calculate button


  • Daily Protein Requirement (Grams/Day)
  • Daily energy Requirement(Kcal/Day)


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From the source of Nutrition Source,Protein.

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