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Grams To Calories Calculator

Grams To Calories Calculator


Convert Macronutrient from Grams to Calories!








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The Grams to Calories Calculator measures the nutritional values of macros in our food. The ratio of macro in our food helps to determine the quality of our diet.

Grams to Calories Conversion:

A calorie is a unit of energy and is used to describe the nutritional value of food. A calorie is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of pure water to one degree Celsius. You may find the number of grams of each substance in the formula packing. We can convert the grams into calories to measure the energy value of each content in the substance.  

Grams to Calories Conversion Formula:

Grams into Calories Conversion Formulas for various ingredients like Fat, Proteins, and Carbohydrates are different. We need to multiply the different coefficients for converting grams into calories. It provides us with the nutritional values of substances and their energy level in form of calories.
Grams to Calories Conversion Formula:

Grams into Calories Conversion Formulas for various nutrients can be difficult to convert especially when we are converting small quantities. It can be time-saving to use the grams to calories calculator for such conversions.

Gram to Calorie Conversion Table:

Convert the macro’s nutritional values by the this calculator precisely.

Gram Calories
1g 7.7162 kcal
2g 15.43 kcal
3g 7.7162 kcal
4g 23.15 kcal
5g 30.86 kcal
6g 38.58 kcal
7g 46.3 kcal
8g 54.01 kcal
9g 61.73 kcal
10g 69.45 kcal
11g 77.16 kcal
12g 84.88 kcal
13g 92.59 kcal
14g 100.31 kcal
15g 108.03 kcal
16g 115.74 kcal
17g 123.46 kcal
18g 131.18 kcal
19g 138.89 kcal
20g 146.61 kcal
21g 154.32 kcal
22g 162.04 kcal
23g 169.76 kcal
24g 177.47 kcal
25g 185.19 kcal
26g 192.9 kcal
27g 200.62 kcal
28g 208.34 kcal
29g 216.05 kcal
30g 223.77 kcal
31g 231.49 kcal
32g 239.2 kcal
33g 246.92 kcal
34g 254.63 kcal
35g 262.35 kcal
36g 270.07 kcal
37g 277.78 kcal
38g 285.5 kcal
39g 293.21 kcal
40g 300.93 kcal
41g 308.65 kcal

Nutrients in Food:

Living organisms do need the energy to survive, grow and reproduce. This energy is provided by the nutrients in our food. The calorie deficit can affect our ability to grow and reproduce.

The nutrients can be divided into two categories:

  • Macronutrients 
  • Micronutrients

According to the WHO(World Health Organization), a person does need a certain amount of nutrients to live a normal life. The Macros calories per gram proportionality is necessary to function all the processes normally.

The three most important macronutrients are 

  • Fats
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates


Fats are the macronutrients essential for our body and without them, we can’t absorb the vitamins. Fats are the most efficient macronutrient to provide us with energy.

We do need to understand every fat is not beneficial for health:

  • Unsaturated Fats are healthy fats and are liquid at room temperature. The sources of  Unsaturated Fats are (Canola, Sunflower, Nuts, Seeds, Pumpkin, and Hazelnuts)
  • Saturated fats are bad for health, we do need a small amount of Saturated fats, sources of saturated fats are (animal fats, cheese, butter, etc)
  •  Trans fats are the most harmful type of fats, they can be reheated multiple times and are produced by artificial processes. Trans fats are used in fast food restaurants and in snacks etc

The Formula for Fats:

The formula for the conversion of the fats grams into the calories is:

Calories = Grams × 9


Proteins are nutrients made up of amino acids, which are needed to make the body tissues and cells. Proteins are constantly required to grow properly, the proteins are the most necessary content in our food. The sources of proteins are plants and animals like (beef, mutton, dry fruits, etc). You can determine the appropriate quantity of protein by the protein to calories calculator.

The Formula for Protein:

The formula for the conversion of the Protein grams into calories is:

Calories = Grams × 4  


Carbohydrates are the type of macronutrient that is converted to glucose and sugar by our body. The excessive carb-calorie ratio can disturb our blood sugar levels, so we need to check their consumption. To control the carbs-calorie ratio, it is essential to use the carbs to calories calculator. This would help to modify our eating habits and macros’ proportionality in our diet.  

The Formula for Carbohydrates:

The formula for the conversion of the Carbohydrate Grams into calories is:

Calories = Grams × 4

How does the Grams to Calories Calculator Work?

For precise conversion of grams to calories follow the steps”


Enter the value of the Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates in the designated fields and then hit the calculate button.


  • Calories from carbs
  • Calories from protein
  • Calories from fat
  • Total Calories


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From the source of Protein,Fat