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Moles To Grams Calculator

Moles To Grams Calculator

Select the chemical from the list or simply enter the molar mass of your choice. The tool will immediately convert the moles to grams and calculate atoms present in it.

Select any chemical from the list or write down your own value of molar mass

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Moles To Grams Converter

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An online moles to grams calculator helps you to convert moles to grams and calculate the number of atoms present in these grams. Before you go for using this free moles to grams converter, you must give a read to the article below.

Let’s dive into it!

What Is A Mole?

“Mole is basically the SI unit that represents the quantity of the substance.”

For example:

If you have one mole of any substance, it means that there are exactly \(6.02 * 10^{23}\) atoms or molecules present in it.

Moles To Grams Formula:

You can carry out moles to grams conversion with the help of the following equation below:

$$ \text{Mass In Grams} = \text{No. Of Moles} * \text{Molar Mass} $$


$$ m = n * M $$

The same formula is used by the free online moles to grams calculator to generate accurate results.

How To Convert Moles To Grams?

Here we will be resolving a couple of examples to clarify the mol to grams conversion. Stay with it!

Example # 01:

You have 34.99 moles of silver(Ag). How many molecules are present in it? Moreover, convert moles to grams as well.


To calculate number of molecules, we have:

$$ \text{Number of Molecules} = \text{Number of Moles} * Avogadro’s Number $$

$$ \text{Number of Molecules} = 34.99 * 6.02 *10^{23} $$

$$ \text{Number of Molecules} = 2.1063 * 10^{24} $$

Now we have to perform moles to grams calculation:

$$ \text{Molar Mass} = 107.868 $$ (for calculations, tap Molar Mass Calculator)

By using moles to grams formula:

$$ m = n * M $$

$$ m = 38.99 * 107.868 $$

$$ m = 4205.77332 g $$

You can also verify the results by fetching the values in our free moles to grams calculator.

Example # 02:

If you are having 10.78 moles of ethane, then how would you convert them to grams?


Here we have:

$$ \text{Molar Mass} = 30.0691 $$ (for calculations, tap Molar Mass Calculator)

Using the moles to grams formula:

$$ m = n * M $$

$$ m = 10.78 * 30.069 $$

$$ m = 324.14382 g $$

How moles to grams calculator works?

This free moles to grams converter takes a couple of clicks to convert mol to g. Let’s find out how it actually works!


  • First, select the group of elements from the first drop down list (that can be either common compounds or the periodic elements)
  • After doing so, select either compound or element from the next list
  • The formula mass of the selected element or substance automatically appears in the designated field
  • Now make a selection regarding whether you want to convert moles to grams, determine mass, or find molar mass
  • After doing so, write down the value of the parameter available corresponding to your selection
  • Also, select the parameter’s unit from the next drop down list
  • Now tap the calculate button


The free mol to grams calculator performs the following calculations:

  • Moles to grams conversion
  • Molar mass of the selected element or substance
  • No. of moles
  • Number of molecules/atoms present in mass
  • Step by step calculations to avoid any inconvenience

Moreover, you can also use our best grams to moles calculator to determine the number of moles from the given mass of the element of the substance under examination.


How do you convert moles to molecules?

If you want to do moles to molecules conversion, you need to multiply the number of moles with the Avogadro’s number that is \(6.02 * 10^{23}\).

For example:

If we have 5 moles of calcium, then the number of molecules in it will be as follows:

$$ \text{Number of Molecules} = 5 * \(6.02 * 10^{23}\) $$

$$ \text{Number of Molecules} = 3.01 * 10^{23} $$

What is the numerical value of mole?

If you are having 1 mole of any particular substance, it means that you actually have \(6.02 * 10^{23}\) units of that specific substance. The number \(6.02 * 10^{23}\) is known as Avogadro’s number.

How many grams are there in 5 moles of copper?

There are exactly 317.73 grams in the given quantity of copper that could also be calculated by using a free online moles to grams calculator.

How do you convert grams to molecules?

You can convert the grams to molecules by following the steps below:

  • First of all, find the number of moles by using mass and molar mass.
  • After doing so, multiply the moles with the Avogadro’s number

You can also use our best moles grams calculator to determine the molecules or atoms present in grams.

Are ions considered as molecules?

When it comes to molecules, they are neutral particles that are made up of two or even more atoms. These atoms are strongly bonded together. Ions are the positively or negatively charged particles that could be determined by using a free mole to gram calculator.


According to Centimeter-Gram-Second (CGS) units, the weight of the substance must be determined in grams. This is because every chemical reaction takes into mass of the substance or element in grams. This is why using a free moles to grams calculator can help you a lot in converting given moles of the element to its corresponding mass. Students and professionals make a vast use of this free calculator to carry out successful chemical reactions.


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