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Grams To Atoms Calculator

The calculator will try to perform to and fro conversions among atoms and grams.


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You can access this free online grams to atoms calculator to make back and forth conversions among atoms and grams. Yes, estimating the actual mass of the atomic particle is no more a complicated task. This is due to the fast and precise calculations done with our best mass to atoms calculator. Let’s find how!

Conversion From Grams To Atoms:

Whether you are going to convert grams to atoms or vice versa, you must have a sound knowledge of the Avogadro’s Number. So let’s define this chemical term first:

Avogadro’s Number:

“It is the actual number of the atoms or particles or units present in one mole of the element” Avogadro's Number = 6.02 * 10^{23} atoms Here the mole is the quantity that predicts the particles in a certain mass of the compound and you can determine it by using the best mole calculator in a span of moments. Whenever you are given certain grams of an element and asked to determine the atoms present in it, then you must subject to the generic equation of such a conversion. This expression is also taken into consideration by this grams to particle calculator and is as follows:

Grams To Atoms Formula:

Number of Atoms = (Given Mass/Molar Mass) * Avogadro’s Number Look at the above equation. Here everything is clear except molar mass. So it’s important to understand it as well.

Molar Mass:

The overall mass of each and every atom present in an element is known as the molar mass. For instant calculations of this chemical term, you can also make use of another online molar mass calculator.

Conversion From Atoms To Grams:

If we rearrange the above expression, the resulting one is can be used to convert atoms to grams and is as below:

Atoms To Grams Formula:

Number of grams = (Molar Mass * Atoms)/Avogadro’s Number This free atoms to grams calculator also makes use of the same expression to calculate the most accurate grams that are present in a certain atomic particle.

How to Convert Grams To Atoms and Vice Versa?

Here we will resolve a couple of examples to make your concept and calculations layout more clearer. Let’s move on! Example # 01: How to find atoms from grams if you are having 78g of calcium? Solution: Using the generic expression to convert g to atoms: Number of Atoms = (Given Mass/Molar Mass) * Avogadro’s Number Number of Atoms = (78/40.078) * 6.02 * 10^{23} Number of Atoms = 1.9462 * 6.02 * 10^{23} Number of Atoms = 1.171 * 10^{+24} For further verification, you can let this grams to atoms calculator do that for you in seconds. Example # 02: If you are given 3.2 *10^{23} atoms of hydrogen, then perform atoms to grams conversion. Solution: No doubt you can compute the solution to this problem with this free atoms to grams calculator, but we will consider the manual calculations here: Here we have: Number of grams = (Molar Mass * Atoms)/Avogadro’s Number Number of grams = (1.00784 * 3.2 *10^{23})/6.02 * 10^{23} Number of grams = 1.941g

How Grams To Atoms Calculator Works?

Let’s go through the usage guide of this best atoms to mass calculator to perform these chemical conversions in a blink of an eye. Input:
  • From the top bar, select whether you want to convert atoms to grams or grams to atoms
  • After you make the selection, go for entering the required parameters in their designated fields
  • Once you are done with all the inputs, it's time to tap the calculate button
Output: The free particles to grams calculator does the following conversions:
  • Convert grams to atoms
  • Convert atoms to grams


How many grams is in an atom?

Being a very small particle, an atom can not be weighed normally. That is why chemical experts make use of Avogadro's Numbers To estimate the actual mass of an atomic particle. Rest you can also make use of this free grams to atoms calculator to instant estimate the mass of this invisible matter.

Is 1g 1 mole?

Yes, of course! As we know that there are equal gram atoms present in one mole of atom. So we can say 1 gram of an atomic particle is equal to the moles present in it. For further confirmation, you can use a free grams to moles calculator that is also available on our website.

How many atoms are in 2 moles?

Just suppose you are having 2 moles of any element, then you will exactly have \(2 * N_{A}\) number of atoms in it.

Are grams equal to atoms?

If we consider the pure substances, then the mass of 1 mole of it will be exactly equivalent to the relative atomic mass present in grams per mole.

What does 1 gram atom mean?

One gram atom means you have mass of one mole of the substance in terms of gram atoms.

How many atoms are there in 120g MG?

There are exactly 3. 011×10²⁴atoms in a given quantity of MG. You can also verify it by using this online grams to atoms calculator.

Why do we need to count atoms by weighing them?

If you calculate the mass of a single atom that you can also do by this grams to atoms calculator, you can get the overall mass of all the atoms contained within a molecule or substance.


In chemistry, carrying out various to and fro conversions makes the calculations very easy. This is why chemists and scholars remain in touch with most advanced methods to convert different chemical parameters from one into another. And when it comes to the most accurate and fast outputs, our grams to atoms calculator is the best way to do so.


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