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Grams to Moles Calculator

Grams to Moles Calculator

Select the chemical element from the list or enter molar mass of your choice. This calculator will let you convert the mass to moles.

Note:Choose one of the common chemicals or enter your own molar mass value

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Grams to moles converter

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An online grams to moles calculator is exclusively programmed to convert grams to moles, moles to grams, molar mass and number of the molecules present in the substance. Let us go through the organic content below to understand how to use this free calculator.

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What Is A Mole?

In the context of chemistry:

“Mole is the amount of the substance”

Basically, mole is the SI unit of the substance quantity.

For example:

1 mole of any compound or substance contains exactly \(6.02214076 * 10^{23}\) elementary entities that can either be atoms, molecules, electrons, or ions.

Grams To Moles Formula:

Use the formula below to convert grams to moles and vice versa:

$$ n = \frac{m}{M} $$


n = No.of moles
m = Mass in grams
M = Molar Mass

How To Convert Grams To Moles?

Although you can use free grams to moles calculator to enhance your calculation speed, it is also very important to understand the manual conversion criteria. Here we will be resolving a few examples to clear your idea in more depth.

Example # 01:

How to find moles from grams of about 5 litres of water?


As we know that:

$$ \text{5 Litres of Water} = \text{5000 ml of water} $$

Now we have:

$$ \text{Molar Mass of 1 Litre of water} = 18.015 $$

$$ \text{Molar Mass of 5 Litres of water} = 5 * 18.015 $$

Carrying out grams to moles conversion:

$$ n = \frac{m}{M} $$

$$ n = \frac{5000}{90.075} $$

$$ n = 55.503 moles $$

You can also verify the results by putting the values in free grams to molecules calculator.

Example # 02:

Consider you have 2.3 grams of NaCl. How to calculate moles from grams?


Converting grams to moles:

$$ n = \frac{m}{M} $$

$$ n = \frac{2.3}{58.443} $$

$$ n = 0.039 moles $$

Example # 03:

If you have 5 moles of Copper solution, how would you convert moles to grams?


Using grams to moles formula:

$$ n = \frac{m}{M} $$

Rearranging the above expression:

$$ n * M = m $$

$$ m = n * M $$

$$ m = 5 * 63.456 $$

$$ m = 317.28g $$

How Grams To Moles Calculator Works?

Stick with the following steps to convert grams to moles and vice versa while using this grams to moles converter.


  • First, do select a suitable group of the compounds from the first drop down list
  • Repeat the same procedure to select the suitable salt from the next list
  • The molar mass of the selected substance automatically appears in its designated field
  • Next, select whether you wish to determine moles, mass, or molar mass
  • After you do so, write the value of the element that is required to determine the select parameter
  • Also, select the unit of measurement as well from the last drop down list
  • Tap the calculate button


The free moles to grams calculator determines either:

  • Mass of the substance
  • No.of moles of the substance
  • Molar mass of the given substance
  • No. of molecules/atoms present in that given amount of the substance


What is 1 gram of mole?

1 gram of mole is the amount of the molecules used to represent the moles of the molecules that are present in one mole of the substance.

How do you find moles from molarity?

If you are given the molarity of any solution and asked to calculate the number of moles, simply multiply the molarity with the total volume of the solution in litres. This is how you can calculate the number of moles from the molarity. Also, you can make use of the free grams to moles calculator to calculate the number of moles instantly and precisely.

How many moles are there in 1kg?

In 1 kg-moles of any substance, there exists exactly 103. The reason is that one mole of the substance contains the amount of moles that are exactly in 12 grams of the carbon-12.

Are mole and gram atoms the same?

Basically, the gram atom represents the atomic mass of the element in the grams.

$$ \text{1 Gram Atomic Mass} = 1 Mole $$

How many moles are there in 5g of an element?

For instance, let us talke an example here. The number of moles in 1 gram of HCl is 36.461. If we have 5g of HCl, then we can say that it has 0.137 moles.


We convert the given mass of any compound or substance to its corresponding number of moles because it allows us to write the simplest chemical formula of the substance. Moreover, it also gives an idea about the elements that are involved in a particular chemical reaction. That is why students and professionals make a vast use of this free grams to moles calculator for accurate outputs so as to avoid any hurdle during the reaction.


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