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Atoms to Moles Calculator

The calculator will try to convert to and fro conversions among atoms and moles.


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The online atoms to moles calculator finds the number of atoms to moles and moles to atoms of a substance. This conversion is important to find the molar concentration of the substances. For example, when dealing with a substance, we need to find the exact number of moles to put the substance in a chemical reaction. We need to add a fixed molar concentration of a substance in a chemical reaction to produce the desired products.


“ A mole corresponds to the mass of a substance that contains 6.023 x 1023 particles of the substance”. One of the most important concepts to convert atoms to moles is to understand the term “mole”. We need to understand what a mole is, the SI unit of quantity is a mole and is abbreviated by the term “mole”.

The substance can be atoms, molecules or ions of a substance.


Where 6.022140857 x 10^23 is the Avogadro's Number indicating the number of atoms, ions or molecules in a mole of any substance.

  • The 1 mole of carbon-12 has a mass equal to 12 grams and contains 6.022140857 x 10^23 of carbon atoms. 
  • The 1 mole of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) ion contains 58.44 grams  and 6.022140857 x 10^23 of NaCl ions. 
  • The 1 mole of  H2O has a mass equal to 18 grams and contains 6.022140857 x 10^23 of molecules of the water.

The free online mole calculator  is an efficient way to find the number of moles in a substance.

Avogadro’s Number:

“The Avogadro number is actually the number of particles in a sample of a substance”

The concept of moles to atoms conversion is totally dependent upon Avogadro's number. The 1 mole of substance is equal to 6.022140857 x 10^23 units of substance( such as atoms, molecules, or ions). The constant number  6.022140857 x 10^23 is Avogadro’s number or Avogadro's constant.

The 6.022140857 x 10^23 is overwhelmingly large but we can use the Avogadro's number quite easily when converting atoms to moles or moles to atoms conversion. We can also need the avogadro's number from gram to mole conversion, it can be convenient to use the  gram to mole calculator.

How to Convert Atoms to Moles?

The atoms to mole are totally based on the Avogadro’s number which is a numerical constant. 


6.0221415E+23 atoms = 1 Mole

atoms= 1 Mole/6.0221415E+23

The general atoms to moles formula is :

Number of atoms= Mole/Avogadro’s Number


6.0221415E+23=  6.022140857 x 10^23 

How to Convert Moles to Atoms?

The value of the moles is equal to the number of atoms of 12 g C-12 Carbon atoms= 6.022140857 x 10^23 atoms. We take  C-12 as a standard of measuring Avogadro's Number.

The moles to atoms formula:  

1 Mole= 6.0221415E+23 atoms

The moles to atoms conversion and atoms to moles conversion are interchangeable to each other. We can find them by the help of the atoms to moles calculator readily in the simplest of steps. 

For our convenience we are drawing the moles to atoms conversion table to clear the concept. The table can also be used to find the atoms to moles conversion:

Mole to Atom Table:

Number of  Moles  Number of  Atoms
1 6.0221415E+23 
2 1.2044283E+24
3 1.80664245E+24 
4 2.4088566E+24 
5 3.01107075E+24
6 3.6132849E+24 
7 4.21549905E+24
8 4.8177132E+24
9 5.41992735E+24
10 6.0221415E+24

You can check moles to atoms conversion by the moles to atoms calculator. The moles to atoms converter is one of the free online calculators to find the number of atoms in the mole of a substance. 


How many moles are present in the 4.72 × 10^24 atoms of carbon?


Number of atoms of Carbon= 4.72 × 10^24 atoms

1 mole =6.022140857 x 10^23 atoms

Moles of Carbon= 4.72 × 10^24 (1mole/6.022140857 x 10^23 )= 7.84 moles of Carbon.

We can check the atoms to moles conversion by the particles to moles calculator.

Working of the Calculator:

The free online atoms to moles calculator is used to find the relative value of the moles and vice versa .  Let’s look at its operations:


  • Select the desired conversions
  • Enter the values of moles or atoms
  • Hit the calculate button.


We can find our required molar concentration of the chemical by the help of the moles to atoms converter. 

  • The number of moles or the number of atoms are displayed


What is the mole of sodium Na?

1 mole of Sodium is approximately equal to 23 grams.

What is the 1 mole of NaCl molecule?

1 mol of NaCl (6.02 x10^23 ) is 58.44 g. Where 23 grams of Sodium of and 35.44 grams of Chlorine are there. Convert moles to atoms by the help of moles to atoms calculator of various substances.

How many atoms are there in 52 moles of Argon?

52 moles contain the Argon 3.13196×1025 atoms .

How many moles of carbon are present in the 3.011 X10^24 Carbon atoms?

The number of moles of the   present in the 3.011 X10^24 0.5 moles. We can find these calculations by the atoms to moles calculator.

How many atoms are in one mole of CO2?

One mole of CO2 contains one mole of Carbon and 2 moles of Oxygen, it means CO2 contains  6.023 x 1023 atoms of C and 12.04 x 1023 atoms of oxygen. The number of molecules in the CO2 contains 6.023 x 10^23 molecules. The atoms to moles calculator simply finds the number of atoms in 1 mole of CO2.

How many atoms are there in 1 mole of water?

1 mole of water contains 6.02 x10^23 molecules of water . There are 2 atoms of Hydrogen,and 1 atom of Oxygen. It means three are 3 atoms in water and around 1.8 x 10^24 atoms in a mole of water


The atoms to moles conversion is one of the most important conversions,to find the  number of moles of a given substance. The moles to atoms conversion and atoms to moles conversion are inter-reversible and you can easily able to find the number of atoms or the number of moles when using the moles to atoms calculator.


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