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Taco Bar Calculator

Taco Bar Calculator

Enter the number of guests and meat type to calculate the number of tacos with this calculator. Also, the tool will also let you know the sufficient quantity of the ingredients required.


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If you are thinking how much taco meat per person is required for an event, you have just jumped over the right page! Our taco bar calculator will let you know the estimated amount of expanded taco bar ingredients that you may need to prepare targeted taco bars.

How Many Tacos Per Person?

It depends upon hunger! But for most demanding bellies, a maximum of 2 tacos along with one soft bread would be adequate.

  • You must prepare at least 2-3 tacos for adults (more than 10 years of age)
  • For children under 10, 1 to 1.5 tacos are sufficient

Moreover, you could also utilise our walking taco calculator to overtop the taco with extra ingredients for person to person. Keep remembering that every grocery item has its own calorie range that may be in need by our body. That is why it is necessary to use a combination of normal quantity with some spice.

Also, we better recommend you to take a walk over the party ground just after you eat tacos.

How Many Pounds of Taco Meat Per Person?

The following table lets you know how many taco bar for 200 people are needed:

Meat Quantity
Chicken 62.5lb
Hamburger Meat 62.5lb
Ground Beef 81.25 lb
Shrimps 81.25 lb

Still a better estimation is only obtained by using our best walking taco bar calculator.

Along with meat, there are also other ingredients whose balance is required to enjoy a healthy taco. That is why we have studied various recipes and found the following quantities of each ingredient is necessary to make a single taco.

Ingredients Meat Type
Ground Beef(g) Chicken(g) Hamburger(g) Shrimp(g) Pork (Carnitas)(g)
Main Ingredients
Meat Mass 184.27 155.92 141.75 184.27 198.45
Cheddar Cheese 35.44 35.44 35.44 35.44 35.44
Monterey Cheese 21.262 21.262 21.262 21.262 21.262
Pick Your Dips
Sour Cream 56.7 56.7 56.7 56.7 56.7
Guacamole 51.03 51.03 51.03 51.03 51.03
Taco Sauce 65.2 65.2 65.2 65.2 65.2
Pico De Gallo 45.36 45.36 45.36 45.36 45.36
Pick Your Vegetables
Lettuce 36.854 36.854 36.854 36.854 36.854
Onions 25.515 25.515 25.515 25.515 25.515
Beans 31.184 31.184 31.184 31.184 31.184
Refried Beans 62.37 62.37 62.37 62.37 62.37
Tomatoes 51.03 51.03 51.03 51.03 51.03
Olives 22.68 22.68 22.68 22.68 22.68
Bell Peppers 56.7 56.7 56.7 56.7 56.7
Choose Your Side
Taco Shells 2 2 2 2 2
Tortillas 1 1 1 1 1
Rice 70.87 70.87 70.87 70.87 70.87

Tips For Making Tacos for Crowd or Party:

While planning to prepare taco bars for your crowd, following tips will help you a lot in delivering tasty tacos to each and every person there in the party:

  • In case there are a lot of guests to serve, it would be a better choice to use a thin and long table. It will make all people to easily pick up the ingredients
  • Keep in mind that there is sufficient space in between all ingredients
  • Never ever fill the bowls 100%
  • It is a preferred choice to make sections of elements
  • Do not forget to place napkins and disposable plates at smaller distances on the table
  • People enjoy eating a taco and taking a cold drink sip meanwhile. So do not forget to place them near each other
  • Look for the ones who are vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well
  • Keep using our taco calculator to calculate the food quantity required to serve delicious tacos

How Does a Taco Bar Calculator Work?

The following input points will let you know how to operate this calculator!


  • Enter the number of people
  • Now select the meat type you like to add in tacos
  • Hit the calculate button


  • Sufficient quantity of meat, dips, vegetables, and sides required to make desired number of taco bars


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