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Turkey Size Calculator

Turkey Size Calculator


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The turkey size calculator will estimate how many pounds of turkey you need to serve your guests and prepare the right amount of turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner. You can find the cooking and thawing time of stuffed or unstuffed turkey with the turkey per person calculator.

Why to Find the Turkey Size?

When inviting friends or family members, you may encounter questions like the quantity of turkey per person and the cooking and thawing time you may need to serve your companions.

These questions are much easier to answer if you carefully find the number of adults and children at your party. A simple estimation should be used to find the turkey dimensions by weight per person. You can also estimate calories consumed by you and other guests in the Turkey treat. 

Turkey Size Without Left Over:

Per adult Turkey = 1 Pound or 0.45 Kg

Per child Turkey = 0.5 Pound or 0.23 Kg

For precision use, the turkey pounds per person calculator calculates for each person and child making your Thanksgiving dinners a perfect treat. 

Turkey Size With Leftover:

Per adult Turkey with leftover = 1.5 Pound or 0.68 Kg

Per children Turkey with leftover = 0.75 Pounds or 0.36 Kg

It is quite convenient to use the turkey calculator per person to find the turkey weight and the macros for each adult and child for dinner.


If I am arranging a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 adults and 5 children, then how big of a turkey do I need for 15 persons altogether?


Per adult Turkey = 1 Pound or 0.45 Kg

For 10 adults the Turkey = 10 Pounds or 4.5 Kg   

Per child Turkey = 0.5 Pound or 0.23 Kg

For 5 children the Turkey = 2.5 Pounds or 1.125 Kg  

Turkey for 15 people altogether = 12.5 Pounds or 5.625 Kg

For example, if you are curious to find 24 lb turkey feeds how many adults and children then use the online turkey size calculator.

Working of Turkey Size Calculator:

Enter the following values in the turkey size per person calculator and get to know the quantity of turkey you need. 


  • Enter the number of adults and children
  • Choose any leftover quantity
  • Hit the calculator Button


  • Turkey weight in pounds and kilos
  • Cooking time for a stuffed and unstuffed turkey
  • Thawing time


How Many Pound Turkey For 10 People Without Leftovers?

You need to prepare 1 pound of turkey if no leftover is expected otherwise prepare 1.5 pounds per person. The 10 pounds of turkey have estimated for 10 people, but with the leftovers, it is around 15 pounds for 10 people.

How Big of a Turkey for 15 Guests?

If all the guests are adults, you must prepare around 15 to 22.5 lbs of turkey. You can estimate the quantity of turkey with our online pounds of turkey per person calculator in a matter of moments.

Turkey Size Chart Kg and Pounds:

The Turkey size Chart represents the amount of turkey or without any left over. If you are wondering how to determine turkey size for your guest then watch out for the table below:

People Turkey Size in Kg Turkey Size in Lb
Size turkey for 4 1.8-2.7Kg 4-6 lbs
Turkey size for 6 2.7-4.05Kg 6-9 lbs
Size turkey for 8 3.6-5.4Kg 8-12 lbs
How big a turkey for 10 4.5-6.75Kg 10-15 lbs
Size turkey for 12 5.4-8.1Kg 12-18 lbs
Size turkey for 14 6.3-9.45Kg 14-21 lbs
Size turkey for 16 7.2-10.28Kg 16-24 lbs
Size turkey for 18 8.1-12.15Kg 18-27 lbs
Size turkey for 20 9-13.5Kg 20-30 lbs
Size turkey for 22 9.9-14.85Kg 22-33 lbs
Size turkey for 24 10.8-16.65Kg 24-37 lbs
Size turkey for 26 11.7-18Kg 26-40 lbs
Size turkey for 28 12.6-19.35Kg 28-43 lbs
Size turkey for 30 13.5-20.7Kg 30-46 lbs

All the estimations are precise and are checked by the online turkey size calculator.


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