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ACFT Calculator

ACFT Calculator

The calculator will calculate your marks for army combat fitness tests depending upon the aerobics you perform.

Unit Type

During the test I perform a



Standing Power Throw


Hand-release push-up

per 2 minutes

Sprint,drag and carry








Two-mile run




Leg Tuck


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The ACFT calculator is an Army Combat Fitness Test calculator and it has standard passing marks for each type of aerobics. You can use the ACFT scoring chart to find out if you are ready for the dream unit in the army.

To properly understand the working of the army ACFT standards, we first need to understand what is ACFT. This makes us understand why Army around the world uses this as a standard test for the selection and recruitment of cadets

What is Army ACFT?

The average ACFT score is a comprehensive Army fitness test to know the physical fitness of the candidates applying for the recruitment in the army.

The ACFT has replaced the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test), and it has the same standards for Men and Women. The main reason for putting the ACFT score in place of  APFT is to improve the overall standards of the training of the combat soldiers. 

The Main Reason for a Change in Fitness Tests:

There are certain reasons for the change in the army fitness tests, ACFT replaced the APFT by October 2020 and it raised the overall standard of the US army. 

  • The current test has most of the aerobic and muscular endurance procedures, but it doesn’t align with the actual combat fitness standards. 
  • The ACFT scoring chart measures additional factors, including muscular strength, agility, speed, balance flexibility, and also coordination. 
  • The old APFT has around 40% predictive probability ratios for combat performance. The ACFT has an 80 % alignment with the combat predictive probability ratios

The ACFT standards and measurements make sure your troops remain in the combat readiness position. The ACFT calculator unveils the aerobic, strength of a soldier and the perfect estimation of his physical strength.

The Categories of the ACFT Standards:

The ACFT score calculator fixed out your result based on the separate result for the following categories:

These categories are as follows:

  1. Deadlift (MDL):  It is the weight of how much a soldier can lift, the whole calculation is done in pounds to make the measurement more accurate. You can convert it to Kg for your convenience.
  2. Standing power throws (SPT): It is a standing power throw of a soldier. It is actually measured in meters.
  3. Hand release, push up (HRP): In the hand, release, push up, you need to do the push in a matter of two minutes.
  4. Sprint, drag, and carry(PLK): Your sprint time should be 5×50 meters run in the allotted time.
  5. Leg tuck or Plank(LTK): It is the lifting of your legs in the hanging positioning.
  6. Two miles run(2MR): It is a two-mile run and your running time is calculated and measured against the standards.

We insert values of the above-mentioned terms in the ACFT  calculator to determine the physical strength of a soldier.

What are Army ACFT Standards?

The categories of ACFT standards are split into various score categories according to the desired level of the combat soldiers.

Heavy Physical Demanding Units:

The average ACFT score is 70  in each category for the soldiers in heavy physical demand and it is especially for Commando and SSG units. We have used ACFT scoring standards by MOS and ACFT scoring chart by MOS as follows.

18C Special Forces Engineer Sergeant HEAVY
18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant HEAVY
18E Special Forces Communications Sergeant HEAVY
18F Special Forces Assistant Operations & Intelligence Sergeant HEAVY
18X Special Forces Recruit HEAVY
19D Cavalry Scout HEAVY
19K M1 Armor Crewman HEAVY


Significant Physical Demanding Units:

The Significant physically demanding units average ACFT score 65 points for soldiers and these are regular units of the army. The ACFT scoring chart for Significant physical demanding units is shown below:


92F Petroleum Supply Specialist SIGNIFICANT
92G Culinary Specialist SIGNIFICANT
92R Parachute Rigger SIGNIFICANT
92S Shower & Laundry Specialist (S&L SPC) SIGNIFICANT
92W Water Treatment Specialist SIGNIFICANT


Moderate Physical Demanding Units: 

The Moderate physically demanding units do require 60 points for soldiers and these are the technical staff like doctors and engineers etc. The ACFT scoring chart for Moderate physically demanding units. 


09B Trainee Unassigned MODERATE
09C Trainee Language MODERATE
09D College Trainee MODERATE
09E Trainee Language, Fort Allen PR MODERATE
09J GED Completion Program MODERATE
09L Interpreter/Translator MODERATE
09M March 2 Success MODERATE
09N Nurse Corps Candidate MODERATE
09Q Army Legal Immigrant Healthcare Professional Officer Candidate MODERATE
09R Simultaneous Member Program MODERATE

These values are for the Heavy, Moderate, and the Significant level in the program in the ACFT calculator. It is better to insert the various variables of the ACFT test scores and get the appropriate result by the comparison in the ACFT  scoring chart.

Working of ACFT Calculator:

The working and processing of the  ACFT scoring calculator are as follows:


  • Select the category from the drop-down menu
  • Insert the values of various categories of the ACFT.
  • Press the Calculate button  


The ACFT standards by MOS calculator actually compare standards with your scores and produce the result in the output fields.

  • The average passing score displayed 
  • Detailed result is shown in the tables 


What is a better ACFT score?

The score was around 70 % for units of heavy physical demand, 65 % for significant, and 60% for moderate levels of units.

What is the best diet for ACFT? 

 Eat a sufficient number of calories, and complex carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats and stay hydrated during exercise runtime.

How is APFT calculated for army personnel?

The APFT is calculated by assigning a number of points to do sit-ups, push-ups, and the time in which you do a 2-mile run. The APFT calculator army is an easy way to estimate your APFT score.

Can we use the ACFT calculator army to judge our fitness?

It actually judges Physical Fitness Test scores, and grades on the army standards and you can use it to know your fitness level too. 


This ACFT calculator allows you to evaluate your level of capability according to the U.S. Army  ACFT standards. The result is shown by the comparison between the ACFT scoring standards by MOS and then the result is displayed. We can use the average ACFT score for finding our own physical fitness.


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