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Doubling Time Calculator

Enter the required parameter and the calculator will readily determine the doubling in time and growth rate percent, with the steps shown.

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An online doubling time calculator provides you with the facility of estimating your doubling in time and growth rate of a value. Another term that could be used to define the purpose of this calculator is the rule of 72. So if you want to calculate your growth and time enlargement to double of its value, then scroll down for a proper understanding of the concept and use of a doubling calculator. Keep reading!

What Is Doubling Time?

According to the finance theory: “A particular amount of time that is required to double a value, number, or any quantity is known as the doubling time” Example: If Jack earns an annual profit of 11%, then he would be able to double this profit in next 6.6 years (79 months) only if growth rate remains constant. You could verify this statement with the free and instant assistance of a doubling time calculator.

Doubling Time Formula:

Keeping in view the constant increase in the growth, you can solve for this quantity by subjecting to the following equation:

$$ \text{T_{d}} = \frac{log\left(2\right)}{log\left(1 + Increase\right)} $$

Where: $$ Increase = growth in value in terms of percent increase $$ Taking logarithms may seem complicated to most of the users. That is why we have programmed this doubling time calculator to resolve such problems in a short time.

Key Assumptions:

  • Now if you recall the phenomenon of exponential decay, it leads to the process of Half-Life (a particular time period after which half of the original quantity of any material remains actually).
  • Similarly, we can assume that the phenomenon of doubling time is reciprocal to that of the decay of a value.

The Rule of 72:

This rule assists you to predict the time that is required to double the value of any quantity or population. You can use this rule for immediate estimation of your productivity enhancement over a specified time rather than using a doubling time equation. But keep in mind that this rule does not yield precise results.

Rule 72 Formula:

$$ \text{Rule of 72} = \frac{72}{r} $$

Due to inaccuracy in the results obtained by this rule, our free doubling rate calculator does examination by using the doubling time formula. This helps you to determine the exact percentage yield of the population or data in terms of its increment.

How To Find Doubling Time?

Here we will be solving some examples to clarify the accuracy of the doubling time formula. Stay with it! Example # 01: Suppose Henry starts a business and he earns a per annum profit of almost 41%. How to find doubling time? Solution: As we know that the doubling equation is as follows:

$$ \text{T_{d}} = \frac{log\left(2\right)}{log\left(1 + Increase\right)} $$ $$ \text{T_{d}} = \frac{log\left(2\right)}{log\left(1 + \frac{41}{100}\right)} $$ $$ \text{T_{d}} = \frac{log\left(2\right)}{log\left(1 + 0.41\right)} $$ $$ \text{T_{d}} = \frac{log\left(2\right)}{log\left(1.41\right)} $$ $$ \text{T_{d}} = \frac{0.3010}{0.1492} $$ $$ \text{T_{d}} = 2.020 $$

Hence, it will almost take a little more than a couple of years for Henry to double his profits. Example # 02: The population of Nigeria grows at a constant rate of 12.1% on an annual basis in the year 2021. How to calculate doubling time of a population? Solution: As we know that:

$$ \text{T_{d}} = \frac{log\left(2\right)}{log\left(1 + Increase\right)} $$ $$ \text{T_{d}} = \frac{log\left(2\right)}{log\left(1 + \frac{12.1}{100}\right)} $$ $$ \text{T_{d}} = \frac{log\left(2\right)}{log\left(1 + 0.121\right)} $$ $$ \text{T_{d}} = \frac{log\left(2\right)}{log\left(1.121\right)} $$ $$ \text{T_{d}} = \frac{0.3010}{0.0496} $$ $$ \text{T_{d}} = 6.06 $$

So it will take nearly six and half years to double the population growth of Nigeria.

How Doubling Time Calculator Works?

Our calculator takes a couple of clicks to estimate the length of time that is required to double an investment or (anything). Let’s find how! Input:
  • Select either you want to calculate doubling time or growth rate from the drop down list
  • After you make a selection, write down the required input parameter value
  • Tap the calculate button
Output: Against the input you selected, the double calculator swiftly displays either:
  • Growth rate
Doubling time


What is the doubling time of the global human population?

The average growth rate of the world is approximately 1.14%. From this, you can easily determine the constant enhancing period by using free double time calculator that is approximately 61 years.

Is the working criteria of rule of 70 accurate?

Not at all! The rule 70 gives us a rough idea just like rule of 72 which is indeed a reliable option whenever you want to estimate the doubling growth rate in terms of years.

What is meant by tripling time?

Basically, tripling means multiplication with the numeric digit 3. So it is considered as the measure of the tripling duration that is taken to triple the quantity or any number within a specified amount of time. The doubling time tells us about the average doubling rate of any quantity within a specified duration. As it is respect to time measurement, it is considered as the exponential growth of the quantity.


Doubling time plays a very significant role in determining the enlargement in your assets, productivity, finances, percent outcomes and other aspects. But considering that is not enough at all! The interesting fact to notice here is that you can predict your future business growth by using this particular phenomenon. So as a successful entrepreneur, you can make a use of free population doubling time calculator to better keep an eye on your sphere’s performance.


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