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Reading Time Calculator

Reading Time Calculator

Choose the reading speed and enter the book length in the tool and the calculator will calculate your reading speed.

How much time will it take to read?

Reading Speed:

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Book's Length:

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How many days will it take?

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The Reading Time Calculator is a free online tool for readers who want to plan and manage their reading time at a particular time.

The Reading Time:

The reading time is the reading speed or the word to time speed of a person per minute. The reading time describes a person’s ability to know the WPM of a person or an employee. If you need to check the words to time speed of an employee, then the online free reading time calculator can be a good source to make your recruitment more reliable. The average WPM speed of a person should be around 265 WPM. 

Why Check the Word to Time Speed?

The WPM reading speed of an employee is essential to know a person’s capability. The reading speed is a key parameter in the selection of a person doing a job in Research or Blog posting. It has become crucial to check how long it takes to read a paragraph. With the advent of digital media, reading time or the word to time speed has become a key metric to check the capability of a person.

There can be various reasons for using the reading time calculator:

  • For preparing a speech, and the reading time WPM to know the length of the speech
  • For preparing the presentation reading time is essential to measure
  • To know the average WPM speed of candidates applying to your company 

Practical Example:

Let’s suppose a person has an average reading time speed of 0.5 minutes per page, the person needs to read 20 pages of a book. Then find how much time is required to read the whole book.


The reading time speed = 0.5 pages per minute 

The number of pages of the book = 20 pages


Time to read speed = (Total number of pages)/(Reading speed per minute)

 Reading speed of the person = (20) /(0.5) 

Reading speed of the person = 40 minutes 

Working of the Reading Time Calculator:

For calculating the estimated reading time with the words to time calculator, follow the steps below:


  • Choose the reading speed 
  • Enter the book-length and choose the reading time unit
  • Tap Calculate


  • Reading time


How Long to Read 1000 Words?

Suppose the estimated reading time of an individual is 238 words per minute. Then it would take approximately 4 minutes and 12 seconds to read 1000 words.

How Long Does it Take to Read The Great Gatsby?

You need around 6 hours to finish The Great Gatsby if you read at an average reading speed of half a page per minute. The reading time calculator assists in knowing the reading time of reading the whole Great Gatsby. So, if you read for only an hour a day, you can finish The Great Gatsby in 6 days.

How Much Should I Read a Day to Read 52 Books Per Year?

You should read for about 1.5 hours per day. But that’s assuming you’re an average speed reader, and the books you’re reading are 300 pages on average. You can lessen that number by reading to read faster.

How Long will it Take to Read This Script of 2000?

The reading time for a 2000-word script is 10 minutes if the average speed of the person is  200 words per minute. The word to time speed can be slow, average, and quick, you can access the reading speed of a person by the read time calculator.

How Long Does it Take to Read 1000 Words out Loud?

Reading loudly usually takes more time, considering if a person has an average speed of 200 words per minute. Then it should take 5 minutes to read 1000 words aloud.

Average Word to Time Table:

The average words to time reading speed table is given below:

100 Words 25 seconds
250 Words 1 minute 3 seconds
500 Words 2 minutes 6 seconds
750 Words 3 minutes 9 seconds
1000 Words 4 minutes 12 seconds
1500 Words 6 minutes 18 seconds
2000 Words 8 minutes 24 seconds
3000 Words 12 minutes 36 seconds
5000 Words 21 minutes 1 second
10000 Words 42 minutes 1 second


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