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Overtime Calculator

Overtime Calculator

This Free overtime calculator allows you to estimate the extra income you will generate by working some extra hours.

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An online overtime calculator will help you to figure out how much you will earn when you work for some extra hours. You can calculate the total payment with the overtime pay calculator that you will receive at the end of this particular month. Read on to get useful information about overtime pay and its rules according to labour law.

What is Overtime?

Overtime is an employee’s working hours beyond normal working hours. Although the general definition of overtime only refers to working hours outside the standard working hours, it usually refers to the remuneration paid by employees for the work. Salary varies from company to company and depends on overtime details, such as the number of hours worked and multiplier. Standard overtime pay includes one and a half and double time. Remember that the value of the multiplier varies across the companies, so put the correct multiplier into the overtime pay calculator.

Formulas for Overtime Pay:

There are several formulas available for computing the overtime payment.
If you need to calculate the hourly overtime pay, then you need to multiple hourly regular pays with a multiplier as:

HOP = m * HRP

HOP = Hourly overtime payment
m = multiplier (usually 1.5)
HRP = Hourly regular payment
You should have an exact figure of your hourly overtime to find total overtime precisely:

OP = n * HOP
OP = Overtime pay
n = number of overtime hours per month

Now, If you want to calculate the total salary of the month, then you need to add overtime pay to your regular salary:

TP = RP + OP


TP = Total pay
RP = regular pay

Apart from using the formula, an online overtime calculator is the best way to determine your pay corresponding to the extra (overtime) hours.

However, an online Salary Calculator is a tool that allows to converts salary amounts to their corresponding values that depend on different payment frequencies.

Overtime Rules and Regulations:

Their productivity determines the regular working hours for specific shifts/workday and general economic factors. Studies show that human organisms and the body are limited in nature and cannot maintain the same level of performance after eight or ten working hours. Depending on the type of work, regular working hours may be determined by best professional practice (based on experience), mutual agreement, or legislation. Usually, the working day is 8 hours and the weekly working time is 40 hours.
In many countries, labour laws expressly prohibit forcing workers to work long hours. In addition, they usually set standards for overtime pay.

How to Calculate Overtime?

In order to compute the overtime and total pay of the recent week, you can use an online ot calculator. When you preferred manual overtime calculations, then the given formula is taken into account:
In a particular pay period, overtime payment is the price of overtime paid to every employee.
Overtime is calculated as: Overtime Hours worked * 1.5 * Hourly pay rate))
Example 1:

Determine the total pay for an employee who worked 42 hours in a workweek.


40 hours * Regular pay rate = Regular pay, plus
2 hours * 1.5 * Regular pay rate = Overtime, equal
Weekly Total Pay

Example 2:

Find the total pay for an employee who works for 50 hours in a workweek. Where the hourly pay rate is 15 USD.


Total hours in a week = 50
Hourly pay rate = $ 15
Total payment for 40 hours at 15$ an hour.

15 * 1.5 * 10 = $225

So, add $225 dolar for additional 10 hours.

Therefore, the total weekly pay would be 825 USD. Also, you could add the same values into our best overtime calculator and get all the extra pay-related calculations in instant.

Example 3:

If an employee is paid $20/hour and worked 40 hours of straight time and 18 hours of overtime, then how much is overtime pay?


First, apply the formula:

(Straight Time * Regular Rate) + (Overtime Hours * (Regular Rate * 1.5))
(40 hours * $20/hour) + (18 hours * ($20/hour * 1.5))
$400 + (18 hours * $30/hour)
$400 + $540

However, an online federal Income Tax Calculator will allow you to estimates the refund or potential owed amount based on federal tax return.

Are Employees Paid for Overtime Work?

Some workers get overtime pay; some do not. To be exempt from overtime pay, the employee’s annual income must exceed $47,476. They should be treated as a salaried employee and paid in regular installments. Tax-exempt employees also need to engage in all office work consisting of professional or administrative activities.

Legally, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, employees working more than 40 standard hours per week are considered overtime and must be paid for it.

What does Time and a Half Mean?

Time and a half” refers to an increase in the wage rate that is usually used for overtime or more than 40 hours per week. The overtime pay policy varies from company to company and is generally one and a half times.

How does Overtime Calculator Works?

Our calculator will compute the time and a half, double, and tripe overtime pay rates using the following steps:


  • Firstly, put your regular pay and work time as per hour, day, or week.
  • Now, substitute overtime pay multiplier and overtime hours.
  • Click the “Calculate” button.


The ot calculator display:

  • Overtime Pay
  • Total Overtime Pay
  • Total Regular Pay
  • Total (Overtime Pay + Regular Pay)


What type of jobs are excluded from the overtime pay?

  • Fishermen
  • Local Delivery Driver
  • Newspaper Delivery
  • Rail Road Employees
  • Taxicab Driver
  • Vegetable and Fruit Transportation Employees
  • Babysitter on a casual basis

Is overtime after 40 hours or 8 hours?

According to federal law, overtime is calculated after 40 hours of a week or 8 hours of a day. If you exceed 8 hours a day, then overtime will be activated because your work time exceeds 40 hours at most.


An online overtime calculator will assist you in counting gross pay and overtime compensation for any selected period, based on the number of hours worked and employees’ hourly rates.


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