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Time and a Half Calculator

Time and a Half Calculator

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The time and a half calculator helps to find the overtime pay on the basis of a standard hourly rate.

What Is Time and a Half Pay?

“Time and half refer to an increased pay rate typically reserved for the overtime or for the extra working hours”

Time and half pay are offered to the employees for the overtime work done. Employees working more than 40 hours a week are considered overtime. For estimating the overtime rate of employees, companies usually offer time and half rate of the standard working hours. 

How to Calculate Time and a Half?

You calculate time and a half rate by multiplying the standard rate by 1.5 per hour.

Time and half pay = hourly wage × (1.5) × overtime hours worked

Sometimes employers also offer double pay for extra hours, especially during the holiday. The double pay rate actually doubles the standard rate of the employees. It is easy to calculate the double time salary by multiplying the regular standard rate with “2”. It is handy to use a double time and a half calculator for calculating the double time of your salary rate.


Calculate time and a half salary rate of an employee if the regular salary per week of the employee is $400 per week.


The weekly salary per week = $400 

The regular hourly rate = $400/40

The regular hourly rate = $10 Per Hour

The time and a half salary rate = $10(1.5) = $15

You can figure out the hourly time and a half salary rate with the time and a half calculator.

When Does Apply Time And a Half?

  • If the employee exceeds 40 hours in the workweek, then time and a half apply.
  • Some state laws require workers who work more than 8 hours to take time and a half.
  • Holiday work is not counted as overtime work, including holidays such as Labor Day, Memorial Day, Easter, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and Christmas.
  • Regarding religious holidays, company policies must be published consistently without discrimination.
  • Providing holidays helps to establish friendly relations between employees and promotes a better balance between work and life.

How to Use the Time and a Half Calculator?

You can calculate time and a half pay by the time and half calculator by the procedure mentioned below: 


  • Enter the regular working hours
  • Specify the standard weekly hours 
  • Overtime hours and pay period 
  • Hit the calculate button 


  • Time and half pay 
  • Standard pay 
  • Total pay per month


What Is $15.75 Time and a Half?

It means the standard working rate is $15.75 and the time and half rate is $23.63. You can calculate the time and half relative to your standard rate with the time in a half calculator.

When Does Time and a Half Apply?

The time and a half pay apply when an employee exceeds 40 hours during a week or works more than 40 hours. The time and half rate depend upon the standard hourly rate of an employee.

Standard pay Time and a half Double time
$25 per hour $37.50 $50
$24 per hour $36 $48
$23 per hour $34.50 $46
$22 per hour $33 $44
$21 per hour $31 $42
$20 per hour $31 $42
$19 per hour $28.50 $38
$18 per hour $27 $36
$17 per hour $25.50 $34
$16 per hour $24 $32
$15 per hour $22.50 $30
$14 per hour $21 $28
$13 per hour $19.50 $26
$12 per hour $18 $24
$11 per hour $16.50 $22
$10 per hour $15 $20


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