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income elasticity of demand Calculator

Income Elasticity of Demand Calculator

The online income elasticity of demand calculator assists in determining the demand delicacy with reference to the difference in the incomes of the buyers.

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New Price:

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Use this online income elasticity of demand calculator that helps you to determine the sensitivity demand to the difference in buyer’s incomes. So, keep reading to understand how to find the income elasticity of demand using the income elasticity formula.

Income Elasticity of Demand (Overview):

In economics, income elasticity of demand is calculated as the ratio of percentage change in the quantity of the product demanded to the percentage change in income level of a person.

So, the high-income elasticity of demand in different terms for a specific good, the higher consumers’ response in their buying practices. Businesses usually assess the income elasticity of demand for the products to help predict the effects of a business cycle. And a zero income elasticity demand of goods means if income fall or rises, the demand for the services or things will not change. Also, the income elasticity of the demand calculator measures the percentage change in quantity demanded, percentage change in income, initial and final revenue.

Income Elasticity of Demand Formula:

The formula for IEoD which used by the income elasticity of demand calculator is:

$$Income Elasticity of Demand = \frac{Percentage (%) Change in Demand} {Percentage (%) Change in Income}$$

$$Percentage change in Demand = \frac{(New Demand – Initial Demand)}{Initial Demand}$$

$$Percentage change in Income = {(New Income – Initial Income)}{Initial Income}$$
However, an online Percentage Calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate percentages and also work out the percent values.


Demand at the start is 5,000 units and 10,000 units at the end. In the same period, income expands from 15,000 to 18,000.


Change in Demand (%) = (10,000 – 5,000) / 5,000 = 5,000 / 5,000 = 1

Change in Income (%) = (18,000 – 15,000) / 4,000 = 3,000 / 15,000 = 0.2

Income Elasticity of Demand = 1 / 0.2 = 5

Hence, income elasticity of demand is 5.

Types of Income Elasticity of Demand:

There are many types of IEoD that provide by the income elasticity of demand calculator in results with entered values:

High-IEoD: An increase in income comes with relative increases in the quantity demanded.

Unitary-IEoD: The jump in income is proportionate to the rise in the quantity demanded.

Low-IEoD: A rise in income is less than proportionate to the upward in the quantity demanded.

Zero-IEoD: The quantity demanded remains the same even if income changes.

Negative-IEoD: The rise in income comes with a downward in the quantity demanded.

Moreover, how to calculate sales tax is the most common question that frequently asked by many people, so, Sales Tax Calculator helps you to find sales tax details.

How Income Elasticity of Demand Calculator Works?

The income elasticity calculator helps you to estimate the demand for services or goods according to consumer income with the following steps:


  • In the very first step, enter the initial and new price of a good or service as well as substitute the initial and new quantity of a particular product.
  • Hit the calculate button.


The income elasticity of the demand calculator displays:

  • Initially, the calculator Income Elasticity of Demand Calculator provides types of elasticity and income elasticity of demand.
  • Then, it shows the change in income and quantity as well as revenue increase, initial and final revenue.

FAQs for IEoD:

Can Income Elasticity of Demand be Negative (-ve)?

Yes, negative IEod is linked with inferior products, meaning surging incomes will lead to a drop in demands of goods and may mean changes to luxury products.

What is the Difference Between IEoD and PEoD?

Price elasticity of demand calculates the transformation in the percentage of demand due to a percent change in price, meanwhile, a percent change in the income.

Why Inelastic Changes in Income?

Inelastic products tend to have remained same demand in any case of income. Certain basics and staples like milk or gasoline would not vary with income but still need one gallon of a week even if your income doubles.

End Words:

Hence, use this handy Income elasticity of demand calculator that refers to the responsiveness of the quantity demanded of a particular good to transform in real income of customers who buy certain goods, when all other things constant. Undoubtedly, you can compute IEod with the help of the income elasticity of demand formula manually, but it increases the chances of uncertainty. All economists and professionals take advantage of this free income elasticity calculator with thousands of calculations.


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