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Real Estate Commission Calculator

Real Estate Commission Calculator

Enter the property value and agent commission rate and the tool will find the common amount and owner payment in less than a second.

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The real estate commission calculator calculates the real estate commission amount that is payable to the agent and the owner receives relative to the real estate commission rate of the property.

Enter the selling price and real estate commission rate in the realtor commission calculator and the tool will calculate the real estate commission percentage and the amount you need to pay the agent.

Real Estate Commission:

“Real estate commission is the percentage of the selling price paid to a broker or negotiator for a property” 

A real estate commission is a percentage of the sale price of a property (commercial or residential).

Commission Amount = Sale Price · Commission Rate

Sale Price=[Real estate commission Amount/ Real estate commission Rate]

The real estate agent commission calculator precisely evaluates the amount received by the owner and the commission agent and it is also called the agency commission.

Types of Real Estate Property Brokers:

There are 2 types of real estate property brokers on the basis of their nature of work:

1. Full-Time Real Estate Brokers:

 Full-time real estate brokers are normally the people running a real estate agency. You have to pay full property commission to these companies.

The commission calculator real estate guides the seller how to negotiate with full-time real estate brokers. These are professional people and ensure the best possible property deal.

2. Discount Real Estate Brokers: 

Discount real estate brokers are the property agents not running the full-time real estate agency.

They are running a part-time business of property, so they charge a discounted commission which is usually less than the full-time agents.

The seller is in a better position to negotiate the rate of commission while using the realtor fees calculator.

It is quite necessary to calculate realtor fees in advance to be in a better negotiation position and realtor fees are variable costs by nature. 

Example 1:

Let’s suppose the owner seeks to sell a commercial property for $100,000. It is decided that the real estate agency is going to get  4.5% of the selling price. Then how to calculate real estate commission and the owner receivable amount?


Selling Price = $100,000

Real estate commission Rate = 4.5 %

Real estate commission amount =?

Real estate commission Amount = Sale Price · Real estate commission Rate

Real estate commission Amount =  ($100,000*4.5 %)

Real estate commission Amount =  [$100,000*(4.5/100)]

Real estate commission Amount =  $4500

Owner receivable amount = $ 95500

Choose the Real estate commission rate, amount, and selling price parameters and determine the Real estate commission given to the agent by the realtor fee calculator 

Example 2:

Consider a customer purchasing a property of $100,00, and paying $100 to the sales agents. Then how to calculate commission in real estate %age, What is the Seller getting?  What is the Buyer Paying?


The purchasing amount = $10,000

The sales agent Real estate commission amount  = $100

%age Real estate commission =?

Seller amount =?

Buyer amount =?

%age Real estate commission = [($100/$100,00)] * 100

%age Real estate commission = 1%

Seller getting = Selling Price- Real estate commission

Seller getting = $ 100,00-$100

Seller getting = $99,00

Buyer is Paying = Selling Price+ Real estate commission

Buyer is Paying = $ 100,00 +$100  

Buyer is Paying = $ 10,100

Now consider how much does a realtor make on a $700 000 sale with a 1 % commission.

The straightforward real estate agent commission calculator answer would be $ 7000. It is  $3500 if there are different buyer and seller real estate agents hired.

Enter the real estate commission rate, real estate commission amount, and selling price in the real estate commission calculator and it calculates the real estate commission paid to the agent.

Purpose of Real Estate Commission Calculator?

The real estate agent along with the online realtor calculator makes sure the following things in the property transaction:

  • Financial Planning
  • Precision
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • After-sales issue

It is quite beneficial to hire a professional real estate agent to do profitable business transactions.

The real estate agent commission calculator is best for companies that want to attract the best sales talent or real estate agents. 


How Much Does a Realtor Make on a $500 000 Sale With a 1% Commission?

The real estate agent receives $ 5,000 if the commission rate is 1%. Calculate real estate commission with the commercial real estate commission calculator for commercial property where the commission rate is higher.

Can I Negotiate the Real Estate Commision With my Agent?

Yes, real estate commissions are negotiable and they should be negotiated professionally by the real estate commission calculator. As it would assist in making negotiation WIN-WIN for both parties, calculate realtor fees before negotiation with the realtor. 

How Much Does a Realtor Make on a $300 000 Sale With a 2.5 % Commission Rate? 

The realtor makes $ 7500 on the property traction worth $300 000 while evaluating by the real estate agents commission calculator.

Is Real Estate Commision a Variable Cost?

Yes, it is a variable cost, as it is not fixed and depends upon the ability of the sales representative and real estate agency.


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