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Food Cost Calculator

Food Cost Calculator

Enter the item name, units of serving, serving size, and menu price in the tool and it will calculate the cost per serving and the total cost per serving.

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The food cost calculator assists in calculating the expenses associated with the ingredients cost of a menu. This is an effective tool for managing the budget for restaurants, catering businesses, etc.

Why Calculate Food Cost?

The following are the reasons for calculating the food cost:

  • List Ingredients
  • Cost of Ingredients 
  • Recipe Yield
  • Portion Size
  • Calculate Ingredient Cost Per Portion
  • Total Ingredient Cost 
  • Overhead Costs
  • Calculate Selling Price 

The cost per serving is variable due to the cost of the ingredients and the number of food items involved in each serving. In the restaurant business, it is difficult to know the exact cost of each item while the free menu price calculator makes this task easy for the managers.

How To Calculate Food Cost?

The process of calculating food cost per serving is simple. You need to divide the total cost of the ingredient by the number of servings. 

Food Cost per Serving = Number of Servings* Units cost 

For calculating the total cost of the ingredients:

Total Cost of Ingredients = Food Cost per Serving + extra cost incurred 

The contribution per plate is given by:

Contribution per Plate  = Menu Price – Total Cost Per Plate

A food price calculator determines the cost of preparing a specific dish or meal. It assists in calculating the expenses associated with ingredients, portion sizes, and overhead costs.

Practical Example:

Consider there are 5 menu items and 2 pounds per case with a $10 price per unit. The serving size is 5 pounds and an additional cost of $2 and the total menu price is $100. Then what is the Cost Per Serving, Total Cost Per Plate, Food Cost Percentage, and Contribution Per Plate?


Cost Per Serving

Food Cost per Serving = Number of Servings* Units cost 

Food Cost per Serving = 5* 10

Food Cost per Serving = $ 50 

Total Cost Per Plate

Total Cost of Ingredients = $50+ $ 2

Total Cost of Ingredients = $ 52

Food Cost Percentage:

Total Cost of Ingredients = (Total Cost of Ingredients)/100

Total Cost of Ingredients = 52 %

Contribution Per Plate:

Contribution Per Plate = Menu price – Total Cost of Ingredients

Contribution Per Plate = $100 – Total Cost of Ingredients

Contribution Per Plate = $100 –  $ 52

Contribution Per Plate = $48

The food costing calculator assists in business to analyze the financial aspect of their menu items, allowing them to set appropriate prices.


How Do You Calculate The Selling Price of A Menu?

Selling price = Portion cost x cost mark-up

The food pricing calculator is essential for the food chains to evaluate the selling price and ensure profitability. It helps in making a well-informed decision before a financial problem is faced by a business.

What Are Common Overheads Related To Food Pricing?

It includes labor, rent, utilities, insurance, and other operational expenses. The food cost percentage calculator treats the overhead cost separately by the name of another cost.