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Cost of Equity Calculator

Cost of Equity Calculator


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The free online cost of equity calculator measures the profits a company needs to pay its investors. These profits are given against the investments of the shareholders or against their equity in a business. 

The cost of equity or the profitability may vary according to the risk a market may present to the investments.

What is cost of equity?

The cost of the equity is the rate of return a company wants to pay to investors, according to the certain prevailing business situation. The ROI calculator can be used to find the expected return on investment, according to the equity amount. Companies usually decide on a threshold for the Cost of the Equity.

Investors can evaluate the attractiveness and the risk of the investment by using the cost of equity calculator. It makes their investment safe and they can trust what they are investing by calculating the cost of equity of their investment. 

How to find cost of equity?

We can find the cost of the equity by the two methods and these two methods are primary tools for finding the cost of the equity:

  • The Dividend Capitalization Model(DCM)
  • The Capital Asset Pricing Model(CAPM)

The Dividend Capitalization Model(DCM):

The  Dividend Capitalization Model calculates the cost of the equity by the dividend per share(DPS) divided by the Current Market Value(CMV) of the stock. We add the Growth Rate of the Dividend to the answer.

 The cost of common equity formula  for the CPM is:

Re = (D1 / P0) + g


Re=Cost of the Equity

D1=Dividend share the next year

P0=Current share price

g=Dividend growth rate 

Dividend share the next year:

Companies usually announce the dividend in advance of the distribution. The dividend price can be altered annually or quarterly. Some economists do also rely on the past year’s share values to assess the future dividend. The cost of equity calculator can be used to find the future value of the dividend.

Current Share Price:

The share price can be found against the name of the company on the internet and also from the stock market information. The share prices can alter with the changing business environment. 

Dividend Growth Rate:

The Dividend Growth rate can be measured by the analysis of the company’s past years’ dividends and by taking the average value of all the past years.It is the rate of profitability a company can offer during the current year.

Practical example:

Consider XYZ Co. Currently has a current market share of $10 and just announced a dividend of $0.85 per share, and it is paid the next year. The growth rate of the dividend is 4%. What is the cost of equity calculation?

The cost of equity capital formula used by the cost of equity calculator:

Re = (D1 / P0) + g

Re = (0.85 /10) + 4%

Re =12.5%

You check the value by the cost of equity capital calculator.

The Capital Asset Pricing Model(CAPM):

The Capital Asset Pricing Model(CAPM) measures and quantifies a relationship between the systematic risk, and expanded Return on Investment. The cost of equity using CAPM calculator can be measured against any kind of risk and ROI. The CAPM formula is widely used in finance for pricing the risky securities and the expected rate of return. The Capital Asset Pricing Model(CAPM) has included the risk in the calculations.
The  Capital Asset Pricing Model(CAPM) 



Ra = Expected return on a security

Rrf = Risk-free rate

Ba = Beta of the security

Rm = Expected return of the market

Practical Example:

Consider a company is offering the Risk-free rate (Rrf) of 2% and the Expected return of market (Rm) 3%. The beta of the security(Ba) is 4.Then find the Expected return on a security (Ra)?


Expected Rate of Return

Expected Return Ra = Rf + Bi * (Rm – Rf)

= 2 + 4 * (3 − 2)

= 2 + (4 * 1)

Ra= 2 + 4 = 6%

The CAPM cost of equity enables the investors to find the Expected Rate of Return(Ra) and the expected risk.

Benefits of calculating cost of equity:

There are multiple benefits of the cost of the  equity concept in the business world and you can’t simply able to invest without finding the cost of eh equity of the investment:

  • If you are an investor, the cost of the equity guide is the rate of the return on investment. So as an investor. Your cost of equity calculation helps to decide, Is it possible to invest in a business or not? The cost of equity calculator can be a great tool to decide whether to invest in a business or not.
  • The Cost of equity paved a way for a company to determine the rate of return on certain projects which the company is going to launch. The cost of common equity calculator make it possible to estaimate the rate you are goign to offer to the shareholders.
  • The cost of equity offers you a better option than the loaning as when you are searching for the investors for the equity then you don’t need to repay the amount as you are providing the investors the dividend. When you are using the cost of equity capital calculator, then you decide how much debt to equity ratio your company requires to survive.

How does the cost of equity calculator work?

The equity growth calculator work by providing the following values:


  • Enter the dividend per share 
  • Current values of the shares
  • The growth rate of the Dividend


The cost of equity calculator measures:

  • Cost of the equity 


What do you mean by capital structure?

The capital structure is the total amount of finance at disposal of a company. The capital structure may include debt and equity. The capital structure may be defined by the debt to equity ratio. The market value of equity calculator helps to find the total capital worth of the company.

How do measure the common equity?

You need to add the beginning common stock and the ending common stock values. The difference in the common equity of a company, and the cost of a common stock calculator provide an efficient solution to find your common equity value.

Are common equity and common stock the same?

The common equity is also referred to as the common stock of a company. The common equity is usually owners and we can find the value of the common equity by the cost of common equity calculator

What is meant by the cost of the external equity?

The cost of the external equity is equal to the current total equity minus the targeted equity. 

For example: If a company is trying to seek $1.1 million in equity, then subtract $1 million from $1.1 million to get $100,000. The amount of $100,000 is the external equity, you need the cost of external equity calculator for finding the external equity.

What is the internal equity Cost?

The internal equity cost is the amount of the dividend a company is paying to its shareholders. The cost of an internal equity calculator should be used to distribute the internal equity equal to the shareholders.

What is the importance of internal and external equity for employees?

Internal equity is focused on paying all the compensation to the employees. The external equity is also essential for the economy like the brand worth and the market value of the company as it is also a factor to decide the compensation of the employees. The cost of equity calculator can also be used to find the worth of the internal and external equity.


When an investor going to invest in a company or an organization is seeking to invest in the business. Then the cost of equity is essential to measure, it specifies the opportunity cost and the risk involved in a business. The efficient cost of equity calculator can be handy for companies to decide about their opportunities.


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