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ROAS Calculator

ROAS Calculator


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The Return on Ad Spends, or ROAS  Calculator is a marketing metric that measures the revenues earned for each dollar you spend on advertising. When we are able to track the  ROAS Calculation, you would be able to track the effectiveness of your advertising initiatives. 

What is ROAS?

It refers to the amount of revenue that is earned for every dollar spent on a campaign”.

Return on ad spend (ROAS) is a key performance indicator (KPI) in online and mobile marketing, to find what your advertising campaign returning in terms of dollar amount”

ROAS As a Key KPI Indicator:

The digital marketing experts do know that your KPI should be always on the protective side to gather maximum profitability. When a company is able to get a better ROAS profitability margin, then it is evident the company is going to generate better revenue than the previous years. This is the main reason digital marketing managers are usually conscious about the return on ad spend calculation, and what they are actually gaining against their spending on the ads.


The ROAS calculation is based on the ROI(Return on Investment) Principle. When you are measuring the whole return on the Investment, the ROI calculation is a great indicator, on the other calculating return on ad spend(ROAS) is specially designed for the return on your advertisement. For finding the correct ROI calculation, it is best to retrieve the correct calculation by the ROI calculator. So the ROAS is a good indicator of an entire marketing strategy or to look at the performance of the marketing campaign. The ROAS is a key metric for measuring strategic success in mobile advertising.

How to calculate ROAS?

You can calculate ROAS by the simple calculation, the return on ad spend formula is given below:

ROAS = (revenue attributable the ads / cost of ads) x 100


Consider you have invested $1000 in ads, and you are able to gather $5000 in revenue from those ads, you have invested. Now by putting the values in the ROAS calculator, we can gather the following result:


Revenue attributable to ads= $5000 

Cost invested on ads= $1000

ROAS calculation= ($5000 / $1000) x 100

ROAS calculation=500%

The Return on Investment=3000 ($)

You can achieve breakeven with the break even ROAS calculator online.

The Graphical Representation of ROAS:

The Cost invested in ads is $1000, and the Ad revenue is $5000, but the target of our ads campaign should be around $8000. This estimation is done by the ROAS calculator online.

From the above calculations, we have concluded that as a company, we are earning around $5 for each dollar spent on Ads.
The Graphical Representation of ROAS

Elements of the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):

The return on ad spend may be confusing for people, as we are unfamiliar with the element of the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). There are the following elements of the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and these are elements given below:   

Vendor Cost:

The vendor cost includes the vendor you are working with and it includes the vendor’s commission fee for running the Ad campaign.

Team Cost:

The team cost includes the persons you have included in your team for managing the campaign. These may include the media managers, the SEO team, and digital marketing managers.

The ROAS calculation formula included the vendor cost and the team cost as the Cost invested in ads.

Factors influencing the ROAS metrics:

Some of the factors may affect the ROAS metrics, and how to find ROAS for a specific brand.

Brand popularity:

Brand popularity is one of the key elements of brand popularity, your brand popularity is one of the major things for the brand. You always working for the brand popularity to get the maximum ROAS return

 The advertising type:

The type of advertising is another thing which you need to decide what the return on ad spend calculation. It may be possible you are running various types of advertising campaigns on digital media like the PPC, SEO campaign, and Banner ads on social media.

Working on the ROAS Calculator:

The ROAS calculation is one of the main indicators of a company’s performance. The return on ad spend calculation require the following input data:


  • Enter the Ad cost.
  • Enter the Ad-Revenue
  • Describe the profit margin
  • Hit the calculator button to find the ROAS


The ROAS calculator online displays the following data

  • The ROAS in %
  • The ROI in $ amount
  • The Graphical representation of the result


What is a good return on ad spending?

The return on ad spend formula tells us what is the best ROAS and the profit margin. The standard ratio of ROAS is 4:1, if you are earning $4 against each1$ spent, then it is great for your company. Calculate ROAS and find whether your profit margins are appropriate or not. You can gather all the required information from the ROAS calculator online.

How do you calculate the ROAS percentage?

Simply divide your revenues by the amount of money you have spent on your ads and multiply it by 100. The % return on ad spend calculation is a good indicator of your company’s performance. You can achieve breakeven with the break even ROAS calculator online.

What is a 300% ROAS?

If you are getting around 300 % profit margin, then it is good, but not up to the mark, as the profit ratio should be approximately 1-4 against your cost, which is 400% and the digital marketing managers do regard it as the best profit margin for a company to progress.

What is a strong ROAS?

The 4:1 ratio is considered a strong ROAS ratio, companies do regard 4:1 as a strong ROAS. But for better performance, the ratio should be around 5:1. The return on ad spend calculator is a simple way to find your ROAS ratio.

Is ROAS the same ROI?

The ROI is different from return on ad spend(ROAS), as ROAS only finds the return against your advertising campaign. On the other hand, the ROI is your total. Calculating ROAS is essential to finding your break-even point against your advertising budget.

How do you calculate ROAS in digital marketing?

The Revenue Generated by Ads / Cost of Ads with this equation, you would find whether your ad campaign is working or not. For instance, when you are in a Pay per click (PPC)ad campaign, your ROAS ratio should be around $10:$1, as the ROAS return is larger for the digital marketing campaign.

Is ROAS related to mobile marketing?

Return on ad spend (ROAS) is an important key performance indicator (KPI) in online and mobile marketing and the ROAS calculation can make or break a company. 

What is the difference between ROAS and CPA?

ROAS is the revenue you make in relation to your advertising costs per the advertising campaign while CPA, (or cost per action or cost per conversion) is the total ad costs divided by the number of conversions you are getting as a company. Find the ROAS and also compare it with the CPC, but you need a free online ROAS calculator.

What is a good Facebook ROAS?

The good Facebook return on ad spend calculation(ROAS) is that at least you are earning twice to your original investments. Use the ROAS calculator and find your Facebook budget. So if you have invested around $1 on ads, then it is essential you are earning $2 from your ad campaign on Facebook.

What is the formula of ROAS in Google ads?

The ROAS  calculation in Google Ads is ROAS = conversion value/cost. Evaluate if your investment in online advertising is successful or not by the ROAS calculation. Return on ad spend calculator provide a simple platform to find return on your advertising budget.


The return on ad spend formula or the ROAS  is a good indicator for an organization. The organization can analyze the advertising budget and the ability to do the SWOT analysis of its advertising campaign. The SWOT(strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) in the advertising campaign can make an organization competitive in the marketing environment.


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