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NPV Calculator

NPV Calculator

Enter the initial investments and discount rate along with cash flows in the NPV calculator and it will find the Net Present Value.


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Discount Rate

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The NPV calculator calculates the cash flows of investments over consecutive periods of time representing the relative profitability of the investment.

What Is The Net Present Value?

The Net present value is the difference between the present values of the cash flow over a period of time. 

The NPV value is used in the capital budgeting and investment decision-making. The net present value calculator provides sufficient information regarding project investment. 

How To Calculate NPV?

The Net Present Value formula (NPV) is a mathematical equation for calculating the NPV value given below:

NPV = Σ [CFt / (1 + r)^t] – C0


  • NPV = Net Present Value
  • Σ = Summation notation.
  • CFt= Cash flow at time t 
  • r = Discount rate
  • t = Time period 
  • C0 = Initial investment or 
  • cash outflow at t=0 (time zero).

NPV Calculation and Decision-Making Process:

The net present value is critical while making long-term investment decisions in the investment project. The NPV calculator provides the framework of the investment in the decision-making process. There is a specific impact of the NPV process and its meaning.  

Positive NPV Calculation:

The NPV calculation is positive, net present value indicates that the investment is expected to generate a profit and is considered a good investment. 

Negative NPV Calculation:

If the time value of money is negative, the net present value investment is likely to result in a loss and may not be a good choice. A higher positive NPV calculation represents a more attractive investment.

Practical Example:

Let’s suppose the NPV is the net 5 %, the initial investment $1000, the first year $10000, second year $100000.


Initial Investment =  -$1,000 (the negative sign indicates an outgoing cash flow)

First-Year Cash Flow = $10,000

Second-Year Cash Flow = $100,000

The formula to calculate the present value of each cash flow is:

PV = CF / (1 + r)^n

Initial Investment:

PV_initial = -$1,000 / (1 + 0.05)^0 = -$1,000

First-Year Cash Flow:

PV_Year1 = $10,000 / (1 + 0.05)^1 = $9,523.81 (rounded to two decimal places)

Second-Year Cash Flow:

PV_Year2 = $100,000 / (1 + 0.05)^2 = $90,702.95 (rounded to two decimal places)

Now, you sum up the present values of all the cash flows to calculate the NPV:

NPV = PV_initial + PV_Year1 + PV_Year2

NPV = -$1,000 + $9,523.81 + $90,702.95

NPV ≈ $99,226.76

So, the NPV of this series of cash flows, with a 5% discount rate, is approximately $99,226.76.

The NPV Table:

Certainly, here’s a table showing the Net Present Value (NPV) calculations for each of the cash flows using a 5% discount rate:

Year Cash Flow Discount Rate (5%) Present Value (PV)
0 -$10 1.0000 -$10.00
1 $100 0.9524 $95.24
2 $200 0.9070 $181.41

To calculate the NPV, you sum up the present values:

NPV = PV_initial + PV_Year1 + PV_Year2

NPV = -$10 + $95.24 + $181.41

NPV ≈ $266.65

So, the NPV at a 5% discount rate is approximately $266.65. The table above breaks down the calculations for each cash flow.

Why Use the NPV Calculator?

The NPV calculation is critical for taking the precise allocation of resources. The NPV calculator provides the following estimations for the business:

Objective Decision-Making: 

NPV calculation is based on a financial formula and is not influenced by emotions or subjective judgments. Calculating NPV makes it a useful tool for making rational financial decisions.

Time Value of Money: 

The net present value calculator takes into account the time value of money, meaning it considers that a dollar received in the future is worth less than a dollar received today. This makes it a more accurate representation of an investment’s true value.

Comparing Multiple Projects:

 NPV allows you to compare different projects or investments with varying cash flows and time horizons. This helps in selecting the project that provides the highest return for a given level of investment.

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