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ebitda Calculator

EBITDA Calculator

The calculator will estimate the balance in sales to provide a more suitable business outlook. Also, it will calculate the current performance of your business.

Revenue (R)

Expenses (E)

Amortization (A)

Depreciation (D)

Revenue (R)

Net Profit



Amortization (A)

Depreciation (D)

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No doubt, many companies have different “value-triggers” that specific investors of a company looking for. Outside of companies like resource or several technologies, there are some common metrics that traditional investors seek when deciding what a company is worth.

It is important to measures the financial success or worth of a company and investors often look for a more secure investment opportunity, irrespective of industry, are Free Cash Flow and EBITDA.

Well, come to the point, the experts of calculator-online always helps businesses or investors by providing certain calculators that help them to manage their finance! So, for the ease, we will bring another advanced and efficient widget known as “EBITDA calculator” through which you come to know about the profitability of a company. Before knowing about this tool, let us start with the term ‘EBITDA.’


EBITDA term stands for ‘Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization”, it is an indicator of a company’s operating performance. Essentially, it is a simple way to determine a company’s performance without having to factor in accounting decisions or tax environments, and financing decisions.

EBITDA calculation is important as it helps to understand and compare the profit and earnings of companies from different locations and countries.

People often asked how to calculate EBITDA, quit worrying, calculating EBITDA becomes easy with the ease of our EBITDA calculator, or you can simply utilize the given formula for EBITDA.

What Is The EBITDA Formula?

The EBITDA formula is as:

EBITDA (simple) = EBIT + Depreciation + Amortization
EBITDA (extended) = Net Profit + Taxes + Interest + Deprecation + Amortization

EBIT is calculated by:

EBIT = Revenue – Expenses

EBITDA Calculator By Calculator-Online:

In simple words, the EBITDA calculator is an advanced tool that helps to calculate EBITDA or ‘Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization.’ More specifically, this calculator helps you to figure out the proper picture of your business or company performance. Additionally, this efficient and handy tool helps you to estimate a company’s EBITDA margin.

How Do You Calculate EBITDA With Our EBITDA Calculator?

Well, this EBITDA uses the four-term values that are ‘Revenue’, ‘Expenses’, ‘Amortization’, and ‘Depreciation.’ Follow the given steps to get the EBITDA value with the ease of this EBITDA calculator.

  • First, you ought to enter the revenue value in the box of ‘Revenue.’
  • Then, you ought to enter the value of expenses in the box of ‘Expenses.’
  • Right after, you ought to enter the value of amortization in the box of ‘Amortization.’
  • Then, you ought to enter the last value known as depreciation in the box of ‘Depreciation.’
  • Finally, hit the button of the above EBITDA calculator to get the EBDITA margin value

Thankfully, you come to know how to calculate EBITDA margin with the ease of this advanced tool!

Read on to know more about EBITDA!

What Is EBITDA Margin?

In simple words, it is a measurement of a company’s ‘Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization’ as a proportion of an entire revenue that it earned! More specifically, the EBITDA margin is an indication of how much revenue a company generated in annually concerning its total sales income!

What is The EBITDA Margin Formula?

How to find EBITDA is the most common question that frequently asked by many folks. You can utilize our EBITDA calculator to do EBITDA margin calculation or simply stick with the given formula:

The Formula Is:

EBITDA Margin = EBITDA / Total Revenue

What Is A Good EBITDA Margin?

As mentioned earlier, it is a measurement that figure out what percentage EBITDA is of your total revenue. Optimistic studies reveal that a good EBITDA will depend on your company, but in general, a higher EBITDA is higher than a lower one.

Keep in mind; higher margins indicate that you have a lot of revenue left over after managing your operating expenses.

Words By Calculator-Online:

Thankfully, from the above stuff, you unfold the question of how to calculate EBITDA. Remember that EBITDA is a metric that utilizes to compare the profitability between companies and industries. So, utilize the above widget to get the EBDITA margin value!