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ebit Calculator

EBIT Calculator

Enter the revenue and expenses in respective fields. This calculator will readily calculate business earnings and taxes on the basis of the operational scheme running in it.


Operating Expenses

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Are you a business-man and looking for how much profit a company makes, then you are at right place. The accomplish experts of calculator-online always helps in determining finance calculations; they bring a significant tool known as “EBIT calculator”, this widget uses a simple ebit formula. Business-men have lots of headache due to business and finance but don’t to worry; you’ll get the ease with our EBIT calculator. Yes, this handy tool helps you to unfold the question of how to calculate ebit!

Well, before knowing about the ebit calculator, let’s start with the term “what is ebit.”

What Is EBIT?

EBIT stands for “Earnings Before Interest and Taxes.” In simple words, it is an assessment that shows how profitable a business is. More specifically, EBIT is a measurement of profit of a business that includes the total expenses except for interest and income tax expenses. Sometimes, EBIT is also referred to as an operating profit.

Now, you might be thinking about how to find ebit! Quit worrying; you can readily calculate ebit using a simple ebit formula that is used by our ebit calculator.

What Is The EBIT Formula?

The ebit operating income is the profit before the deduction of taxes and interest. Well, ebit calculation becomes easy with the given formula.

EBIT Formula is:

EBIT = Revenue – Operating Expenses

Well, consider the above equation to know what is EBIT in finance!

EBIT Calculator By Calculator-Online:

EBIT calculator is a finance tool that helps to measure the earnings before interest and taxes within a couple of seconds. Yes, this efficient and reliable tool helps you find the difference between operation or sales revenues and operating expenses.
Now, move ahead to know it’s working!

How to Calculate EBIT With Our Calculator?

Our calculator uses the two-term values, one of them is known as “Revenue”, and the other is “Operating expenses.” You, just have to stick on the given steps to get the EBIT value with the ease of the above calculator:

  • First of all, you have to enter revenue value in the given field of “Revenue.”
  • Very next, you ought to enter operating expenses in the given field of “Operating Expenses.”
  • Finally, hit the “calculate” button to get the EBIT value


If your business of a company is running in profit, then your EBIT value would be positive. Similarly, if the business is facing loses, then your EBIT value would negative.

Why Should You Use Our Calculator?

Well, utilize our advanced EBIT calculator to know how much profit your business is making. As this widget helps in calculating EBIT according to revenue and operating expenses through which you come to know how the profit is created.

No doubt, this assessment helps you to understand why the changes are occurring.

How to Calculate EBIT?

As we mentioned above some basic information regarding “Earnings Before Interest and Taxes or EBIT.” Simply, it is calculated by subtracting the operating expenses from the company’s revenue. With the ease, you come to know how much profit you can generate by removing the variables from the net come.

In short, you can use the above calculator or simple formula of EBIT!

For Example:

If your company with:

Revenue = 40,000 $

Operating Expenses = 22,000 $

Let’s put the values in the formula:

EBIT = 40,000 $ – 22,000 $

EBIT = 18000 $

Words By Calculator-Online:

Thankfully, you unfold the question of how to find EBIT! Optimistic studies reveal that “Earnings Before Interest and Taxes or EBIT” is said to be as a metric that helps to find out how profitable a business is. So, stick with our Earnings Before Interest and Taxes calculator to get the EBIT value.