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Travel Time Calculator

Travel Time Calculator

The tool will try to estimate the travel time for your trip journey. Enter the required parameters and calculate how long it will take for you to reach the destination.



Average Speed:


Total Break Time:




Departure Time:


Fuel Economy:


Fuel Price: (per unit)



Number of Passengers:


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The travel time calculator quickly calculates the total travel time for your trip journey between two locations. Also, you can calculate the overall fuel expenditure that you have to spend for the trip till you reach your destination.

How To Calculate Travel Time?

Our time of arrival calculator utilises the following formula to calculate arrival time for your journey:

Total Travel Time = (Distance/Average Drive Speed) + Total Breaks Time

What Time Will I Arrive at My Destination?

Let us suppose you are travelling back to home after enjoying cheerful holiday season. How long will it take for you to reach home if

  • Journey started on January 09, 2023 at 11:00 AM
  • The car is running at a speed of about 125 km/hr
  • Total arrival distance is 320 km
  • There is one single break of 30 minutes


Total Travel Time = (Distance/Average Drive Speed) + Total Breaks Time

Total Travel Time = (313/125) + 30

Total Travel Time = 2.50 + 30

Total Travel Time = 3 hours

Arrival Time = 2:00 PM

How Does Travel Time Calculator Work?

Our trip time calculator makes your travel time calculations quite fast and accurate! It functions only if you provide the following inputs:


  • Enter distance and average speed and select their units
  • Meanwhile, enter the total break time
  • Select departure date and time
  • Now enter fuel economy, price per unit, and number of passengers
  • Tap Calculate


  • Total travel time (Departure & Arrival)
  • Total travel cost & cost per person


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