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Speed Distance Time Calculator

Speed Distance Time Calculator

The Speed Distance Time Calculator calculates the unknown sdt value by giving two known values.

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$$Distance =Speed \times Time$$









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Speed distance time calculator helps to calculate the speed at which you’re traveling over a certain distance in a specific amount of time.


“The ratio of the distance traveled by an object to the time is known as its speed”

It is the scaler quantity and according to system international, the exact unit for speed are termed meters per second \(ms^{-1}\) and the dimension of speed is \( M^{0}L^{1}T^{-1}\)

The unit of speed depends on the units that you select but this speed distance time calculator display additional units. Along with the SI unit, this tool calculates the speed in inch per second, mile per second, foot per second, kilometer per second, centimeter per second, and yard per second.

Speed Formula:

Speed= Distance / Time
S = d / t

Also, you can use the velocity calculator to determine the speed precisely.


“The total measurement of the length between two points is known as distance”

It is also a scalar quantity, the exact units used to define distance are termed meters and the dimension is L. But the resulting unit will depend on the unit of speed value.

Along with the SI units, the calculator will finds the distance covered at a particular speed over a certain period of time in the form of Inches, Mile, Foot, Kilometer, Centimeter, and Yard.

Distance Formula:

Distance = speed × time
d = s × t

For convenience, you can also get the assistance of a distance calculator. Simply, input the required values and get the distance calculated in seconds.


“The measurement of period during which an action, process, or condition takes place”

It is also a scalar quantity and the actual units used for time are expressed as seconds and the dimension of time is T.

Along with the SI unit, the calculator finds the time in Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, and hh:mm:ss

Time Formula:

The time formula of an object is expressed as:

Time= Distance/speed
T = D / S

For more information, refer to the source SplashLearn.

How To Calculate Speed, Distance, and Time?

Let’s move on to resolving a couple of examples with the help of time and distance calculator to clarify your concept in more depth!

Speed Example:

A car covered a distance of 150 km per hour. Determine the speed of the car in m/s.


The distance covered by a car in meters = 150×1000m = 150000m

Time taken by car in seconds = 60×60 = 3600 seconds

To find:

The speed of the car =?

Using the speed formula,

Speed = Distance/Time

= 150000/3600

= 41.66 m/sec

Distance Example:

Calculate the distance of a truck traveling at a constant speed of 60 m/s in 90 seconds.


Speed of the truck = 60 m/s

Time is taken to cover by the truck = 80 sec

To find:

Distance covered by the truck=?

Using the formula

Distance= speed * time

= 60m/s * 80 s

= 4800

Time Example:

A train covered a distance of 130 km at a speed of 50km/hr. Use the free time formula to calculate time with speed and distance taken by the train.


Distance covered by a train = 130 km

Speed of a train = 50 km/hr

To find:

The time is taken by the train=?

Using Formula of Time,

Time = Distance/Speed

= 120/60

= 2 hr