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Speed Distance Time Calculator

Speed Distance Time Calculator

Provide any two values and the calculator will readily solve for the third value using the physical equation s = d/t.


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$$Distance =Speed \times Time$$









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Use this free speed distance time calculator to calculate the speed distance and time of a moving body or object. Yes, calculating various speed-related parameters is just one click away. Now, let’s move forward to know how to calculate speed, distance, and time of a running vehicle with the best speed calculator.

Let’s go!

Speed, Distance, and Time:

Scroll down below to know the actual definitions and related metrics to these physical quantities.


“The ratio of the distance traveled by an object to the time is known as its speed”

  • It is a scalar quantity
  • It has magnitude but no direction

For example:

A car moving at a speed of 12\(\frac{m}{s}\).

Here you could also determine the velocity with respect to speed by using another velocity calculator.


According to system international, the exact units used for speed are termed “meters per second (m / s)”

The unit of the result (answer) depends on the units of both time and distance. E.g., if you enter the value in miles and hours, the speed comes in mph. If you give value in meters and seconds then it will become in m / s.
You can solve some interesting problems using our speed time calculator to calculate the values of these respective entities for which it is designed.


The dimension of speed is

$$ [M^{0}L^{1}T^{-1}] $$

Types of Speed:

Following are the types of speed:

Uniform speed:

When an object is traveling in such a way that it covers the same distance for each interval of time during traveling the object.

Instantaneous speed:

The instantaneous speed is the speed of an object at a particular instant of time

Variable speed:

When the object covers a different distance at equal intervals of times it is said to be at variable speed .

Average speed:

Average speed is defined as the ratio of total distance traveled by a body to the total time taken.

Tangential speed:

It is the linear speed of an object moving along a circular path, because the direction of motion of an object is tangent to the circumference of the circle.

Speed Conversion Chart :

Here we are going to fix a table that throws light on the speed conversions in various units. Let’s have a look at these:

Speed m/s ft/s km/h mph Notes
Approximate rate of continental drift 0.00000001 0.00000003 0.00000004 0.00000002 4 cm/year. Varies depending on location.
Speed of a common snail 0.001 0.003 0.004 0.002 1 millimetre per second
A brisk walk 1.7 5.5 6.1 3.8
A typical road cyclist 4.4 14.4 16 10 Varies widely by person, terrain, bicycle, effort, weather
A fast martial arts kick 7.7 25.2 27.7 17.2 Fastest kick recorded at 130 milliseconds from floor to target at 1 meter distance. Average velocity speed across kick duration
Sprint runners 12.2 40 43.92 27 Usain Bolt’s 100 metres world record.
Approximate average speed of road race cyclists 12.5 41.0 45 28 On flat terrain, will vary
Typical suburban speed limit in most of the world 13.8 45.3 50 30
Taipei 101 observatory elevator 16.7 54.8 60.6 37.6 1010 m/min
Typical rural speed limit 24.6 80.66 88.5 56
British National Speed Limit (single carriageway) 26.8 88 96.56 60
Category 1 hurricane 33 108 119 74 Minimum sustained speed over 1 minute
Average peak speed of a cheetah 33.53 110 120.7 75
Speed limit on a French autoroute 36.1 118 130 81
Highest recorded human-powered speed 37.02 121.5 133.2 82.8 Sam Whittingham in a recumbent bicycle
Average speed of Human sneeze 44.44 145.82 160 99.42
Muzzle velocity of a paintball marker 90 295 320 200
Cruising speed of a Boeing 747-8 passenger jet 255 836 917 570 Mach 0.85 at 35000 ft (10668 m) altitude
Speed of a .22 caliber Long Rifle bullet 326.14 1070 1174.09 729.55
The official land speed record 341.1 1119.1 1227.98 763
The speed of sound in dry air at sea-level pressure and 20 °C 343 1125 1235 768 Mach 1 by definition. 20 °C = 293.15 kelvins.
Muzzle velocity of a 7.62×39mm cartridge 710 2330 2600 1600 The 7.62×39mm round is a rifle cartridge of Soviet origin
Official flight airspeed record for jet engined aircraft 980 3215 3530 2194 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
Space Shuttle on re-entry 7800 25600 28000 17,500
Escape velocity on Earth 11200 36700 40000 25000 11.2 km·s−1
Voyager 1 relative velocity to the Sun in 2013 17000 55800 61200 38000 Fastest heliocentric recession speed of any humanmade object (11 mi/s)
Average orbital speed of planet Earth around the Sun 29783 97713 107218 66623
The fastest recorded speed of the Helios probes 70,220 230,381 252,792 157,078 Recognized as the fastest speed achieved by a man-made spacecraft, achieved in solar orbit.
Orbital speed of the Sun relative to the center of the galaxy 251000 823000 904000 561000
Speed of the Galaxy relative to the CMB 550000 1800000 2000000 1240000
Speed of light in vacuum (symbol c) 299792458 983571056 1079252848 670616629 Exactly 299792458 m/s, by definition of the meter


“The total measurement of the length between two points is known as distance”

  • It is a scalar quantity
  • It has a magnitude

For example:

The distance covered by the bus is 5.5 km.


According to system international, the exact units used to define distance are termed “meters”.

The resulting unit will depend on the unit of speed value. For example, if the speed comes in mph, the result will be in miles. If the speed is given in kilometers per hour (km/h), the result comes in kilometers. You can find the distance covered by an object with the help of the speed distance time calculator.


The dimension of distance is L


“The measurement period during which an action, process, or condition takes place is known as time”

  • It is a scalar quantity
  • It has only magnitude, no direction.

For example,

A train covers 50 kilometers in 20 minutes.


According to system international, the actual units used for time are expressed as “seconds”

You can calculate time distance speed by entering two numerical values in our online distance time speed calculator that immediately computes the missing value.


The dimension of time is T

Speed Distance Time Formula:

In order to use this speed distance time calculator, it is necessary for you to know two out of three values: speed, distance, and time. Right now, we discuss the formulas with the help of which we can analyze any one of these parameters. This can be done by interchanging the formula if two numerical values are known.

Speed formula:

Now you could instantly calculate speed by the following expression:

Speed= Distance / Time
S = d / t


S is the speed

D is the distance

T is the time

You can also verify all of the above-mentioned values by using our best speed distance calculator.

Distance formula:

The distance formula is given below:

Distance = speed × time
d = s × t


D is the distance

S is the speed

T is the time covered

Time formula:

The time formula of an object is expressed as:

Time= Distance/speed
T = D / S


T is the time

D is the distance

S is the speed of a moving object

How To Calculate Speed, Distance, and Time?

Let’s move on to resolving a couple of examples with the help of time and distance Calculator to clarify your concept in more depth!

Stay focused!

Example # 01:

A train covered a distance of 130 km at a speed of 50km/hr. Use the free time formula to calculate time with speed and distance taken by the train.



Distance covered by a train = 130 km

Speed of a train = 50 km/hr

To find:

The time is taken by the train=?

Using Formula of Time,

Time = Distance/Speed

= 120/60= 2 hr

Example # 02:

A car covered a distance of 150 km per hour. Determine the speed of the car in m/s.


The distance covered by a car in meters = 150×1000m = 150000m

Time taken by car in seconds = 60×60 = 3600 seconds

To find:

The speed of the car =?

Using the speed formula for calculation,Speed = Distance/Time = 150000/3600 = 41.66 m/sec

You could also verify the answers by using this best speed distance time calculator.

Example # 03:

Calculate the distance of a truck traveling at a constant speed of 60 m/s in 90 seconds.


Speed of the truck = 60 m/s

Time is taken to cover by the truck = 80 secTo find:
Distance covered by the truck=?Using the formula
distance= speed * timeDistance = 60m/s * 80 s = 4800

How to use the speed distance time calculator?

Let this free distance speed time calculator determine the parameters of a moving object. What about having a look at its works? Let’s move on!


  • First of all, select whether you want to calculate speed, distance, or time form the first drop-down list
  • After you make a selection, go for enter parameters for it in their designated fields
  • Once done, hit the calculate button


The free speed and time calculator does the following calculations for you:

  • Determines the speed in various units
  • Determines the distance in various units
  • Determines the times in various units


What is agility and speed?

The capability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, and quickly change directions with a proper pose is called agility. On the other hand, the ability to move an object in one direction as soon as possible is called speed that you can determine by using the best time distance speed calculator.

Is time an illusion?

According to the currently accepted view of physics, “time is an illusion”. It means that an illusion is made up of human memories as everything has ever been, ever will be, or is happening right now.

How do you calculate seconds and minutes?

Following are a couple of formulas that are used to calculate time in various units:

Minutes = Hours * 60

Seconds = Hours * 60 * 60

Seconds = Minutes * 60

Apart from these manual computations, you can also perform these time conversions for any moving body with this best and free speed distance time calculator.

Can an object have a constant velocity but change speed?

No, an object cannot have a constant velocity but have a changing speed, i.e.,

Velocity = Speed + direction.

What are the similarities between speed and velocity?

Following are the similarities between speed and velocity:

  • As both are physical quantities, they can both be measured and quantified.
  • Both terms (speed and velocity) are exclusively used to describe moving objects; they are not used to describe staticbodies.
  • Both can be uniform or non-uniform, which implies that uniform speed, uniform velocity, non-uniform speed, and non-uniform velocity are all possibilities.


No doubt, speed, distance, and time are related to science and engineering fields. There is a relationship between them when an object moves on. If you want to calculate any type of calculation with respect to distance, time, and speed, then the speed and distance calculator is beneficial for you in this regard. This online calculator helps you how to calculate time from speed and distance, and you can perform calculations in a matter of seconds.


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