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Driving Time Calculator

Driving Time Calculator

Enter inputs such as distance, average speed, etc., and get the exact drive time calculated through this free drive time calculator.

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Quickly find out how long exactly you have to drive to reach your destination by just providing a few simple inputs to this driving time calculator.

Find out the estimated time of arrival instantly. Just access this free tool from your browser and perform the calculation directly.

No need to install any software on your system to know how far is the drive from the destination.

Understanding Drive Time:

The drive time between two places is the time you have to keep driving to reach your destination. With this estimation, you can determine how long to drive.

It helps to decide whether you should go on the trip on your own vehicle, or on a Plane. Through it, you can find the most cost-effective and quick way to reach your destination. 

Drive Time Formula:

Let’s see the below-mentioned formula to calculate drive time:

Total drive time = (total distance in km/h /average drive speed) + total breaks time 

How Do You Calculate Driving Time?

Go through the following steps to calculate the Driving time:

  • Determine the exact distance in KM/h or mph
  • Determine the average speed of your vehicle
  • Sum all the break times that you will have while traveling to your destination
  • Now according to the above-mentioned formula divide the total distance by the average speed and add the total break time and that’s all

If you do not want to perform the manual calculations, then use a driving time calculator. You just have to provide the inputs and it will do the rest for you within seconds.


Let’s suppose you’ve been on vacation at a spot 500 miles from your home. You have decided to go back home keeping up an average speed of 50 mph, and will have five 20-minute rest breaks, You are planning to set off on September 14, 2023, at 2 PM. Now how long is the drive from the vacation spot to your home?


Given that:

Total Distance = 500 mph

Average Speed = 50 mph

Total Breaks = 5

Break time interval = 20 minutes

Total Break time = 20 x 5 = 100 minutes

Put these values in the drive time formula to calculate driving time between two addresses:

Drive Time = (total distance in km/h /average drive speed) + total break time

Drive Time = (500/ 50 ) + 100

Drive Time = 10 + 100 = 120 minutes

One hour = 60 minutes 

Drive Time = 120 / 60 = 2 hours

Drive Time = 2 hours

The driving time from this calculation is 2 hours, which means you will have to drive your car for two hours to reach your home. This is the time duration in which you will reach your destination. 

If it seems difficult, then get the assistance of this drive time calculator and perform the calculation effortlessly. It will just require you to add a few inputs and will perform the rest calculations to provide you with the drive time to home.

Working of Driving Time Calculator:

Instantly find out the drive time between cities, or two places with the help of our driving calculator. Let’s see how it works!


  • Firstly, enter the values of “distance”, “average speed”, and “total time of breaks”
  • Likewise add the values of “departure time”, “fuel economy”, “fuel price”, and the “number of passengers” in the specified fields
  • Set the “measuring units”
  • Tap on the “calculate” button


  • Total drive hours
  • Arrival time
  • Total drive cost
  • Drive cost per person


How Long Does It Take To Drive To 300 Miles?

It depends upon the average speed of the vehicle. Mostly, the average speed on highways is 65 miles/hour. If the speed of your vehicle is 65 miles/hour, then it will take approximately five hours. Get the assistance of a drive time calculator to calculate the exact drive time swiftly.

How Long Does 1 Mile Take To Drive?

A car going at the speed of 25 mph can cover a distance of one mile in approximately two minutes and 24 seconds. If it’s going at 35 mph, then it can cover this distance in one minute and 43 seconds. 

Is Google Maps Accurate On Driving Time?

Google Maps uses a combination of data and is very accurate in directions and in calculating the drive time. 


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