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Batting Average Calculator

Batting Average Calculator

Select the game and write down the parameters needed. The calculator will try to calculate the batting average for it.


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Calculate batting average by using this batting average calculator that is an important statistical measurement in cricket and baseball.

In this read below, we will discuss batting average calculation method, its related terms, and how to find it quickly by using this free bat calculator.

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How Does Batting Average Work?

In sports, batting average is a measure of players’ performance. Formally, it was used to estimate the average hit of a batsman in cricket only. But then with the passage of time, its use became common in baseball and softball as well. This is why this free batting average calculator has been designed so that the skills of a player could be considered properly.

How To Calculate Batting Average?

Batting average is a parameter that is being used in sports nowadays to compare players’ stats. Below here we will mention its formula for both cricket and baseball. So, without getting late, let’s move on!

Batting Average In Cricket:

For cricket players, you could assume the average by using the batting average formula given below:

Batting Average (Cricket) = Scored Runs / Times Out


Batting Average = (Total No. of runs scored by the batsman) / (No. of times he has got a chance to bat in the matches he has played (or) the number of innings played – number of times he has remained not out)

Interpretation of Batting Average In Cricket:

When it comes to the average in cricket, it lies somewhere between 10 and 50. Let’s go through the batting average chart below that is used to analyse the interpretation of the results.

Average Score

Review (Batting Average)
Below 10


10 – 20

20 – 30

Above Average 

30 – 40

40 – 50

Very Good

Above 50 



Batting Average For Baseball:

Go by using the formula below for calculating batting average in softball:

Batting Average (Baseball) = Hits / Times at Bats

Interpretation of Baseball Batting Average:

The following table displays the average to extraordinary batting averages for softball. Let’s take a look at these values:

Average Score 

Reviews (Batting Average)
Below 0.250

Poor to Average

0.250 – 0.275

Good to Very Good
0.275 – 0.300

Very Good

Above 0.300 

Exceptional Skill Set 
Above 0.400

Ultimate Achievement


This best baseball batting average calculator also estimates these scores in seconds and helps you to know how to figure batting average that defines a player’s personality.

Batting Average (Associated Terms):

Whenever a team is made for cricket or baseball, it is very important to analyse all elements of a player’s performance. These include:

On-Base Percentage:

OBP = H + BB + HBP/AB + BB + HBP + SF


H = Hits

BB = Base on Balls

HBP = Hit by Pitch

AB = At Bat

SF = Sacrifice Fly

Slugging Percentage:

(1B) + (2*2B) + (3*3B) +(4*HR)/AB


1B = Single

2B = Double

3B = Triple

HR = Home Runs

On Base Plus Slugging:



OBP = On Base Percentage



H = Hits

BB = Bases on Balls

HBP = Times Hit by Pitch

AB = At Bats

SF = Sacrifice Flies

TB = Total Bases


wOBA = (0.67*NIBB) + (0.719*HBP) + (0.87*1B) + (1.217*2B) + (1.529*3B) + (1.94*HR)/AB + BB – IBB +SF + HBP


NIBB = Non-intentional bases on balls

HBP = Hit by pitch

1B = Single

2B = Double

3B = Triple

HR = Home run

AB = at bat

BB = Base on balls

IBB = Intentional base on balls

SF = sacrifice flies

HBP = Hit by pitch

Batting Average on Balls In Play:

BABIP = H – HR/AB – K – HR + SF


H = Hits

HR = Home Runs

AB = At Bats

K = Strikeouts

SF = Sacrifice Flies.

Isolated Power:


= TB – H/AB

= (1B) + (2*2B) + (3*3B) +(4*HR)/AB – H/AB

= (1B) + (2*2B) + (3*3B) +(4*HR) – (1B +2B + 3B + HR)/AB

= (2B) + (2*3B) + (3*HR)/AB

Runs Created:

RC = (H + BB – CS + HBP – GIDP) * (TB + (0.26 * (BB – IBB + HBP)) + (0.52 * (SH + SF + SF)))/AB + BB + HBP + SH + SF

H = Hits
BB = Base on Balls

CS = Caught Stealing

HBP = Hit by Pitch

GIDP = Grounded Into Double Play

TB = Total Bases

IBB = Intentional Base on Balls

SH = Sacrifice Hit

SF = Sacrifice Fly

SB = Stolen BaseAB = At Bats

Secondary Average:

SecA = BB + (TB – H) + (SB – CS)/AB

Total Bases:

TB = (1*1B) + (2*2B) + (3*3B) +(4*HR)

AB Per HR:


Fielding Percentage:

Fielding Percentage = (Putouts + Assists) / (Putouts + Assists + Errors)


RF/GP = Putouts Assists/Game Played


RF/9 = 9*(Putouts + Assists)/Innings Played


ERA = 9*Earned Runs/Innings Pitched


WHIP = Hits Allowed + Walks Allowed/Innings Pitched

The free batting average calculator also determines all these elements to give you an overview of a player’s fitness.


H9 = 9*(Hits Allowed/Innings Allowed)


HR9 = 9*(Home Runs/Innings Pitched)


SO9 = 9*(Strikeouts/Innings Pitched)


BB9 = 9*(Walks/Innings)

SO/BB Ratio:

SO/BB Ratio = Strikes/Walks

How Do You Calculate Batting Average?

What about understanding the batting average calculations in detail? Let’s move on!

Example # 01:

How to find batting average of a player if he scored 556 runs and got out 3 times by playing 6 matches?


Here we have:

Batting Average = (Total No. of runs scored by the batsman) / (No. of times he has got a chance to bat in the matches he has played (or) the number of innings played – number of times he has remained not out)

Batting Average = (556) / (4 – 3)

Batting Average = 556 / 1

Batting Average = 556.000

How Batting Average Calculator Works?

Get to know the performance of any player depending upon various factors determined by this batting calculator. Let’s go!


  • From the first drop-down list, select which parameter you want to estimate
  • After you make a selection, do enter the required parameters in their designated fields
  • At last, tap the calculate button


The free baseball average calculator determines:

  • Batting average
  • Related parameters to player’s performance


What is a good batting average in softball?

As mentioned above, a good batting average in baseball is about 300 (0.300) that you could also justify using this batting average calculator.

Whats my batting average?

You can follow the generic expression given above to know your batting average. Instead, subjecting this free baseball average calculator is the preferred choice of professional players. Rest decision is yours.

What is 100% batting average?

As 100% indicates the maximum possible value, so it means maximum outstanding performance which can be of any player.


Batting average has a broad importance in the sports field. It is vital to understand a player’s capability to swing a ball in baseball. And this free baseball batting average calculator helps you a lot in doing this.


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