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Magic Number Calculator

Find out how many games your baseball team needs to win to get the title by using this free magic number calculator.

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Know how close a team is to making the playoffs or winning the division instantly by utilizing this online magic number calculator.

Access this online tool and calculate the magic number directly from your web browser. 

What Is The Magic Number In Baseball?

The magic number is a statistical measurement that indicates how close a team is to winning the title. Therefore, this statistic is used in the MLB (Major League Baseball). On each win the magic number drops by one and it shows that the team is close to the win

Magic Number Facts:

Below we have mentioned some facts about the magic numbers:

  • Having one magic number means that the team has tied for a playoff spot. 
  • If the magic number is zero then it means that the team has won a playoff.
  • A magic number can also show the number needed to achieve a division or wildcard spot. 

Magic Number Formula:

Have a look at the following formula:

MN = G + 1 − WA − LB


  • MN Shows the magic number of a baseball team
  • G is used to represent the total number of games
  • WA represents the total number of wins got by Team A
  •  LB shows how many times Team B losses

If you don't want to perform the calculation, then simply use a MLB magic number calculator baseball. As it will let you perform the whole calculation in the blink of an eye. 

How To Calculate Magic Number? 

To calculate the baseball magic numbers MLB, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all note down the total number of games as 162.
  • Now write the total wins of the team A
  • Note down the total losses of team B.
  • According to the formula, subtract the total wins of Team A and losses of Team B from the total number of games. Now add one to the result and that’s all. 


Suppose the standings for the National League Central Division are summarized in the following table:

Teams Wins Losses
St. John 76 32
Luis 61 55
Houston 55 56
Cincinnati 54 57
Milwaukee 52 58
Pittsburgh 51 58
Now find St. John’s magic number.


Given that:

G = 162 

Total Number of Wins = 76

Losses of Luis = 55

Now put values in magic numbers formula:

MN = G + 1 − WA − LB

MN = 162 +1 - 76 - 55 = 32

MN = 32

To save time and effort, you can also use an online calculator for calculating the magic number. Through it, you will be able to perform the magic number calculation effortlessly. 

Working Of Baseball Magic Number Calculator?

Know how far your team is to making the MLB magic number for playoffs or winning the division through our magic calculator, by just providing a couple of simple inputs. Let's see how it works:


  • Add “your team's wins” and “opponent’s losses” in the specified fields. 
  • Hit the “calculate” button and that’s it. 


  • Magic Number
  • Step-by-step calculation. 


What Is The Magic Number In MLB Standings?

In MLB, a magic number is used to know how close a team is to making playoffs or winning the division. The baseball magic number calculation is done by combining the win needed and the losses the opponent team should have from the nearest competitor.

What Is The Rarest Number In MLB Playoff Magic Numbers?

The rarest number in MLB is 89. This is the only number from 0 to 99 that has never been acquired in Major League Baseball.

What Is a Wild Card Team In Baseball?

This is the team that does not win the division but has shown an excellent performance and good batting average, upon this performance, the team gets a chance to participate in the playoffs. Only two teams can be selected as the wild card from each league. 

Why Is Braves Magic Number 1?

The brave's win on Sunday night provided them with an edge of 10-9 in the series. That’s how their magic number cut down and clinched the NL East to just one.

What Does Magic Number Mean In Baseball?

In baseball, the magic number is a statistic that sums up the total wins a team needs and the number of losses the team needs from the nearest competitors. When the values reach zero then the team gets a specific goal, typically the playoff. 


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