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Retaining Wall Calculator

Retaining Wall Calculator

Enter the values below to calculate the estimated cost and material needed to build a wall that retains.

Wall Dimensions





Block Dimensions





Single wall block price:


Cap Block Dimensions





Single cap block price:


Gravel for backfill

Backfill area thickness:


Backfill area length:


Backfill area height:


Gravel price (per unit):




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Our poured concrete retaining wall calculator helps you to estimate the number of blocks you may need to build a retaining wall. Not only this but you can also calculate how much the project will cost you.

Retaining Wall – What Is It?

A particular artificial wall that could help you to main the slope of the land is known as a retaining wall.


Retaining walls are used for both decoration and construction purposes. The major reasons to build them include:

  • Prevention of soil devastation
  • Terrace construction
  • Avoid disintegration

How Many Retaining Wall Blocks Do I Need?

This can be really confusing as there are many material choices to build it up! To better estimate the number of blocks for the project, our retaining wall calculator takes in consideration the following points:

Take Wall Measurements:

The first step is to measure the width, length, and height of the wall in feet and inches or any other unit of measurement.

Row & Column Calculations:

This is the next step to be followed up and our retainer wall block calculator uses the following formulas to predict the order of the wall:

\(Wall Columns = \frac{Wall Width}{Block Width}\)

\(Wall Rows = \frac{Wall Height}{Block Height}\)

Blocks Calculations:

\(Total Blocks = Rows × Columns\)

Now if you are willing to calculate the cap block numbers, then they are exactly equivalent to the columns aforementioned.

\(Backfill Gravel Volume = Backfill Thickness * Backfill Length * Backfill Depth\)

\(Backfill Weight = Gravel’s Density * Backfill Volume\)

Retaining Wall Costs:

The overall cost of the retaining wall project depends upon the number of blocks you will be using in the construction. Just take an example:

Reshaeel completed a wall project for which he had to buy almost 500 blocks. If the price per block is about $2.3, then the total price of the blocks is as follows:

Total cost = $2.3 * 500 = $1150

The concrete retaining wall cost calculator will also determine the same results but save you a lot of time without compromising the accuracy of the results.

How Does Retaining Wall Calculator Work?

Using our retaining wall block calculator will take moments to calculate results if you stick yourself to the following guide!


Give the following parameters to the block retaining wall cost estimator:

  • Wall Dimensions
  • Block Dimensions
  • Backfill gravel
  • Cost Estimate


  • Estimated Material (Wall blocks & caps, Gravel backfill volume & weight)
  • Estimated Cost ((Wall blocks & caps, Gravel backfill & Total)


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