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Concrete Block Calculator

Concrete Block Calculator

Provide the dimension of the wall to this cmu block calculator and calculate the number of blocks you need to build it.

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Find out the number of concrete blocks you need to build a wall within seconds by using this simple concrete block calculator.

Why Use Concrete Blocks? 

The other name for concrete blocks is gray blocks or Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs). They are very beneficial for the construction projects.

Below we have mentioned some benefits of concrete blocks:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long life
  • Fire resistant
  • They can withstand storms, high winds, etc
  • They can be easily modified as per the need
  • Easy to install

Therefore, concrete bricks are widely used in construction projects. 

How Do You Calculate How Many Concrete Blocks You Need?

Let’s take a look at the following steps to know the number of blocks you need:

  • Determine the dimensions of the wall (height and Width)
  • Now multiply the height and width of the wall to calculate the total wall area

   Wall Area = Wall Width x Wall Height

  • Calculate the block area by multiplying the height and width of the block

   Block Area = Block Width x Block Height

  • Now to find the number of blocks divide the wall area by the block area

   Number of Blocks = Wall Area / Block Area

  • To find out the total price of the blocks, multiply the price of each block by the number of total blocks

   Price of Blocks = Price of Each block x Number of Blocks

Rather than dragging yourself into this long calculation, simply get the help of a concrete block calculator and calculate the number of blocks instantly that you will need to construct a specific wall


Let’s suppose I have to build a wall of 40 ft wide and 10 ft height. Now how many cinder blocks do I need?


Given that:

Wall Height = 10 ft

Wall Width = 40 ft

Concrete Block Standard Size = 16” x 8” = 128 inch

Block Area = 128 

Wall Area = Wall Width x Wall Height 

Wall Area = 40 x 10 = 400 

Now convert the wall area into inches:

Wall Area = 400 x 12 x 12 = 57,600

Number of Blocks = Wall Area / Block Area

Number of Blocks = 57,600 / 128 = 450

Number of Blocks = 450

If it seems difficult, then get the assistance of a online CMU calculator, this will let you perform the block wall calculations quickly and accurately. 

How Does Our Concrete Block Calculator Work?

What Do You Need To Enter?

  • Wall Width
  • Wall Height
  • Singe Block Size
  • Single Block’s Price

This is What You Will Get!

  • Number of blocks needed: This cinder block calculator for wall allows you to calculate the number of blocks that you will need to complete the wall of a specific dimension.
  • Wall Area: It also calculates the wall area, and cost of blocks by just entering a couple of simple inputs. The standard block size is taken as 16” x8”.
  • Standard bags of mortar: The number of mortar bags needed is also displayed so that you can make the right purchase as per the need.

Our cinder block wall calculator provides you with a precise estimation so that you can purchase the right quantity of blocks for your construction process and you do not have to face any shortage of concrete blocks. 


How Many Bags of Cement Do I Need To Lay 100 Blocks?

The number of bags of cement needed to lay 100 blocks lies between 4 to 6. It totally depends upon the size of the concrete block. 

How Many Blocks Are on A Pallet?

There are a total of 72 or 90 blocks of standard block 8” x 8” x 16” per pallet but if the size is small such as 6”x 8” x 72, then there can be 96 blocks per pallet. 

What Is The Size of A Standard Block?

The standard size of a block is 8 in. (203 mm) by 16 in. (406 mm). 

How Many Blocks Can Build A 3 Bedroom?

It will approximately take 3032 blocks to build a 3 bedroom. Utilize a cement block calculator to estimate the number of blocks required to build a wall or a project. 


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