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Stud Calculator

Stud Calculator

I want to calculate the:

The ends of the wall have:

This wall is on a:

Wall Height:


Wall Length:


Stud Spacing:


Rim Joist Width:


Subfloor Thickness:


Stud Width:


Cost per Stud:


Estimated waste:


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This stud calculator will calculate the number of studs you require to build a certain building frame. Now you could also estimate minimum or maximum studs, bottom and top plates, plywood sheets needed, and total board foot of the area with this advanced lumber framing calculator.

How Many Studs Do I Need?

It depends on the location and the structure of the wall. However, we will consider the example below to better get a grip on the concept!


Let us suppose there is a 12ft long wall and you are required to install studs along it. How many studs are needed if the relative OC spacing is about 2.6in?


So here we have:

Studs = (length of the wall / Stud spacing) + 1

Studs = (12ft / 2.6in) + 1

First of all, we will convert 12ft in inches:

1foot = 12 inches

12 feet = 12*12 = 144 feet

So we have:

Studs = (144in / 2.6in) + 1

Studs =55.384 + 1

Studs = 56.384

Installing Studs – Things To Consider:

The calculations of our wall stud calculator will match your (manual estimations) if you follow these precautions before you actually start your procedure!

  • You may need the top, bottom, and sole plates for the smooth installation of the studs
  • The boundaries of the wall can be better defined by the last couple of pieces of the initiating points on the wall
  • Once you connect the top and sole plates with all the studs, the very first layer of the wall can now be screwed
  • Once you are done with all the stuff, it is time to install some kind of insulation to protect the ends of the wall and the studs
  • You must add one more stud at the point where both ends of the wall meet with each other

Do not panic in case you get confused while carrying out your calculations. This is because the framing wall calculator is particularly designed to assist you in such a condition. So let the tool perform calculations in case of any calamity.

2*4 Walls System:

  • 2*4 (2-inch by 4-inch) wall stud installations are light and less time-consuming construction
  • 2*4 inch studs can be made with wood or steel
  • Houses or offices built this way are light enough
  • You need to be attentive while hanging heavy furniture or sceneries in such a construction

How Does Our Stud Calculator Work?

Using our wall frame calculator is quite easy! What you need to do is go through the guide below!


  • From the first list, select what you need to calculate
  • Now select the number of end studs from the neighboring list
  • Enter all required parameters in their respective fields
  • You can also estimate the cost of installation
  • After you are done, hit the calculate button


Number of studs and sheets
The finished length of studs
Total wall area and board footage
Lumbers needed for the top and bottom plates
Cost of the studs


Why Do We Need To Add One More Stud?

Whenever we install studs, a traditional construction practice refers to the count of the middle and one-end stud only. But to make the wall more considerable and well-designed, we must count both of the end studs of the wall. For a better estimation, you may subject yourself to our online stud wall calculator.

What Is OC Spacing?

OC (ON-Site) Spacing is the measure of distance between the centers of two studs. It means if you measure the distance from the center of one stud to the center of the second stud, it will be 16 inches. This standard calculation is also considered by our stud spacing calculator while carrying out calculations.

How Many Studs In a 12 Foot Wall are Required?

If you are thinking about how many studs you need to install in a wall area of about 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 feet, then you are required to go by the following table:

Wall Length (Feet) Number of Studs
10 9-11 (2×4)
11 10-12 (2×4)
12 10-12 (2×4)
14 12-14 (2×4)
15 13-15 (2×4)
16 13-15 (2×4)
20 16-19 (2×6)
24 19-22 (2×6)
28 22-25 (2×6)


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