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Cube Root Calculator

Cube Root Calculator

Cube of


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The cube root calculator computes the cube root (∛x) of the number “y” for positive and negative numbers. The online third root calculator displays the cube root of the given number within a second. 

Definition of Cube Root:

“The cube root of a number is defined as the number acquired when cubed or multiplied three times by itself”.

Mathematically, the cube root of the number “x” is a value “y” such that when “y” is multiplied by itself three times (y * y * y) then it equals the original number “x.”


y = (∛x) 

  • Cube root of 27 is 27= (∛3) 
  • Cube root of -8 = (∛-2) 
  • Cube root of 64 = (∛4) 
  • Cubic root of  216 = (∛6) 

The perfect cube roots of the common number are mentioned above but there can also be imaginary roots of a number. Find the real and imaginary cube root in a matter of seconds with our simplify cube root calculator.

Practical Example:

What are the principal and real roots of an integer 1000?


Formula to calculate the cube root of a number

x = ∛x

x = ∛1000

x = 10

Here all the roots are:

Root 0: 10, 0 i

Root 1: -5, 8.660254038 i

Root 2: -5, -8.660254038 i

Properties of Cube Root:

There are certain properties of the cube root:

  • All the odd numbers cube root is always an odd number. 

 ∛125 = 5, ∛27 = 3.

  • All even natural numbers’ cube root is always even.

 ∛8 = 2,∛64 = 4.

  • All negative integer cube roots are always in negative integers.

(∛-8) = -2,  (∛-27) = -3

Cube Root Table:

The cube root of the common number is represented in the table:

Number (x) Cube Root (∛x)
2 8
3 27
4 64
5 125
6 216
10 1000

Given the perfect cube root of the number above, you can check the cube root of the number whether it is real or imaginary with our cube root calculator.

Working of Cube Root Calculator:

A cube roots calculator allows you to find the cube root of a number quickly and accurately in no time:

Let’s find it how!


  • Enter the integer
  • Tap calculate 


  • Cubes Roots: Get accurate calculations for cube roots for the number entered.
  • Step Involved: Complete steps that help you understand how the problem is solved.


Can I Find the Cube Root of Negative Numbers?

 Yes, It is possible to find the cube root of negative numbers. The result will also be negative when evaluating a negative integer cube root. You can find both the positive and negative cube root with the cubic root calculator

Is There a Difference Between a Cubic Root and a Square Root?

Yes, the square root of a number provides you a value when squared equals the original number. The cube root. On the other hand, cube root provides a value that equals the original number when it is cubed.

How to Find the Perfect Cube Root of the value of 3√1728?

Here using the prime factorization methods 
1728 = 2×2×2×2×2×2×3×3×3 1728 = 23×23×33

1728 = (2×2×3)3

1728 = 123

3√1728 = 12


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