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Square Root Curve Calculator

Square Root Curve Calculator

Enter the percentage grade in the tool and the calculator will find the Square root curve grade

Percentage Grade:


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Enter the percentage grades (%) into the square root curve calculator to find the square root curve grades equivalent to the percentage grades.

What is a Square Root Curve?

The square root curve grading is a technique to raise the grades of the entire class on the same criteria. This method is used for raising the grades of the course when unexpectedly complex or out-of-course paper is taken.

The square root curve calculator makes the conversion simple and fast. The square root curve grading is a simple procedure of benefiting the students’ low grades and making them an equivalent percentage.

Square Root Curve Formula:

The formula for calculating the Square root curve is quite simple as you only have to enter the students grade percentage in the square root grade curve calculator.

SRG = SQRT(G)*10

  • SRG= Student Root Curve Grade
  • SQRT= Square Root
  • G= G Stands for Student Grade Percentage
  • Lastly, we have to multiply it by *10


Find the square root curve percentage of a student if its percentage grade is 10 %.


The percentage grade = 10 %

Square root grade curve =?


Now to convert the percentage grade into the square root curve, use the formula:

SRG = SQRT(G)*10

Square Root Curve Grade = √(10)*10

Square Root Curve Grade = 3.1622*10

Square Root Curve Grade = 31.622

The Texas curve calculator provides a simple procedure to convert the percentage of students on the same scale. 

Working of Square Root Curve Calculator:

The sqrt curve calculator only needs the percentage grade to find the square root grading curve score.

Let’s see how!


  • Enter the percentage grade 
  • Tap Calculate


  • Square root curve grade
  • Step-by-step calculations.


How Does the Curve System Work?

The professor can upgrade the marks of the whole class to equal distribution by the square root grading curve procedure. 


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