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CBM Calculator

CBM Calculator

Enter length, width, height, and quantity of the cargo units in our CBM calculator to calculate the total cubic meter.








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Use our online CBM calculator that helps you to calculate container volume and weight. Make your consignment CBM calculations swift and accurate with this smart cubic meter calculator.

How Can We Use a CBM Calculator?

Here’s how you can use this CBM calculator with just a few clicks.


  • Select mode of tool first
  • Now enter the dimensions (Length, Width, Height) quantity
  • Hit the calculate button


  • Consignment CBM calculation

What Do You Mean by CBM In Shipping?

Cubic meter calculation refers to the measurement of the volume of the shipment.

Moreover, you can also utilize another freight class calculator to estimate the cost of your shipment.

How to Calculate CBM?

Our CBM calculator online uses the following formula to calculate the number of boxes that may fit in your given volume of container.

\(CBM = Length×Width×Height\)

Now if there are more than one single carton there in your shipment, then you can also use the following equation to determine the total volume of it:

\(Total Volume = CBM × Number of Cartons\)

Volumetric Weight:Except to calculate CBM online only, you can also determine the volumetric weight by following the formula as under:

\(CBM = \dfrac{Length×Width×Height}{5000}\)


How to calculate CBMS of a container with the following dimensions:

\(Length = 23ft, Width = 12ft, Height = 8ft\)


Here we have:

\(CBM = Length×Width×Height\)

\(CBM = 23×12×8\)

\(CBM = 2208 m^{3}\)

To determine the answer in other metric units, we better recommend you utilising our best cubic meters calculator.

Container Types:

The standard cubic meter volume for various containers are given in the following table:

Container Size Dimensions Capacity Suggested Load
20ft 5.9 m x 2.35 m x 2.35 m 32-33 CBM 26-28 CBM
40ft 12.03 m x 2.35 m x 2.39 m 67-68 CBM 50-55 CBM
40hq 12.03 m x 2.35 m x 2.69 m 76-77 CBM 55-60 CBM
45hq 12.5 m x 2.45 m x 2.69 m 82-83 CBM 70-75 CBM

Is CBM the Same as Volume?

Yes! Where CBM is the volume measurement in only cubic meters, the volume can also be determined in other metric units. And to better calculate cubic meter of a package, you may better be subject to our CBM calculator online.


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